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we are aware that the sound balancing is not as ideal, but there is only so much you can do/think of in 48h.

Glad that you liked it! It ia not perfect but we are pretty happy for bringing this together in 48h! stay tuned for an update

i am glad you like it, there will be a post gmtk update to fix most of the thingy ypu had issues! thank you for the review!

nice that you like our art! we will have an after gmtk version for sure!!

thank you, 48h is just so litte..  :-D we will polish it surely after gmtk!!

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thank you for the review! we will definitely update an easier version once tha gamejam is over

thank you, the artwork took a lot of effort! seeing people appreciate it really makes us happy!

thank you for playing it! There is some more content in the later levels, but we made  them a bit difficult :-S

It could bee that we made the levels a bit difficult..

Even if I already played multiple submissions with a similar concept, I like the execution a lot!

I think I was better in breaking stuff than stealing! But had a lot of fun

Fun and Appealing! Great work

Not only a great Idea, it also feels very smooth to play, but random ;-)

Cool game, got a decent finger twist! keep it up

I am so glad you like it!

Yes the levels are too difficult, even I struggle to get to level4... We had a similar idea for the health to but there was no time to bring it in to the game! But stay tuned for an update after the jam!

Thank you for the feedback, glad that you liked it!

I really like the feel of the game, fits perfect with the music and the controlls!! Keep it up!

Cool Idea! It would be nice to have some indication for the input change to progress with the skills! Keep it up!

It feels very nice to play ! Keep it up