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:D thx

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Slashy dwarf is a free to play, register-less, MMO RPG Card game. Usual card games, have minions but Slashy Dwarf  your character is the minion. Can choose from four playable races and three playable classes. The character has stats, inventory, equipment, and can leveling up.

The card game has a twist, instead of using cards requiring mana, slashy dwarf is about combine cards to attack or cast abilities. For example, attacking with two swords, will do double sword attack. Card combinations are discovered by playing the game and trying out different cards. Can share card combinations to the community or be secretive, giving an advantage in pvp.

Hope to see you in the game.

Can play the game here

but yeah, thats fixed. 

yeah lv2 which you're at will be easy on purpose. it doesn't get that way later on. I also upped the basic cards on all classes because sometimes you wouldn't be able to attack and only buff your character.

I have noticed no one reads the devlogs on the project page and found out ppl on this board actually read the devlogs. I don't know the best salutation to fix this but please don't remove the devlog forum.

I have seen some really cool games through the devlog forum section than I would ever see at the project devlog. Yeah I do post on the project devlog(at or before peak times) but it doesn't really capture any traffic.

floods not suppose to be in peaceful but that was fixed in the update I am currently working on. Floods, rotten food, or anything similar are the AI director trying to kill off your colony. But doesn't mean he is "always" mean or a jerk. Sometimes he'll give you free research, fallen space chunks, and others.

Everytime you play, the results will be different. One game you may have tons "rotten" food but in another game you may have tons of ships stealing your stuff and ships attacking your colony.

It is very important to have some form of defense. The start of the game, you do have bunkers that will protect your colony.

in "build" everything is organized based on what you will need as a service. Getting attacked "protection" might help. Have tons of crime? "services" might help.

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Should be able to play the demo, near the bottom should see Windows, MacOs, and Linux demo builds.

Demo is basically the full version of the game except it has a 30 minute countdown, cannot save a game, cannot create auctions (but can purchase from auctions).

Yes can play the demo all you want.

I am glad you are enjoying the game.

About shipwreck, wanted something different than just a copy-paste city builder game and made some very clear design choices to make it unique. Shipwreck multiplayer is fully functional. The second you choose your colony name (when you start a new game or when you load your game) you are logged on the server.

Wanted shipwreck to have a seamless style multiplayer. You won't be sent back to main menu when you lose connection, no registration to play, etc.

Code, art style, and game design was done by all myself and have been making games over six years but never released any except shipwreck.

Since I am staying close to GDPR compliance, I couldn't accept your whole name(meaning first and last name) but first name only.

Example names that can be accepted:

  • First name
  • Nick name
  • Online name
  • Lore name (dnd name, etc)

Example names that cannot be accepted:

  • Whole name (first name and last name)
  • non PG13 or offensive

Thanks for the information and the issue was fixed. I will be uploading a hotfix shortly.

:D glad it is working for you and enjoy the game!

Shipwreck community » Bugs · Created a new topic Read First Please
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How to report the issue?

The fastest way to get your issue resolved fast by following these easy steps.

  1. Please give a short description of how it crashed or where it crashed
  2. Send the game save file.

Where are these files located?

Windows: C:\Users\<PcName>\AppData\Roaming\Shipwreck or %appdata% in the title bar

MacOs OR Linux: ~/.local/Shipwreck or ~/.local/Shared/Shipwreck

Quick and dirty file uploader, here:

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Shipwreck creates log files of what happend, could you go here: ~/.local/shipwreck/log and send the most current one.


go to the same path and send me the save file that crashed your game. I will rerun the game to make sure I didn't miss anything. 

Lastly, If you played the game from a previous save, you may have to restart your game. Events didn't deleting tiles properly and would corrupt the game save. Currently fixed in this patch but the current save may or may not be corrupted.

M key press thingy will be fixed shortly and thanks. <3

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Can you tell me what Operating system you are on? Should be able to run on MacOs, Linux, and PC with no issues.

Also, make sure to use the launcher or when you do on planning to play the game OR re-download the game. shipwreck is constantly being updated and will be until late beta. Currently shipwreck is alpha so tons of updates will be going to on a constant basis.

Ways to produce gold?

  1.  Use auctions (if a non demo client)
  2. Place down a tax building, then put residential around that. You will gain gold based on the amount of colonists in those houses.

To get early stage food?

1. Don't try to rush to farms INSTEAD use the herbalists. Place them around the small mushroom patches, that is food.

How do I collect stuff from farms?

All farms, required to be clicked. You can research the warehouse so you don't have to click them anymore.

As for the flash flood, I will look into that issue and thanks for the information!

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Nookrium review:

Yes, working on that currently. Also anyone that has purchased on itch will be getting an private message of the steam key.

<3 that would be great to be featured. The state of shipwreck is currently error free. Only things it lacks is able to repair the ship and space content.

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Shipwreck is a mix of Rimworld, Simcity, and Eve online. The goal is to is to repair your damaged ship and leave the planet; the final goal is space. Took me three weeks to develop an alpha of shipwreck. Currently it has been two months and the game has drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, research, ai director events, and more.

If you want the full log of updates, you can find them here:

Shipwreck will be my first official release and from what people said, its very polished,  fun,  cute,  and exciting.

Recently had an issue with the engine RPC but revamp the networking. Currently the server can handle over thousands of connections at once. I strive to make an enjoyable game for everyone.

Demo clients cannot create auctions because it would be too hard to track but they can still purchase from auctions though. When you "choose your colony name", that registers that name as an account (even for demo clients). When someone isn't a demo client and they want to start a new game, they could keep their old client name or choose a new client name. Some security preventions are in place so when you create a new game, your old auctions won't come back to you BUT people can still purchase from your auctions.

Shipwreck has over 20+ events that could occur randomly. The game will try to balance the ai events over large playtime . So events don't trigger too quickly. For example, the image below, a flood triggered and now we have an island!

Day/night cycles do happen in shipwreck and can choose the hours buildings do work. The structures won't do nothing without works too. Lastly, Some events will ONLY appear at night.

Many requested to show 1k values instead of large massive numbers, so I added this:

Can actually play the game while the server goes offline for maintenance, hotfixes, or server updates. When the server does go offline, the client will try to reconnect and log you back in automatically. You can still play your game without having to restart the game and will inform you as well:

The game has over 30 buildings  to research! Research is required to gain new technologies, new resources, and devices. Everytime you research a technology, you gain research points and those points can be used for future features. Currently, research is used to find new devices or structures to build.

Do you like combat? A future update is inplace so you can send ships to other player colonies.

These are all the things that were released in the past two months, I plan on adding tons of more features too.

These are the planned features that will be out in 2018:

What multiplayer will have or currently has:
* Ping Ships - Able to ping planets to research that planet, find other players, and has another feature too.
* Multiplayer - Able to send raid, slaver ships, or trade ships.
* Trade - Able to set up trade routes to other colonies you have discovered. Trade routes require a trace license but it would be an anonymous way to setup an agreement to another player.
* Auctions - The game currently has an global live auction system. Able to put up anything you want. The system isn't based on item stacks but can purchase certain amount. Auctions are open trade, any resource could be the currency.
* Contacts - The game will have a contact system. Able to see when your friends come online or when pointed officials of factions come online.
* Factions - Will have common features of creating your own faction name, ranks, and so on. Can design your own faction logo, a 32x32 pixel grid to draw out the faction logo. Lastly, factions are not a solo operator. What that means, a factions could be aligned to another faction to generate a massive in-game corporation.

thanks :D <3

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nice a godot game. <3. Hope you enjoy godot. The reason I know its godot because of the button.

shipwreck, the game I made with using godot too. Used theming to make the godot buttons any texture I want.

I got a twitch channel which, same name as my company, you can ask questions but sorry I cannot give you the source.

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Thanks! I got a twitch channel which, same name as my company, you can ask questions but sorry I cannot give you the source.

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Thats fixed, sorry. Also, whenever the game is updated, so is all versions of the demo(s). I have dropped the demo mode to 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes.

If you see any bugs or issues, don't hesitate to report them! I did some extensive bug hunting but this bug got away.

:D thanks. i'll fix that shortly and will appear in the next update.

Thanks :D! I don't see any advise as mean spirited but stuff what I should improve. I have lowered the price a bit and will be improving the menus too. hmm, i'll have to relook that inf. window instance thingy. Thought I fixed that but maybe it wasn't released in the last fix.

Thanks for the input!


Slashy Dwarf community » Updates · Created a new topic Version 1.13

[Fix] Bug when entering inventory screen.

[Fix] Inventory/Deck Builder buttons not being activated when selecting an item.

[Fix] Selection won't select multiple cards.

[Fix] Hide ui when clicking random or ready on card selection screen and character placement screen.

[Add] Blocking/Evade/Dodge Chance are active and working.

[Add] Criticals/Luck are active and working.

[Add] Criticals do double damage.

[Add] Camera shakes + criticals shake with more force.

[Add] Buff Ignore + Debuff Ignore are active.

[Add] in-game mouse icon.

... and Other minor / misc. bug fixes.

Slashy Dwarf community » Updates · Created a new topic Update 1.11

Tons of minor and major fixes that will be described below. Had users wanting to change their password, forgot their account key, and so on. This update will address users whom want to access their account and change their password, question/answer or account key.

[Fix] When in PvP it will show the countdown timer for ALL players.

[Fix] Targeting system was using groups to target instead of his target.

[Fix] Animation(s) were using the group target which showed the wrong numbers on the wrong person.

[Fix] Start Index on placement screen was causing the client to crash.

[Fix] Animations work with confusion abilities.

[Fix] Combat Sound Effects.

[Update] New Animations System to support different types of animations and animation syncing.

[Add] Able to access your account to change your password, account key, and secret question/answer.

[Add] Npcs now show equipment instead of being naked.

[Add] Npcs stats have been improved. They won't be easly defeated.

... and other micro fixes to make the game operate smoother.

For users whom use intel based graphic cards: The game may not operate at all or be not smooth as advertised. If you use an Intel based graphic card, you may get graphical performance issues. The game requires opengl 3.0 or higher to run. For Intel HD 3000 cards, the card does say it has open 3.1 but most of those opengl 3.1 features are not fully active that will cause the game to crash.

Sorry. If the graphics card is an intel HD 3000 or intel based graphics card, you may run into some issues. I plan on updating the system requirements for the game.

(1 edit)

Are you using the latest version? In the past I was loading all characters at once but changed that in version 1.08. Please use the launcher to keep the game up to date since I roll out hotfixes and bugs fixes constantly.

Lastly Can you give your pc specs? Video card, cpu, ram, Os.

(3 edits)

Hmm, I'll look into demon.

Does this happen on game startup? For example, you log in, and it hangs and crashes?

OR when you login, go to other menus, log out, and log back in?

Lastly, make sure your computer can support opengl 3.0 or higher and use the launcher to keep the game up to date. Slashy dwarf is constantly being updated for fixes and changes.

Slashy Dwarf community » Updates · Created a new topic Version 1.10

[Fix] Fixed text trails from the text box.

[Fix] Deck builder select the wrong card and would cause a crash.

[Fix] Deck and card selection was selecting the wrong entries.

[Fix] Deck card index incorrect and could cause a client crash.

[Fix] When creating an account, it will send you back the login screen.

[Change] When creating a new character, you cannot put all points into one stat.

[New] Deck builder can sort items based on quality.

[New] Inventory can sort items based on item type.

[New] Main menu has been rehauled with a new style.

[New] Inventory and card information will not be displayed at the bottom of the window. Instead hold your mouse over an item will display information about a card or item.

[Removed] Removed chat from the game play screen.

Slashy Dwarf community » Updates · Created a new topic 1.06

[Fix] When a client crashs, sometimes the sesisons stays open. That would cause weird issues.

[Fix] Exit button added at the application startup.

[Fix] Exit button added on the join pvp window.

[Fix] Able to cast without any cards selected.

[Fix] Will join back to login after you create an account.

Slashy Dwarf community » Updates · Created a new topic Update 1.05

[Hotfix] Clients could crash the server, on the first combat turn, when clicked on skip turn.

[Fix] When checking for dead groups, it could crash the server.

[Fix] Inventory duraiblity wasn't being displayed properly.

[Add] Game Settings added to login screen.

[Add] Skip card ability is working.

[Add] Able to change screen resolutions, sound, and music volumes.

[Add] Able to change to full screen or windowed mode.

Note: Changing screen size or fullscreen isn't changable in the game currently but can be changed in the game settings.

(1 edit)

Update 1.02 and update 1.03 has enabled audio and music effects. They won't be enabled until the next patch since some networking code will be changed. Also adding IAP for the market place and exchange system. and lastly fixing and adding any missing card modifiers.

Any out to date clients will be forced to get the latest build because this will fix any issues or out of sync builds.

Anyone that doesn't have the latest build will be prompted to update and auto exit.

Full list of fixes and current features:

  1. [Add] IAP setup
  2. [Add] Code to support sound effects and music
  3. [Add + Fix] Adjusting and adding card modules.
  4. [Fix] When enemy dies on his turn, doesn't finish combat.
  5. [Add] Server versioning.

Slashy Dwarf is a free to play, single touch, semi-mmo card game which your character is the minion.

I plan on having over 150-200 card combinations. All card combinations are simple to learn but hard to master. For example, using a poison card and a sword will make your attack do poison damage for a few turns.

  1. The game has a level up system too! Since this game has no level cap, you can always progress your character to the style you want. This game does not use a random level up system. When you level up, you can choose how you want to level your character.
  2. The game has an inventory system that you can equip your character with looks of your own. Not every character will look the same and will reflect your own style.
  3. The game also has a deck builder. Since this game is about card combinations, their will not be any limit on the size of decks. You can create, edit, and delete decks.

Currently the game has single PvP and PvE combat. The game is in early access and may be missing some features. This game is constantly being developed on and frequent updates daily.

Full List of features:

  • Group PvP, Raids, and raid bosses.
  • Auction system to sell your loots or buy loot
  • Guild Management, guild roaster, Guild Raids and Battles
  • No Deck and no Level caps
  • Enhanced account security. Decks and characters can be locked
  • Chat System
  • Crafting
  • Smarter AI
  • Group PvP and Group PvE

itch link:

I hope to see you in the game.