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Your ship had to make an emergency landing and you are now shipwrecked! · By Shmellyorc

Cannot Start New Game

A topic by zapscribbles created Sep 25, 2020 Views: 162 Replies: 6
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Hi there! 

I've just started messing with Godot and thought I'd check out your game to see what's possible with it. Looks promising, but when I start a new game I choose New Game, pick a save slot, enter a name and click Check, and it just hangs there (see screenshot)! I do have an error at the top of the screen about not connecting to a server so perhaps this is part of the problem? I'm OK playing without multiplayer features!

I am on Mac OS 10.14.6, and I can't upload a save file as I don't have one yet! (neither ~/.local/Shipwreck or ~/.local/Shared/Shipwreck exist)

Hoping it's an easy fix, looking forward to playing!

This happened to me to, Idk how to fix it

itch didnt inform me of this post but been checking all my posts. Sorry, will be fixing in very shortly.

anywho, issue fixed. enjoy.

So that issue is definitely fixed, I can start a new game now which is awesome, but right after starting if I try clicking the build button it crashes. I've tried other buttons (I can remove resources for example) but it seems like I need to build before I can do much else.

I'll be happy to donate to the game, really interested in playing it!

OS crash log here:

Game save here:

Same here, I downloaded the demo for windows  all is fine until you  hit the build button :(  

Also I have a question:  will we get all the updates or do we need to buy the game at each major release? 


Thank you! Will check it out!