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Your name checks out 😉 Thank you foodandsuch!

I love the colour tones here - Great job!

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Thanks Fullthrough and best of luck with the channel!

We are glad your performance improved. Thanks for playing :-) 

Thanks Mike! Glad you enjoyed it :)

It's top secret I imagine...

I have seen evidence of this. 100% on all three!

Hey Foxstar - If the game is purchased and downloaded, then you'll get your own local copy with the Turbulence mode activated :-)

Thanks :)

Speak to HR.

They expect more from your performance.

Hey all!! Sheep and Ram Studio are absolutely chuffed to bits to say we've released our latest game today on Itch and over on Play Store too!

In Dispatched! the aim of the game is to mail as many boxes as you can in the allowed time period! It's a frantic game of button-bashing and timing, with music by the amazing Gasman.

So warm up those fingers and get Dispatching!!

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Some say it’s the root of all culinary evils. It is also the name of an obnoxious, phallic structure built in the City of London.

Sorry for dropping out of the fuselage. Please refer to our technical requirements listed on this page. iPad is not currently accepted media on Bermuda Airways. Please stick to keyboard and mouse for optimal flight experience. Thanks for your attention. Have an adequate flight.

Such a cool idea!

Hey there fish! Why not treat yourself to a desktop version of the game while our sale's on? :D

This is such lovely feedback to hear, your flight crew thanks you!!

Go go go Toads!! Our compliments :)

Hi PsyJacked - that sucks! What is your operating system and setup like? Are you using Mouse and Keyboard or trackpad? We haven't had any Chrome reports as yet. Please note: Bermuda Airways offer no ticket refunds for losing all of your known motor abilities.

Thanks Toadsanime - Watch this space :) Oh, and feel free to follow us so we can keep you updated with new features and ports!

Thanks so much ><

Hey fish! Thanks for reaching out, let's try and get you sorted!!

Could you please confirm:

- Your operating system
- Your browser
- Any specific dietary requirements


Thanks so much! It's all the MSG...

'Plain' food could definitely apply to some airlines ;-)

You're too kind!! We're going to start work on a brand new project very soon and will be devlogging the hell out of it so keep your 👀 peeled!

Thanks so much!! ☺️ we'll have a few more updates happening soonish so please do come back!!

Hurray! Pleased about that, thank you for your feedback uwu

This is ace.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Everything should be fixed for you now, please do help yourself to a complementary G&T and bag of peanuts.

- Sheps

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Hey Hua, thanks for the bug report! I’ve called a repair mechanic to take a look at this & I’ll message you when it’s fixed.

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Thank you :-)

Thanks Victor!! It was  a whole lot of fun to make, if a little absurd at times.

"Hey - it looks like the banoffee pie is broken"
"Oh no! :("

Hey there!!

Really psyched to announce that Sheep and Ram Studio's first ever game has just been published!! Chris and I (Sheps) are super new to games development despite having played around with things like the Games Factory when we were very young, so this has been an absolute learning curve for us both to understand a) what's fun and b) what's actually achievable for a 2-person development team :D

So this  is a bit of a hello and  thank-you-for-having-us, really. Any  and all feedback (so long as it's  friendly :D) is 100%  welcome, thank you  for  taking the time to read this!

Plane Food Simulator 2021