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This is SUCH a good maker, I'm in love with it!! I made my dinosaur sona and she looks perfect 💙

Thanks a lot! They should be robot friends :) 

Interesting concept and nice aesthetic! Had a bit of trouble figuring out how to handle the partner character, but once you get used to it, it leads into a very fun way of experiencing a platformer. 

Art and animations are very cute! I like the mechanic although I also had a bit of problems, like other people in the comments mentioned, but I'd love to play a perfected version of this if you ever got to make it! Nice job! 

LOVE the soundtrack for this and how it changes depending on how you switch (any chance we could listen to more?). Very nice graphics and cool idea!

Fun game and cool mechanic! I feel like it was hard to predict where you would land after you jumped, but had fun with it nevertheless :) 

The presentation is amazing! Love the aesthetic and textures you included, it makes it look very interesting. The mechanic and puzzles are also very unique and I really liked figuring out how to best use them. 

Not sure if you plan on perfecting the game at some point, but there is a minor glitch in the character animation when it grabs an object if you look at the character's face.

Fantastic presentation, the characters are so cute and I love the way they animate! The controls are easy to understand and the menu is appreciated! 

Thank you for your detailed feedback and suggestions! The idea of including magnetic elements in the environment is pretty good and could be a good addition if we were to expand the game, and we considered adding the arrow indication but ran out of time to include it. As for the background, it's one of the first things we'd like to touch up if we were to make a 1.0 version since we noticed that the platforms blended together a bit. 

Regarding the size of the group and the way we divided our responsibilities, we find that our group was very well balanced and that noone was missing, or wasn't needed. All team members were busy until the game was uploaded and got a similar amount of resting time, not to mention that 3D modellers didn't only make 3D models, but rigged, textured them and placed them into the environment, and also took care of other aspects in the game like we indicated in the game page. Some of us have participated in other game jams and we consider the fact that we managed to complete a game in time, without pulling all-nighters, and in a relatively stress-free situation throughout the whole process, a pretty big success :) 

Thank you for the video! You should actually be able to use WASD to "walk" normally, aside from jumping - we believe there's a problem with the game build that changed the floor's friction, thus making it harder to move around. 

We're happy you enjoyed the graphics, and thanks a lot for the feedback as well! We'll try to perfect the game going forward :) 

Thank you for playing! For reference, were you able to use the direction keys to play it?

Thanks a lot, we're glad you liked it! Our programmers have been looking into it and it does seem to be a problem with ground friction changing during the build, or depending on the player's computer, somehow. We'll do our best to figure out a way to correct it, so thank you so much for the idea :) 

Hello! We're glad you could find some enjoyment in it despite the control troubles - yes, you should be able to walk with the characters, but it looks like the ground friction resetted when we created the build, hence why it's giving many people problems. Both programmers have been looking into it and taking it into account in case we were to make a 1.0 version! 

You move using the WASD keys, but it looks like it's not working for some people. We're trying to figure out why that's the case - we tested the same build and it worked for us. 

Hello, this is a bit late, but I would love to include my mini dating sim too if you're up to it. It's a free game:

You guys are doing an amazing work and I'm so proud to have my work up in your site :) 

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like the art style ^_^

If you'd like to see more of the characters, you can also try this short minigame that I made this year! 

¡Ostras! Perdona, no vi este comentario en su momento, me alegra saber que te gustó aunque durase poco :) 

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

Thank you!

Thank you! :) 

Ah, I thought you meant the window icon, which is the same shape as in the logo! It's supposed to represent one of the characters in the demo, although it's not a mermaid hehe

It's more of a velociraptor-ish character. I'll take it into account in case I get to remake the icon/logo!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write about the game in such detail, it makes me very happy to hear that you enjoyed all of that! Especially about the UI and backgrounds, as they're not something I'm used to making :_)

I will review the English version and fix the typos soon, thank you for bringing that up as well! 

Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much for your encouragement!  I will do my best and try to put more attention in such details further on :)