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Thx for the feedback guys and gals.
I had a lot of ideas for this little game but my time got cut short by my ill cat (sob story, I know..). I definitely plan to add some more of the brewing mechanics I had in mind, so follow the game for updates :)

Funny idea, nice duck graphics but no real goal or ending? quack/10 - i like it ^^

Cute as heck <3

Is there a game yet? All I can do is jump in the menu :/

Thats an awesome idea, you should definitely polish this. I was smiling like an idiot all the way through :)

Looks really cool but the gameplay is dull. Just mash j/k for a perfect win. What a pity :(

Doesn't work in Firefox & Chrome :(

This looks really cool and seems to have quite complex mechanics - but I had absolutely no idea what I'm doing :/

As far as I understood, the only 'gameplay' is to click one of the 2 objects when the prisoner gets sleepy. But if you don't, nothing happens :/

I love it but here comes some criticism:
The graphics are nice and the gameplay idea is neat, but the lack of music and sound makes it feel dull. Also the need to restart the game completely after victory/defeat should be fixed.

Nice design but really frustrating level design (aka I'm too bad at this type of games...:D ).

I love the aesthetic and the idea but theres to little to do and x/z is terrible for most (international) keyboards. And yeah, the grid breaking would have been avoidable.

A lot of criticism but it's a really lovely little game :)

Got stuck in the level at one point. But a fun little game overall :)

Solid gameplay and it looks great (besides the already mentioned text misalignments). I'm also having the problem with the key bindings. Fluid playing is impossible because movement is scattered all over the keyboard :)

I really liked the art and storytelling. Sound would've been nice (but the time, I know :) ).

One thing I really didn't get was the gameplay. I always cought fire in Act I but once and I don't know how I did it. In Act II I never got past the dueling rogues and Act III I didn't understand at all. I delivered but didn't know what the (time?) icons above the peoples heads meant. Nice game overall but felt a bit unclear to me.

Thx for all the feedback. I know the game is too hard, unfortunately there was not much time for balancing. The post jam version will be easier and gives more hints at what to do and when.

@Jupiter_Hadley You have to start pickpocketing soon after they start talking/window shopping. When they start walking again and you're still stealing they call for help.

I'm never getting any money :(

stupid cartoon violence + hilarious sounds = awesomeness

I really like the interpretation of the story. Extrapoints for keeping the original title. (and your illustrations are obviously awesome ;) )

The graphics are really good but I guess you didn't had enough time to add gameplay? I got to level 2 but since theres nothing do do then jumping on cops the game ended there I think.