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Thanks! balancing probably was the hardest part.

This game has ~30 seconds of gameplay, and just one control, but it's actually really fun and chaotic.

Good job making something so simple, yet pretty fun!

Thanks for playing! This is oddly specific, but I understand exactly what you are talking about, lol.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Yeah, the boss spawning outside the map is kinda awkward, it's a pretty unfortunate bug that appeared on the last day of development.

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This is the best game ever! Although it's too hard for me, i couldn't get past the first laser. Thank god there are cheats, lol

Yep, and they don't stop coming, to the point the game is running at 6 FPS  XD

like if a timed bridge is closed while you are standing on it (it's at the right on the screenshot), or, in case of items, when you throw an item standing nex  to a cliff

combining resource gathering / crafting and shooter, that's a really nice idea, even though the game is pretty raw, i would definently play it again in the future if you update it! 

I found an infinite hp glitch: if you have crafted armor, and have enough material to craft it again, you click the craft button and gain free HP, you could click it as much as you want

That's a great idea, good luck with that ^^

Well done, the game is very fun to play, and the puzzles are interesting! it has a few bugs tho, like when items or characters go beyond the bounds of the level

Having troubles with installation on Windows, did you forget the ".pck" file?

this game is very original, the cutting system works really nice, and is actually interesting, even though i didn't understand what the "make another cut" button does, and i figured out the rotation after about seven orders,  so i think the game could use some tutorial. i really wanna see it grow as a big steam game. One suggestion would be to make an inventory/storage system, so you could grab a bunch of gems in one go, and store them somewhere at the house, then go into mines again, once you run out of that. But that's just a suggestion!

a very nice game, simple, but pretty fun! it's not broken by it's randomness, which is rare. The pit placement just seems fair every time!

a really great game! the mechanics are as simple as they can be, and yet, they are unique, and work well together! i would love to see more levels in the future.

Wow, this game is awesome i would absolutely love to see more of it!

i played the web version, it works just fine, i was running the game on a windows laptop, this info is probably important

btw, the sign sprite at the beginning and "start" is also not visible on my laptop, had to guess that i had to type "start"

really liked the idea, the art, the music, and the transitions are done very well. But i have encountered a gamebreaking bug. i don't think the game is supposed to look like that ;-;

big thanks for playing! Yes, i made the enemy spawner in the last hour, and maybe i set the delay too low

big thanks for the feedback! Don't worry though, next version will have less enemies and player regen!

had alot of fun playing your game and beating all levels! i really love speedruning games with sliding like this. although, i didn't understand the grav whip mechanic, liked the idea, it just felt random and disorienting to use

beat Tutorial level3 in 10 seconds, and Tutorial level2 in 7.5 seconds, idk if i should be proud about it, but i am)

Spoilers ahead!

Good old ant simulation, it was the least thing i expected to see in this jam! not only you managed to nicely implement it, you also appended it with the warrior ant, and by adding  the pheromone brush, you turned it into strategic game. genius! 

there are a few frustrating moments there, like ants with and without food would form loops, that are hard to break,  sometimes ants would not listen to pheromones and just proceed to die at the altar or in lava, right when you need them most.

Game is very good, i really liked the idea, and i didn't see any bugs (in-game, that is)

spoilers ahead

but UI is a bit off, on my monitor most dialogues look like this, and i can't even click anything, resulting in softlocks after almost any dialogue

also, once you get the old guy mine ost upgrades, you can gain slaves by mining the surface, is this intended? it feels pretty OP

well, maybe it's just me, but they don't, i am using windows btw

a great game, it doesn't feel like it was made in 10 days! it's also pretty challenging

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had a lot of fun beating the game, it was fun, enjoyable, and original. game felt complete, dialogs were silly and funny.

one note: rats were getting stuck all the time, to avoid that, i suggest using 'Navigation2D' it's pretty simple to set up and use, once you have set it up (there are plenty of tutorials online) you can write something like 

'var direction = ( nav.get_simple_path(global_position, player.global_position)[1] - global_position ).normalized()' in the enemy code

wait, levels are generated procedurally?! Wow, that's impressive for a game jam entry

I really enjoyed the game! it was fun, the graphics are awesome, and the atmosphere consumed me!

one serious problem: object aren't rotated towards the player, so it's often impossible to tell is there's something coming, wich leads to taking damage from thin air. 

dev-to-dev suggestion: line 'look_at(Vector2(player.global_position.x, global_position.y))' in every object's '_process' function should fix it 

graphics are really nice,but movement is rough, my eyes hurt after trying to keep track of the worm

I really enjoyed this demo, very exited for the full game!

a few suggestions: make the text not time based, especially since the font is pretty challenging to read (for me, that is). make the cards drag-and-dropable. make the overworld boat follow the cursor when button is held, so you don't have to click so much to get around

Huge thanks for the feedback!

Wow, it's epic. the music, the 'lore', the bossfights, the weapons, the enemies, the graphics, just epic

btw, is it just me or does infinite ray suck?


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had some fun playing! got a high score of 202
any way, here are a few suggestions:

  • you should work one the audio, voiced effects were the funniest part, but you need to balance them as some were too loud and other were to quiet
  • also the ammo mechanic is a bit out of place, cuz you can just get a new weapon before the current one runs out, in fact, i noticed the ammo label only on my 3 try)

EDIT: looked at the source, good job on the strong typing and OOP

did you know that you can use 'class_name' keyword to name your class, and then use that name in the 'extends' directive, instead of using the file path

just makes things look better, and won't break if you change  the file path