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Your ship had to make an emergency landing and you are now shipwrecked! · By Shmellyorc

Day 4 of Doom

A topic by Goblin_Slayer created Dec 21, 2018 Views: 397 Replies: 2
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I've just bought the game yesterday and played at least ten times now, but everytime i can't pass day 4. It always reset all my resssources/researches, eveything go back to 0, the map with buildings stay the same and it continues to expand normallly but after 1-2 minutes, the game shows me a Game Over screen... So, each games never passed the 15-minutes long. First, i thought it was because i tried the demo before buying, so i deleted the files, still the problem. I've deleted everything connected to the game than downloaded it from the link, still the same. 

If someone can help, it'll be really appreciate :)

hey :D. sounds like you dont have enough food. Every day, your colonists will eat twice during that day. if they cannot get food, they'll start dying off. game ends if colonists goes to zero.

thanks for playing the game :D.

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I didn't always kept track of food level but when i did, i was always 300+ in food product and going up. I've just play a new game to try if food was the problem and after day 4, it'd reset itself again and i had over 1k in food product with only 48 people. I don't understand :'( ahah I just saw, this time ressources have reset to 0, but the game still continue (no Game Over screen this time), but when i open the Worker screen, it'll indicate no building available.