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Hey GRisk, amazing tool!
I'm also running a 1660 Ti GPU, so no results for me right now.
Would it be too much to ask to add a feature to disable the half-precision mode that's at the hearth of why it's not running on 1600 series GPUs?

Hey, thank you! If you ever need some VFX, lemme know!


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We're a team of two proggies and a sounds wiz and are still looking for someone to help out with the graphical side of things!
If you're working in Blender I'll be able to help out too, so you wouldn't be modelling away all alone. But, I'm a dev at heart, so all help is appreciated!

Dis: Sid#7611

Hey there! Mind if I get in touch?

Sure! Hit me up on Discord: Sid#7611

Heya! I'm a decently experienced Unity dev and programmer. Wanna join up?
Here's my discord: Sid#7611

I've got a couple years of Unity dev under my belt (C# programming, shader dev as well as 3D art) as well as a bunch of jams.

And, I love sims! Wanna join up?

Discord : Sid#7611

I'm a Unity Dev with some experience already (30 years old) and I'm looking for someone (or a team) to join up with!

I'm a generalist and feel comfortable programming as well as doing some visual art. 

Discord: Sid#7611

Thank you very much for the kind words! We're quite proud of our little game and happy that the polish we put in comes across!

The spread shot is fired if you start firing with a full bar of ammo. We probably should have communicated that in some way. 

Still, I'm happy you had a bit of fun with it!

Sorcery indeed! I used low res renders from 3D models to build the sprites and animations. It's essentially the way old games like Donkey Kong Country and Abe's Odyssey made their graphics. It's a cheap way to get animations and it even was appropriate for the GameBoy as some games used the technique.

And yes, I wanted to ensure that the highest score was only achieved of the player never died. A better way would have been up reward them for a wave without deaths instead. It's noted and will be in the second release after the jam ends!

Great little de-make! A little silent, but the graphics and UI are spot on!
btw, if you ever want to join up or just bounce ideas off of someone, come join TightControls

It was great to see this project grow! There's a lot here already. The graphics and UI are very nice and the sound is decent too.

I'm still not sure if this game really gels well as a rage game. It really doesn't communicate the fact that it's supposed to be one. And the controls are still too twitchy. Slow the character down, give it some momentum and lower the gravity. You still fall like a brick.

Overall, it was fun though! 

Wow! This is the jam competition I like to lose against! My favorite so far. 

The only critical feedback I could give would be to maybe make the enemies a bit more lenient/smaller at the start. And the music could be a bit more varied, but that's the most minor of complaints really.

If you ever want to collab or just need a place to bounce ideas, feel free to join the TightControls gang

You're not the only one, apparently. There will be more control options in the upcoming update! Thank you for your feedback!

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Noted and will be in the upcoming update! Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you very much for the great feedback! The lack of damage feedback on the boss (and regular enemies too) was still on the to-do list when the time ran out. It's going to be in there for the 1.1 version, after the jam rating period is over.

What do you think, flashing when they take damage and a healthbar for the boss?

Also, if we overshot the quality of the GameBoy, we'll just take it as a compliment! XD
I remember being quite unsure about limiting the visual fidelity more to get a more authentic feel or to do everything the jam rules allowed for. It's a tough one, really. On the original GameBoy, even if it was nominally running at 60fps, had most games run quite a bit slower. And things like dynamic particle effects and accurate physics were really a no show. Instead everything would have been done with sprite sheets and a bit of in engine animations. Flexible Frosty is more on the original side of things in this regard ( 

Noted! Ihad to take out the gamepad support sadly.  But, right of course. There really should have been a second layout in parallel. 

It is playable with just one hand, though. That was the idea behind the layout.

Great to hear!

I'll be sure to check it out again.

Yes! I'm with you on all those things. 

Now that there's more time again I'll be looking into all those things for version 1.1...

Also, more enemies...

Great to hear that you want to take it further! For an example on differentiating the bullets and background start, check out my submission!

This is hardly a game...

This game could have benefited from some flair, both audio as well as visual!

I don't think the concept is quite there yet.

Fun but tough!

The transparency on the  enemies let's there be more than 4 colors.

Great looking, and fun!
Some of the kinks could have been ironed out a bit more, probably. But there's a lot here (even if it's short)!

Right up there in all fields!

Looks great. Is a book. Maybe it's a question of personal taste, but for me at least, it was a bit too much on the reading side of things.

Dead silent. And a little slow for my taste. 

Wholesome! A little slow for my taste, but top marks still!

Fun little thing!

Great little romp that ticks all the boxes. 
The controls we're a bit confusing. As the listing is a bit overwhelming. Great marks beyond that though!

What a hoot! Cool concept. Fits the theme well. Good Graphics too. The enemy collision could have been a bit more lenient or the invincibility a bit longer. But great over-all!

There's a spark here. Sadly I had no audio and the game wouldn't focus my browser window. So when I pressed down, the page would scroll down (which I worked around by zooming out).

Besides the technical issues though, this really fits the bill very well! The graphics and gameplay instantly put me back into my Zelda days on my old GameBoy!

A bit of a mess, honestly. Background and foreground mush together. No onboarding or tutorial or even just context. Also, the GameBoy really didn't have a mouse...

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It really nails the theme of the jam. And it's fun to boot!

My only complaint would be on the graphis and UI. It's hard to parse at a glance. The shield's as a small text in the bottom right, is not very helpful. Especially if it's not displayed at all half of the time. Also, what is the Thrust there for? And, the background stars are the same color as enemy bullets which makes them hard to distinguish. Keep in mind these are nitpicks though. The core is great!

A neat idea, but the colliders appear to be bigger than the models. You get hit even when things don't overlap visually.
It's also only GameBoy-ish. The resolution fits, but I'm not sure the color mechanic would have work on a proper monochrome display. 
Banger soundtrack!

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A really great concept, hampered a little by a lack of tutorial. Not quite a game yet, but an interesting idea nonetheless 

Thank you very much for the kind words!