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Do you want me to make more?

I started using Unity a few months ago. I decided to make a platformer shooter game. I will post videos and more images and devlogs about it in the future.

Sketch of Game drawn in MS Paint

I made over 10 high-quality pixel art fruits which are included in this asset pack.

These can be used for match-three games or other games.

I will make more art like this in the future. Follow me here..

Free Pixel Art Fruit Assets

This asset pack includes over 10 high-quality pixel art fruits.

Free Pixel Art Fruit Assets by Sights33r

Alien Road is a horror game similar to Slender about being stuck on a road with aliens. You play as a man who has his car mysteriously break down. You must fix it and escape as soon as possible. While you look around, you see shadows lurking in the dark woods. Don’t stray too far from the road or else you will get lost. Their is not much time left. If the time reaches 0, you lose. You gain back time by catching aliens. Find out what happened on the road while you fix your car.

Download the demo here: Purchase the full version if you like it.




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I made a game about robots. This game has a unique mechanic. Check it out here:

Have fun and some feedback will be appreciated.

Hi Grimbag,

I am a solo developer and just released the free demo of my second game a few days ago. It is called Alien Road, a short, 3D horror game that is fun to play. I saw your YouTube channel and subscribed.

Feedback will be appreciated.

Here is the link:

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Alien Road is a horror game similar to the original Slender game. You start out in the middle of a road. You must find and collect aliens. Be careful of the shadows. They move really fast to try to prevent you from winning.

Features List (Will be improved and expanded upon later):

  • Two enemies who will attack the player
  • Basic weather system: Only rain for now
  • Different outcomes for playing more
  • Only one level for now

Click on this link to go to the game and read more info about it.

Screenshots are shown down below:

Post an image or screenshot of your high score in your replies.


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Hidden Dot is a free simple 2D game about clicking on colorful dots. There are 3 difficulties. Each one changes how the dots interact. The dots are randomly placed across the level. Every time you click on the correct dot, another dot would appear and you score 4 points. Don’t click on the background or other colored dots or you will lose points. Click on the correct dot fast enough to score even more points.

Link to game:

Watch the trailer:

The more you score points, the more likely something will appear such as this purple dot. The left side of the screen shows what color of dots you should click. The purple dot takes away your points every second unless you click on it.

Keep playing. If your score is above 1000 there will be a surprise challenge.

Can you reach 10000 points? Share your score and time it took to complete!

It is available as a downloadable on Windows and Mac OS.

If you could please donate some amount so that I can afford to buy a more advanced game creator software program to make more sophisticated games for people to play!