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Ball physics feel pretty good and the hit stop, screen shake, and sound effect on impact added some nice feel. Gameplay's a little too easy, enemies are slow and only walk towards you - more enemy diversity or movement patterns would make things more interesting.

Solid concept! Does the day ever end? I felt like I was playing for quite a while before I stopped and let someone hang up.

Great concept and presentation. Controls are a bit of a damper on the experience - 8 way movement on one character but tank controls when aiming the projectiles is really tough to get the hang of. Maybe just eliminate controlling the projectile and have some light homing towards the nearest target. Enough such that there's still some skill required in aiming.

As mentioned, the move list being accessible in the game would have been helpful to start. I really like the control method for casting spells, reminded me of fighting games. If you keep working on this project, a little more difference between the two mages (e.g. more spells, or spells having different behavior rather than just not working) would be great. Fantastic animation!

Yeah, this bogged down my computer to a worrying amount, even after closing it. I ended up having to restart.

Like everyone else mentioned, the move speed definitely could have been upped. Good framework for puzzles!

Got some Superhot vibes from the presentation. Enemy AI could have been a bit more dynamic but it's understandable given the time constraints!

Simple and fun with the results able to make you laugh. Being able to save and download the screenshot with a button (instead of having to do it manually) is a great touch!

Congrats on your first game!

Unless there is some point high up enough that I didn't get to where you return to platforming, the beginning platforming section seems entirely pointless? Just focus on your core concept of flying up with balloons and defending yourself which is decent. Some good touches like the enemies popping your balloons but being bounced back. Balloons running out of floating power was also interesting but definitely could have been explained better.

We did initially start with the hose sending you backwards but it was a bit too frustrating. And yeah the wild nature of the hose took a while to get working consistently and feeling decent, and we didn't have enough time to hammer out all the bugs. Thanks for playing and the feedback, glad you enjoyed it!