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Launcher display a black screen

A topic by Tempestus56 created 57 days ago Views: 88 Replies: 5
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First thanks for your work and devotion, I discover the game with the youtuber Danfield.

I have the same problem as Bbenti, a black launcher with blowing wind, but it seems to me, I can click on the launcher (I hear some soud when I randomly click on the launcher).

I already try to re-install the game, and I dowload again Java just to be sure, and nothing change. I have also try what you tell to bbenti but I can't find such panel (or the option for java is not here)
Here are my specs :

Windows 7 pro
Intel I5 2,6GHz
Intel HD Graphics4000
8Go of flash memory
the whole things is installed on a SSD

Have a great day, be safe and happy

(oh and sorry for my english it's not my mother langage)


Ah, so it's not fixed. I'm very confounded by this bug. It seems that it's related to windows 7, but I can't recreate it, so it's hard to diagnose. I think the only way I can fix this is if I get my hands on a windows 7 computer, which I hope I do some day. Thanks for showing an interest, and I hope you will be able to play it some day! 

ah. . Shit. Thanks for your fast reply, I hope I will find a way to play it too ^^ 


Could you try with the latest version? 0.51.38. There is an .exe called SyxProtoWithout.exe try clicking this please. I hope it works, please let me know!

Hi Jack,

Like Tempestus56 when i launched the game it was a black screen. Had to randomly click using the "footstep" sound, hoping to click on the good on. i've just install the latest version and tried the SyxProtoWithout.exe, it worked perfectly :D All it left to do is enjoying this great game! Thanks so much for your hard work :)


Hi jack, I just try now and he run perfectly thanks again for your help