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Great idea for implementing the theme! Like the window fade out mechanic. Would be interesting if there's an alternative end if the player keeps on eating more souls than 10, like being damned to hell or something

Hey! I only did a couple characters though. I think Robert created a fully animated tileset now? 

Anyway, if you still want them, give me your email and I'll send what I got, no problem. 

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Cool idea! I don't understand why it's jerky sometimes though.

Also, I'm not sure if I should play it like that or not, but I pressed the MMB on the character and used the free scroll to move it with the mouse. The only problem is that the vertical scroll is larger then the horizontal so the speeds vary for each direction and I hit the walls often :D

The checkpoints are good, but maybe make them in specific points instead of the last safe point the character is at before hitting a wall. Because more often than not, I keep hitting the exact same spot several times when respawning until I realise I have to center the scroll again. Still, it's possible I'm having this issue because I used free scrolling instead of the bars.


So while I was writing this comment closed the full screen mode, and when I returned to the game that made me escape entirely out of the E.M.O.G circle of doom!! Definitely a bug haha

I like how your "micro-projects" are already a very decent quality and diversity!

Thank you Magyanin for playing my game and for the follow!

I like all the points you mentioned and will definitely consider them in the next update. I think this game has potential to be bigger and better and will work on expanding it soon!

Cool game. I like the graphics and sound choice. I guess for me I'd feel better with less walking stretches between locations and tighten the shooting controls. But all in all it's a good platformer :)

Man this is awesome, I love it! Definitely will upgrade Kill Streak to this in my future update!!

Haha wow! I was just about to send you the link now but you already found it. I'm glad you like it !!

3800 points and a 12 combo?! That's is freaking awesome! I couldn't get past 2000 points XD
Looks like for the next update I'll be adding some tougher levels and/or more enemy types.

I'm e-mailing you the animation sheets now :)

Great! I will be sending you an email within these couple days with the animations and a link to the game I made.

It's too early to call it an extension pack right now, but I plan to expand on my game in the future using the other characters in this pack so who knows :)

Hi Robert, thank you for this super cool work!

I'm using this tileset for a tiny project I'm working on for a game dev course. I made a couple simple animations for the characters I'll be using in the game, based on the original ones here.

I can e-mail them to you, if you'd like, to use or modify.

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Great idea & pretty cool game with sweet visual presentation and sound track! Brief and funny plot that puts us right into the action. Character design that fits the humorous situation.

I loved the UI and the main menu as well.

Now for some tough loving.. nothing personal but I think you can even make this game much better with a few tweaks.

The picky stuff:

  • Having no vertical camera control made it difficult to enjoy the work done on the larger statues and any elevated scenery for that matter.
  • Lightning build up is too fast in comparison to Heraclos' speed and the hit radius is kinda large making it feel a bit like a cheat death. If you're showering the area with lightning then you gotta give the player the chance to avoid it by running and not only using powers.
  • The control scheme in the menu and the actual are contradictory. E & Q actions are switched in the menu.
  • Levels are already open in the level select before even starting a new game. Not sure if it's intentional.
  • (This one's subjective I admit) Walking option is unnecessary because the running speed is already not that fast. Players would most likely choose to walk to take in the surroundings, however the game honestly doesn't offer much to look at while the camera is vertically locked.
  • Checkpoints aren't clear. During the second level I assumed they're located at the big 'gates' as they triggered when I passed under them, but then I passed a similar gate and no checkpoint was triggered. They don't have to be just before or after immediate danger zones because (1) this creates inconsistency and (2) Players will easily use this as hint that "something is going to happen now!" - you lose any element of surprise.
  • Level transitions: It felt really weird to me at the end of the first level that going through a desert and into a ruin, lifting a rock and passing through would somehow put directly into the Underworld, which is usually 'under' the rest of the world. The start of the last level you put a stairway leading up to God, so perhaps consider a stairway leading down from the ruins to the Underworld.. or better yet falling through some pit! Same concept going from Underworld to the foot of the Mountain - actually I haven't an idea why he had to go through the underworld in the first place, seems like choosing the harder road for no apparent reason.
  • More particle effects would go so far with this game about gods and heavenly powers! The rock lifting ability could look amazing with some particle effects of aura or energy streams flowing from within Heraclos, flying in the air and surrounding the rock. The rocks gathering together to make a platform could have little particles of stone/dirt falling off their bottom to show they were freshly dug out from nearby ground somewhere. The dash could have a powerful sound effect and lightning coming off the shoes of Heraclos or dirt flying under his feet.

The game-breaker:

The jump mechanic! The main mechanic that the entire game revolves around is unfortunately very flawed. It was kinda fun though!

The time between pressing the button and the action is too long, which makes the controls feel sluggish. It's fine for running around but for platforming, jumps should have split-second response!

I found out very early that any wall with a slight tilt (not 100% vertical) can be scaled, or hovered over, with the jump. Even if that wall was apparently a 100 meters high I would still jump over it if it was slightly tilted. So basically I went around most of the sentry laser turrets by just jumping on top of the nearest boundary wall and walking around them to the other side. I didn't even have to go through the maze on the second level! I just went up the first outer wall to the side and went around it till by chance I triggered the powerup collect and finished the level. Level 3 I went from the start directly to the end by again jumping over one edge wall and voila! a shortcut!!

In some cases I could hover in the air for a good while as long as I'm right next to a wall.

Long story short, the jump mechanic being the main game mechanic needs some good adjustment.

I hope this was in any way helpful to you guys. Keep on at it, you're doing great!