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Thanks for playing my game, I'm trying to rate as many games as possible :)

I managed to fall down to the beginning at the place with the "floating platforms" which reset my spawnpoint to the start of the game. I felt reminded of "Getting over it".

This game is just awesome, the level was a bit unfair at some parts but I really really enjoyed it.

The game has cool visuals.

Well, the generator part is the most interesting part about it. Do you have any blog post about it. Or system you based it on?

Nice relaxing experience. I don't really see a goal. I think a bit more positive player feedback could improve your game. I like the mole as well.

Nice game, I like what you did with Minimicro and your art.

Solid execution of a simple idea. I love me a rouge-lite game. I'd wish for a bit more variety in the rooms it got boring before I died. Would be interested in how you created your rooms.

Nice and simple game, with good execution. The big amount of enemies and bullets led me to not use the colourswitch mechanic too much. Solid entry for a session or two.

Nice game, and especially nice work with the theme. Would't have preferred just an executable without an unnecessary installer though. Also I encountered  a bug when shooting while being on the edge on the level I die. Real cool work with shaders and theme.

I really like the game, it's a cool little deduction game where you have to be careful. I just think 3 tries is a bit too easy and the tutorial could be a bit clearer. But all in all I really like this entry I spend a good 10-15 minutes just playing it.

Thank you for your comment! Wall Grab should increase your friction on walls so that you don't fall of them while holding against them. Glad you liked the game.

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Thanks, I need to have a look at your entry as well. Please check out the source and if you find any bugs tell me so that we both can learn from it. (You probably saw it but source is available here:

Thank you for your feedback. I'll consider adding custom keybindings.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I agree the mechanics deserves a bit of fine tuning.

I really like the visuals and the emotion you paint with the lights and everything. Game was a bit too hard for me tho.

Love your visuals and the audio used to invoke emotion. Game was a bit too hard for me tho.

You got it, wanted to make that clearer. But well ... time ran out xD

Thanks for the feedback. That might be an idea that is worth exploring.

Cool little game, reminds me a bit of Doom. If you want to continue on this project an ammo counter would be one of the things I'd add first.

Cool idea. I like the game.

The title does not lie, but man I managed over 1000fps

I like your Idea and your art. You could've imported the pixel art differently to not have any filters on it to prevent the blurriness. Unfortunately I encountered a bug where I just get thrown off the screen every time I played. Loved collecting gold tho.

Very good game, I love it. Level 4 is a bit weird tho. I "failed" right into the goal.

I love the idea, but the current implementation seems a bit unfair to me. Awesome Art (Pixel Art and Sound). It looks great, it feels great but I wasn't able to score a single point.

Very cool game. Took me a few tries to figure out all the mechanics but once I did I had a fun time,

Cute little game, I should clean my room as well. :D

Nice little game, love the weapon pickups. Would love if they'd feel a bit more different to each other.

Very cool idea, and very cool game. Suffers a bit from a lack of Audio and polish.

Very cool and unique game design. It was a bit annoying to play on my german qwertz keyboard tho.

Nice idea, love the soundtrack

Love Graphics, love the theme, could have a bit more mechanics.

This is the level of jank I love.

Very relaxing game. I like the world.

I think it be cool if the games actually stop, once the game is over