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Curious, how far did you get? I am always curious how far people got in the mini/tiny game. If you don't remember, its okay, just curious is all.

Cool :D

From itch? Dunno, thats out of my scope. I would contact itch and pretty much what you posted here. Have no control over the downloads or itch itself. Pretty much all I can do is add pages, upload games, and set it up with graphics and text, or similar things like that.

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Freezes? No crash?

i'll find it fast too. :D update comin'.

Update 4/15/2022: Know what the bug is. It has stuff to deal with culling. Easy fix, update comin.

:D Watched it from the start to the end. Was pretty funny near the end. Tons of little secrets in the WinterVale village but hope you had fun playing Pizzamon.


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But from watching you play (from this video and the part 2), I do plan to make sand zones very less annoying: could walk much further in the sand zones before it would trigger combat.

<3 Loved it Spuds.

<3 Loved the video. I hope you do more. Did an update today to resolve everything in the forest to make it x100 easier. A bunch of other things too.

:D Love it.

Thanks :D. Glad everyone whom left a comment enjoyed the game. Much more work to do :D.

:D Thanks

<3 cool.

anywho, issue fixed. enjoy.

itch didnt inform me of this post but been checking all my posts. Sorry, will be fixing in very shortly.

<3 cool. I'll have to remember that when setting up itch game info.

I hope you enjoy the game!

Weird, should work! I will rebuild it again with xcode. Should see an update sometime today

Hello! Sorry to say but Shipwreck 1 is currently done. I do plan on adding some updates to fix a few bugs that will should see in a week or two.

That doesn't mean shipwreck is over. I am in development of a few projects of shipwreck 2 and a new type of game that will be out this year. You can find all these updates on my twitter @

hey :D. sounds like you dont have enough food. Every day, your colonists will eat twice during that day. if they cannot get food, they'll start dying off. game ends if colonists goes to zero.

thanks for playing the game :D.

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Pexgeon is a episodic, story based, simplistic adventure platformer. The game progressively changes over time with new maps, gauntlets, and story based events.

"A knight and his struggles to save his queen. As the dark lord creeps over the princess' kingdom with hordes of demons. How will your hero overcome such darkness?"

pexgeon can be directly on!

pexgeon can be played here:


:D thx

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really? Must be joking. Moving to the right of the map tells you how to jump.

if you cannot move at all, make sure to click the game. It has nothing to do with the game itself but if you had multiple tabs open, the game wouldn't be in focus which won't give you input.

:D thx

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Slashy dwarf is a free to play, register-less, MMO RPG Card game. Usual card games, have minions but Slashy Dwarf  your character is the minion. Can choose from four playable races and three playable classes. The character has stats, inventory, equipment, and can leveling up.

The card game has a twist, instead of using cards requiring mana, slashy dwarf is about combine cards to attack or cast abilities. For example, attacking with two swords, will do double sword attack. Card combinations are discovered by playing the game and trying out different cards. Can share card combinations to the community or be secretive, giving an advantage in pvp.

Hope to see you in the game.

Can play the game here

I have noticed no one reads the devlogs on the project page and found out ppl on this board actually read the devlogs. I don't know the best salutation to fix this but please don't remove the devlog forum.

I have seen some really cool games through the devlog forum section than I would ever see at the project devlog. Yeah I do post on the project devlog(at or before peak times) but it doesn't really capture any traffic.

floods not suppose to be in peaceful but that was fixed in the update I am currently working on. Floods, rotten food, or anything similar are the AI director trying to kill off your colony. But doesn't mean he is "always" mean or a jerk. Sometimes he'll give you free research, fallen space chunks, and others.

Everytime you play, the results will be different. One game you may have tons "rotten" food but in another game you may have tons of ships stealing your stuff and ships attacking your colony.

It is very important to have some form of defense. The start of the game, you do have bunkers that will protect your colony.

in "build" everything is organized based on what you will need as a service. Getting attacked "protection" might help. Have tons of crime? "services" might help.

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Should be able to play the demo, near the bottom should see Windows, MacOs, and Linux demo builds.

Demo is basically the full version of the game except it has a 30 minute countdown, cannot save a game, cannot create auctions (but can purchase from auctions).

Yes can play the demo all you want.

I am glad you are enjoying the game.

About shipwreck, wanted something different than just a copy-paste city builder game and made some very clear design choices to make it unique. Shipwreck multiplayer is fully functional. The second you choose your colony name (when you start a new game or when you load your game) you are logged on the server.

Wanted shipwreck to have a seamless style multiplayer. You won't be sent back to main menu when you lose connection, no registration to play, etc.

Code, art style, and game design was done by all myself and have been making games over six years but never released any except shipwreck.

Since I am staying close to GDPR compliance, I couldn't accept your whole name(meaning first and last name) but first name only.

Example names that can be accepted:

  • First name
  • Nick name
  • Online name
  • Lore name (dnd name, etc)

Example names that cannot be accepted:

  • Whole name (first name and last name)
  • non PG13 or offensive

Thanks for the information and the issue was fixed. I will be uploading a hotfix shortly.

:D glad it is working for you and enjoy the game!

Shipwreck community » Bugs · Created a new topic Read First Please
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How to report the issue?

The fastest way to get your issue resolved fast by following these easy steps.

  1. Please give a short description of how it crashed or where it crashed
  2. Send the game save file.

Where are these files located?

Windows: C:\Users\<PcName>\AppData\Roaming\Shipwreck or %appdata% in the title bar

MacOs OR Linux: ~/.local/Shipwreck or ~/.local/Shared/Shipwreck

Quick and dirty file uploader, here:

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Shipwreck creates log files of what happend, could you go here: ~/.local/shipwreck/log and send the most current one.


go to the same path and send me the save file that crashed your game. I will rerun the game to make sure I didn't miss anything. 

Lastly, If you played the game from a previous save, you may have to restart your game. Events didn't deleting tiles properly and would corrupt the game save. Currently fixed in this patch but the current save may or may not be corrupted.

M key press thingy will be fixed shortly and thanks. <3

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Can you tell me what Operating system you are on? Should be able to run on MacOs, Linux, and PC with no issues.

Also, make sure to use the launcher or when you do on planning to play the game OR re-download the game. shipwreck is constantly being updated and will be until late beta. Currently shipwreck is alpha so tons of updates will be going to on a constant basis.

Ways to produce gold?

  1.  Use auctions (if a non demo client)
  2. Place down a tax building, then put residential around that. You will gain gold based on the amount of colonists in those houses.

To get early stage food?

1. Don't try to rush to farms INSTEAD use the herbalists. Place them around the small mushroom patches, that is food.

How do I collect stuff from farms?

All farms, required to be clicked. You can research the warehouse so you don't have to click them anymore.

As for the flash flood, I will look into that issue and thanks for the information!