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Your ship had to make an emergency landing and you are now shipwrecked! · By Shmellyorc

This Game Is Amazing!

A topic by TheGamerAtHome created Jul 02, 2018 Views: 568 Replies: 2
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Hi Shmellyorc,

I love this game so much! At first when I saw the game on a video on youtube by a youtuber named SplatterCatGaming (Awesome youtuber by the way) I thought it was about you crashing your boat on an island. But this is even better! This game is one of the best I have seen this year if not of all time. I usually don't like these worker placement, sim games but this one is fantastic. I hope you make more great games in the future. I also wanted to ask how many people are in the team or is it just you?

I am glad you are enjoying the game.

About shipwreck, wanted something different than just a copy-paste city builder game and made some very clear design choices to make it unique. Shipwreck multiplayer is fully functional. The second you choose your colony name (when you start a new game or when you load your game) you are logged on the server.

Wanted shipwreck to have a seamless style multiplayer. You won't be sent back to main menu when you lose connection, no registration to play, etc.

Code, art style, and game design was done by all myself and have been making games over six years but never released any except shipwreck.

Wow that is amazing. I am surprised how good of a developer you are. I think a lot more people should know you! I can't wait to see the next game you publish.