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Hi Jack,

Like Tempestus56 when i launched the game it was a black screen. Had to randomly click using the "footstep" sound, hoping to click on the good on. i've just install the latest version and tried the SyxProtoWithout.exe, it worked perfectly :D All it left to do is enjoying this great game! Thanks so much for your hard work :)

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I didn't always kept track of food level but when i did, i was always 300+ in food product and going up. I've just play a new game to try if food was the problem and after day 4, it'd reset itself again and i had over 1k in food product with only 48 people. I don't understand :'( ahah I just saw, this time ressources have reset to 0, but the game still continue (no Game Over screen this time), but when i open the Worker screen, it'll indicate no building available.

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I've just bought the game yesterday and played at least ten times now, but everytime i can't pass day 4. It always reset all my resssources/researches, eveything go back to 0, the map with buildings stay the same and it continues to expand normallly but after 1-2 minutes, the game shows me a Game Over screen... So, each games never passed the 15-minutes long. First, i thought it was because i tried the demo before buying, so i deleted the files, still the problem. I've deleted everything connected to the game than downloaded it from the link, still the same. 

If someone can help, it'll be really appreciate :)