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Always wanted to actually play one of those ad games. Now I can! And found out that they're not as fun as they look in ads :D

So, looking forward to the redesign process it'll go through and seeing a version where this can be a legit standalone playable game!

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Nice work on the UI overhaul. One thing that irks me is fading out the details on items I don't own and only showing "buy for xxx" on top of the text. I need to understand what do the items/chars/guns offer before choosing which to buy.

Last time I played was a couple months ago. The game has really developed well since then!


Within about an hour I managed to win/survive 2 rounds. I think the build also has to do with that. One winner build was mainly focused on grabbing any damage power ups.

- One power up has a typo: redcution instead of reduction.

- The damage by distance power up has a "-" instead of "(" where it says 5 base damage

- The aim crosshair is almost invisible when there are many enemies. Perhaps it shouldn't be white?

- The shotgun is too weak considering the reload speed and ammo. I suggest either reducing the reload speed or giving more damage to the bullets.

- The pistol is actually quite a good weapon and is a great balance between all options.

- The background music doesn't loop and near the 380-400 seconds mark ends.

- If the game's meant to always stay within the space of the screen and the camera doesn't move. Then it's somewhat unfair that enemies attacking from the top/bottom can get closer to the player on a wide screen. Maybe make the level area square (cut off the sides), and balance the enemy spawning based on these dimensions?

- Not all power ups are clear to understand they belong to the same progressions. I managed to unlock the damage one (I think) where I heal 0.5 hp/sec and get a 100% damage up when standing still. I've also unlocked the light one that increases the light by 100%. But it's difficult to tell about the other abilities' progression. And I mean the ones belonging to the hero themselves and not the summon.

- The 60 hp and losing 25% of attack damage is a power up that I never took, because it feels like a big cost to lose that much damage. I'd rather just risk my life. Perhaps it can be revised?

- It took me a couple playthroughs when I didn't realise that enemies drop XP gems and I thought it was my bullets 😅 and I had to go pick them up.. The XP gems and bullets look very similar that it's hard to tell the difference.

- The summon symbol is way too large and covers up a big chunk of the screen. Suggest reducing their size by around 20-25%.

- The highlights for different enemy statuses (slow, burning, poisoned, etc.) fight for rendering. Maybe give priority to what's displayed first and on top of everything? Or give different indications to things, like a slow icon or fire icon.

- The reload bar is rendered behind the blood patches from enemies.

- The giants produce the same amount of XP as all other units. Same with spiders. Maybe have them (giants) give more XP, as they suck up lots of bullets.

Well, that's all I can think of from my play. Fun game!

Awesome! Best of luck with the release. Wishlisted!

Glad you liked it!

I suppose the trails helped.. there was also wasting half the only day I had to make sure it plays smoothly. It's crazy how much time it can take for such a small thing, but at least people like you do notice it :D

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it!

Very nice work!

I liked the old-school aesthetics. Made me feel like I'm playing an Atari game :D

The last puzzle was kinda confusing to me. But I figured it out in the end!

Thank you!

Actually, I also felt that the bullets should be bigger, so perhaps you're right about that :D

Awesome work on this game! I enjoyed the multiple locations with different aesthetics, made me want to play Alice Madness Returns again! The companion is funny as well.

Perhaps the areas could be a bit smaller though, as there isn't much to do besides running around, and some platforms were tricky specially in the desert part, so I had to restart from the checkpoint a lot.

Glad you liked it!

I may work on a 2.0 version of it someday :D

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Thank you for the kind words, and glad you had fun playing it!

I may come back to it, one of those days :D

Cool idea on messing around with the player. However, there could still some minor hints for those who pay attention to them to avoid certain death. I understand the level isn't big, but for somebody playing the game the first time, they will repeat a lot! Another option is to add some checkpoints.

Very good job with all the detail that went into this. The levels, things to do, and I really liked the on-screen radar/locator.

The levels could be more compact, though. There's a lot of flying with nothing happening, everything is neatly put together. Perhaps the enemy ships can be placed or moving around randomly in the level just to harass the player and add some action in the flight.

I love the character visuals and death animations, they remind me of Lands of Dream games. They all have this handcrafted old-school feel to them. I wish the floors and walls where also of the same style, but I understand that there isn't enough time to make all of it.

As others mentioned, the movement could use some work. The character floats more than walks. The second area with the first tower encounter; perhaps the tower can wait a bit before shooting the player. I got hit as soon as I entered and needed time to be aware of my surroundings first.

Boss battle was awesome!

Love the art style and lighting. As others mentioned, a restart button would be nice.

Thanks for the tips! I agree, I should've focused on the themes' core mechanic first before anything else. It's funny how much time goes into the little things like player movement and such.

Really nice visual feel and BGM for the game. I really like it when the UI is implemented inside the game world. And a jumping car?! Yes!!

Cool story idea. Like the music track, very hypnotic. The way the ship controls makes it feel like it could also work for an underwater theme game as well.

I got lost in space a bit and had a couple of "Aaargh!" moments because I blew up the materials!

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I'm glad the missus and you had fun playing it! It'll probably be one of these projects that I'd like to come back to and continue on for fun.. god knows when though.

If you'd like to look into my implementation of the time scale, check it out in GameManager script. It's a static value that's controlled by 2 coroutines and the script sends events when scale is changed for when you only need the value at certain times.

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I know I didn't actually conform to the theme. I ran out of time unfortunately (started on the last day).

The idea was that there would be multiple floors and enemies the player had to fight on/with. If the player manages to survive the wave, they go down to the lower floor. If the player is killed, they go back to the previous floor, hence "death is only the beginning" in its literal meaning.

I made a global timescale that I wanted to use to slow down everything to a halt, and proceed to the next/previous level in a cool animation in front of the camera where the enemies and projectiles would go into a gradual slowmo. But because I ran out of time, there's just the one level and I didn't really have time to figure out the logistics of it, so to say. You can still see it taking effect when you win/lose.

If you're wondering why I'd make my own global timescale factor instead of using the Time.timeScale (this project is made in Unity), that's because Unity's timeScale is completely global and denies me any choice on what it affects and when. With my own scale factor, I have total control over it.

Pretty cool and fun little game.

There's a bug though.. sometimes when I jump over it slows down and all, but no point is awarded

Great idea for implementing the theme! Like the window fade out mechanic. Would be interesting if there's an alternative end if the player keeps on eating more souls than 10, like being damned to hell or something

Hey! I only did a couple characters though. I think Robert created a fully animated tileset now? 

Anyway, if you still want them, give me your email and I'll send what I got, no problem. 

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Cool idea! I don't understand why it's jerky sometimes though.

Also, I'm not sure if I should play it like that or not, but I pressed the MMB on the character and used the free scroll to move it with the mouse. The only problem is that the vertical scroll is larger then the horizontal so the speeds vary for each direction and I hit the walls often :D

The checkpoints are good, but maybe make them in specific points instead of the last safe point the character is at before hitting a wall. Because more often than not, I keep hitting the exact same spot several times when respawning until I realise I have to center the scroll again. Still, it's possible I'm having this issue because I used free scrolling instead of the bars.


So while I was writing this comment closed the full screen mode, and when I returned to the game that made me escape entirely out of the E.M.O.G circle of doom!! Definitely a bug haha

I like how your "micro-projects" are already a very decent quality and diversity!

Thank you Magyanin for playing my game and for the follow!

I like all the points you mentioned and will definitely consider them in the next update. I think this game has potential to be bigger and better and will work on expanding it soon!

Man this is awesome, I love it! Definitely will upgrade Kill Streak to this in my future update!!

Haha wow! I was just about to send you the link now but you already found it. I'm glad you like it !!

3800 points and a 12 combo?! That's is freaking awesome! I couldn't get past 2000 points XD
Looks like for the next update I'll be adding some tougher levels and/or more enemy types.

I'm e-mailing you the animation sheets now :)