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Milkmaid of the Milky Way

Award-winning, rhyming point'n'click adventure · By machineboy

Version that works on mac Catalina?

A topic by BoeddiB created Jun 08, 2020 Views: 548 Replies: 8
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I just purchased this game thinking that it would work on my Mac OS Catalina. It says that it needs Mac 64 bit processor, so I thought it would be OK. To my huge disappointment, it does not work :(

Any chance that you are working on a fix that works on the latest version of Mac? I do not know how much work is needed, but it would be appreciated!


Unfortunately I don't have a working mac at the moment, so I won't be able to create a new Mac builds in the near future. I would get in touch with itch customer support and see if a refund is possible, sorry!

+1 for this. Can't currently run on a modern mac, natively.

(you might wanna scrub the mac compatibility logos from itch and the main site @machineboy, or better yet, rope someone in to create a build)


I might be able to help with getting a Mac build done?

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It run in Parallels without any pain
and what an absolutely beautiful game!

So happysad at the finish,
I'll play again soon and my joy won't diminish 


Yeah it would be cool if you could remove the current Mac compatibility sign (or just put a disclaimer or something, that's fine too)

Can't wait for Mac Catalina version. So curious!

Please fix for Mac Catalina.  Thanks

hopefully there will be a working mac version