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such a good game, I'm excited for where the story leads next :)

This game was amazing! Definitely recommend playing it :)

Found all the hearts! Really fun game

This happened for me too

hopefully there will be a working mac version

This happened to me to, Idk how to fix it

tricky but really fun, it would be cool if there is going to be more levels

what a beautiful bittersweet game

Awesome game

Pleasantly surprised!

This is so sweet

yay he's king of the sea 10/10

the ending lmao

It's very cute and cozy fun little game

very cute

ugh love this game

such a nice game, can't wait for more

Can't wait for more! ^-^

loved this game

love this

cute game and I like the graphics but it seems like the fish and other creatures do not respawn

Really good game tho it made me sad 

Hope it gets to be on MacOs <3

this is so sad :(

OMG, I love this game so much. I'm half korean and I'm bi so this really hits home. UGH, I love everything

I'm usually not one for much horror but I really liked this

This is such a cute game and unique as well. Loved the art style <3

Great game, I love the graphics