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Tumblr Devlog:

DevLog 3: 05012019

Wow… it’s been awhile huh?

Anyways, some good news! 

1. pythia_logs has Instagram AND Twitter!!! 

2. All voice lines have been recorded as of April 26, 2019! I am currently editing them as we speak!

3. Here’s a sneak peek which will be uploaded today on what the audio logs will look like:

Due to Twine’s limitations, audio logs will be short animations posted on each blog instead!

4. Animations are still work in progresses but here are some completed frames (including a tease of a new character):

Featuring E!^^

And the new character Sy-Lens!^^

All art is done by yours truly, @silly-fly-media AKA Me!! You can view them on my tumblr:

There will be more to come! Stay tuned!

pythia_logs will be released on May 14, 2019!

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Tumblr DevLog:

DevLog 2 (02272019)

Hello everyone!

Recently I’ve been at work on the Twine map for the game. I’ve reached up to one of the three endings of the game and hope to complete the second and third endings by the end of this weekend.

This map’s gonna be bigger soon, hehehe!! 

I’m also playing around with some ideas to make this game more engaging so I’m hoping to add some puzzles along the way. (it’ll be fun, I promise! ;D )

I’ve also gotten into making scripts of cutscenes for the game too! They’re going to be about approx. 1 minute or less each. 

Sadly no new concept art for this update but I’m hoping to refine the designs for each character as soon as possible and show it to you all when it’s done.

In the meantime, stay tuned!

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Tumblr DevLog:

DevLog 1 (02192019)

Hello everyone!

A while ago, I posted a teaser trailer promoting pythia_logs. Since then, I’ve been at hard work making the game. Here’s a screenshot of the Twine map so far:

So if you notice on some of the anchors, there’s a parenthesis that says “Cutscene,” it’s supposed to indicate where I put the link to a cutscene. That’s right! This Twine will involve animated cutscenes that are supposed to resemble “found footage.” This is where the concept art comes in:

Meet our plucky main protagonist “E” (her real name’s Deena Khoj but… the player’s not supposed to know that… yet).

The company PYTHIA insignia. I designed it based on the Greek Oracle of Delphi, Pythia, a woman’s profile, and a cursive “P.”

PYTHIA’s CEO and one of the three admins, Sylvia Mediocris, a strong-minded and ambitious woman who will go to great lengths to get what she wants.

Insignia for PYTHIA’s classified artificial intelligence project, APOLLYON. I designed it based off of the letter “A” and a locust’s head.

There will be more updates to come. Stay tuned!

This is SO adorable! I love it! Also love the water squirter weapon!

Do you have any ideas for enemies yet? Because I thought maybe some germ or something that represents uncleanliness would work?

Thank you so much!

I just posted an update just now, but I'm glad to see you're looking forward to the game!

This is my first time getting into game development so my goal is to make AT LEAST one playable game level for this jam.

I've got a lot more in store with this game so I hope you guys enjoy it! ^v^

UPDATE: 7/19/2018

Hello everyone!

So far, I’ve been tweaking up concepts including a set of palettes for our lovely protagonist Skye INCLUDING the finalized palette for them!

The last palette of the right will be Skye’s finalized palette.

Originally I was debating between the gold (Codenamed: Sunny skies) and blue (Codenamed: clear skies) palettes but then I felt like blue is fitting because well “Skye.”

Here is also a sprite concept of them in their finalized palette:

As well as a first look of what the backgrounds of the level for this game will look like:

Skye will be venturing through this beach level for this jam.

Comments? Critiques? Let me know ^.^

Hello everyone! Welcome to the VERY first devlog of an upcoming game called Fate’s Journey!


Mineral Cove City is a prosperous and highly advanced city located on a BEAUTIFUL island. Although it is rich in advanced technology, Mineral Cove is also known for its grand archive located in the City Hall’s underground bunker. Mayor Phate wants to keep record of more artifacts so she grants her two trusted archivists Skye and Gale to retrieve three rare gemstones, the Lunar Amulet, the Resonant Nacre, and the Obsidian Dragon Scale, back to her for preservation. As Skye and Gale set out, instead of sticking together as a team like Phate instructed, Gale sets out on her own to find the gemstones for her own selfish gain. Skye must venture through the City and the neighboring areas around it to get these gemstones for the Mayor! …. And to make sure that Gale doesn’t do anything stupid!

Now that the initial story’s been set up, it’s time to meet our main characters!

This is just an initial sketch for now but here they are!


From left to right: Mayor Phate, Skye, and Gale

Skye is our playable main protagonist

Gale is our rival character

and Mayor Phate is our Hub Navigator (think Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy or Ciel from Megaman Zero)

Now more on our guy, Skye:


Portrait of them here (tentative design pending) ^^

Skye wields a rod given to them by Phate called the Conductor. It has control over three elements: fire, ice, and electricity. Each element has its own unique ability whenever Skye uses it:

Fire = When an enemy is touched by a fire attack, it continues damaging them for a short amount of time. It is not only effective against ice-based enemies and obstacles but when used at certain places (an oil lamp or candle for example), it can be used to create a light source. 

Ice = Enemy that’s touched by an ice attack, it freezes them in ice blocks. Skye can also freeze platforms which allow less friction.

Electricity = Enemy that’s touched by an electric attack, they get stunned for a few seconds. Skye can also activate electrically powered lamps to create a light source.

And as for the level I have in mind, since #MyFirstGameJam’s theme is Water I conveniently have an island/beach themed level in mind (the main setting IS Mineral COVE City after all)

Anyways that’s all I have in mind for now. Stay tuned for more guys! ‘til next time!


1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Hello! I go by Silly-Fly! This is my first jam and I downloaded Unity a few days ago before signing up and I got a game concept I’ve been developing for awhile now that I want to put into paper (or should I say… “put into code” *rimshot*)

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I’m joining this jam because I want to create a game and also the length of this jam is beneficial for me to create a game while learning more about Unity.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

I like a variety of game genres that range from platformers, to fighting games, to racing games, to RPGs, to visual novels, etc. A lot of Nintendo games like the Mario franchise, Zelda franchise, and Pokemon franchise has given me inspirations. Megaman is also an inspiration too.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

The closest I’ve done to game development was making a text based game ala “Choose your own adventure” genre for a previous class that I am planning on reviving for this upcoming Fall semester for my senior capstone project. I used a mixture of Adobe Muse and basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, but the revival of this game is going to be more JavaScript based than on Muse.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

In terms of story in ANY media, fantasy, horror, adventure, sci-fi, and mystery are (no in particular order) my FAVORITE genres!! So when I publish my original works, expect them in either in those genres.

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

I am hoping to learn more about Unity and also try to AT LEAST make one level for my game idea.