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Thank you for your detailed feedback and suggestions! The idea of including magnetic elements in the environment is pretty good and could be a good addition if we were to expand the game, and we considered adding the arrow indication but ran out of time to include it. As for the background, it's one of the first things we'd like to touch up if we were to make a 1.0 version since we noticed that the platforms blended together a bit. 

Regarding the size of the group and the way we divided our responsibilities, we find that our group was very well balanced and that noone was missing, or wasn't needed. All team members were busy until the game was uploaded and got a similar amount of resting time, not to mention that 3D modellers didn't only make 3D models, but rigged, textured them and placed them into the environment, and also took care of other aspects in the game like we indicated in the game page. Some of us have participated in other game jams and we consider the fact that we managed to complete a game in time, without pulling all-nighters, and in a relatively stress-free situation throughout the whole process, a pretty big success :)