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Yeah, I tried it with 3.2.3, 3.4.3 and 3.5 

Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'is_alive' in base '_Thread'. I run it in godot 3.2.3 and this appeared

I tried on my pc and a friend's one and when generating a gif it crashes or this error appears

E 0:00:08.230   getornull: Condition "!id_map.has(p_rid.get_data())" is true. Returned: nullptr

  <C++ Source>  ./core/rid.h:151 @ getornull())

and generates a bad gif. Like it seems that some frames are not generating correctly.

This can export gif. How can you do that in Godot? Say I have an array of images and wanted to make a gif out of them.

If it's not a literal copy, it's not stealing.

Cool little game. It's pretty fun and the art style fits well. I have two little problems with it:

1. It's kinda hard for my eyes to find the player at the beginning of a level.

2. Where you spawn there should not be any obstacle so you can make a plan of where to go next.

Otherwise, the game is fun and I will be coming back trying to improve my score. btw it would be cool if you rated my entry too.

The game looks amazing and has a super interesting concept (the optional star you can collect adds a lot to the game's fun and replayability). The only bad thing I can say is that the character controller feels a bit off but that is not enough to subtract from the fun concept. 

Now that I rated your entry it would be super cool if you did the same to mine.

What a twist! Pretty cool art and the character controller was feeling good (maybe a little slower would've been better but otherwise it was great with the walking animation). It would be cool if you made a story-based game on this concept because I would totally buy it.

Well, now that I rated your game, I would really appreciate it if you did the same to my entry.

I would buy this if it's ever finished. The art style creates a perfect atmosphere for the type of game you want to make. Too but it's pretty short because I wanted to see more. 

The game worked well so not much feedback I can give but maybe you can give more to mine and rate my game too, I would really appreciate it if you did that.

The game mechanic it's super interesting and leaves many possibilities but I think a big reason players would quit the game is because of the tutorial and the background. The background is really confusing and it even makes the tutorial harder to read. The tutorial is a block of text making it boring to read.

If you fix those two problems you can even make a full game with this mechanic but for now, I would really appreciate it if you would give feedback and rate my game too.

The art and game feel are so great it could've been in a full-release game. The gameplay isn't something too special, but for it being a game jam, it gets a pass for the amazing art style.

The only bad thing I can say is that I got a bug where the cactus was invisible, but it was still appearing like it was on my body, giving me the ability to not die for letting the cactus in the rain. That's all I can say but maybe now you can rate and give feedback on my game entry?

I like the game mechanic and its creativity, it really goes well with the art style but one thing that made me almost quit after the first level, was that the difficulty is up there (with other difficult platformers) above the clouds where it will make most of the game jam participants quit after the first level.

I liked your game and the only feedback I had to give is its difficulty. So, maybe you can give me some more feedback than I gave you on my entry.

The story really easily pulled you into the game at the beginning by making you wanna find the girl andI really loved the art style (the red color really contributed to creating the vibe). Well, nothing I can say more because of the visual novel genre (It's not like you have some mechanics to judge but the one thing you had to do (I mean creating a story) was done incredibly well. 

Even if I couldn't give you too much feedback because I am not a writer, I would really appreciate it if you would give feedback on my entry too.

Fun level design and mechanics (the best I played so far). I really like the orbs that let you jump mid-air it really made me tense up. The character controller felt super responsive but I think more camera movement would be appreciated, especially at the end.

I liked your game and now that I gave you my feedback I would really appreciate it if you would rate my entry too.

Love the mechanic with its endless possibilities as a puzzler platformer and its simple but good-looking art style. The only two things that bothered me are that the character controller feels a little unresponsive and that there is no warning when dropping a corpse above the limit resulting in dying.

it will be cool if you would rate my game as I did yours because feedback is very important to me.

I like the concept where you can place components on your robot and its simplistic art style looks amazing. I only have a few things I think you should add:

1. In the tutorial you showed the skip button but at first, I thought it will skip the whole dialogue. Maybe you should've added continue dialogue instead of skip.

2. I think it would be better if when you change the direction the components will move too (example: if I have a laser on the right side and I am moving right when changing direction towards the left, the components should move to the left too.

3. More visual feedback when killing enemies.

The game was fun and adding those in your future games would improve your game by a lot. Now that I finished rating your game it will be cool if you did the same to mine.

Funny story and the music used is amazing. I like the vibe of the game filled with mystery and amusement. It would've been cool to be able to skip the dialogue from the beginning because I accidentally closed the tab and I had to go through the dialogue again but otherwise a good entry for the game jam.

Now that I gave you some feedback and rated your game it would be cool if you did the same.

Cool little game. Some screen shake when you shoot and hit something would've been good but the rest is pretty fun. There is nothing to say more about this, so maybe you can rate my entry too?

It looks great! Unfortunately, the controls are bad, and can't get past the second level. It is an interesting concept and it's too bad that I can't play it. 

The first tip to improve is that you should show on the screen the current control scheme.

Two maybe instead of changing the controls with each death you could make a puzzle game where you have a limited amount of times you can change the control scheme (every scheme, has different advantages and disadvantages) and you need to find when you should change the controls.

Well, that is all the feedback I can give you. Maybe you can give some feedback on my entry? That would be cool!

Thanks, your game was a lot of fun too!

The screenshots look so interesting and I would love to finish the game because it looks amazing and gives me a super cool vibe but unfortunately can't get past the long corridor? The long part with hair on the bottom and top.

I think it would fix this problem if when I pressed to move up or down it wouldn't rotate the character 360 degrees. Probably you have movement set so it rotates towards the velocity but instead of picking the shortest path to the desired rotation, it takes a long way around ( if the rotation degrees are 220 and the desired one is 0, it moves from 220 to 0 instead of going towards 360 ending up to 0). In my game engine, I would fix it by using lerp_angle() not lerp() but don't know the solution in yours.

 Or maybe that's the desired movement and I am just dumb. In any case, I don't have the skill to complete the game (believe me, I have tried!!!) 

Even if I couldn't give you too much feedback maybe you can give me some on my entry.

Cool story and twist at the end. If one of the criteria were the story, I would've given you 5 stars but art is close enough. 5 stars at the art criteria. 

Well, for a story-based game there is really nothing to talk about more. Maybe you can check out my game and give some feedback to me instead.

I know, I forgot about the theme and when I realized it was too late but still thanks for the feedback.

Never seen a mirror game combined with a platformer which is pretty interesting but I don't like that the laser can kill or at least in the current way that it's implemented because it's not that hard or fun to dodge the lasers, just annoying.

I really think you can do something with the mirror combined with the platform genre concept or the mechanic where you can take over bodies when you die (you could make an interesting puzzle game).

Thanks, I am going to rate your entry too.

For only knowing unity for a week this game is pretty amazing, not something I could've down when I was a beginner in unity too (I started in unity but changed pretty quickly to Godot because my computer at the time wasn't so great) 

Two things you should add in my opinion:

  1. More feedback to hitting an enemy.
  2. A motive to kill enemies (I only had two instances where I needed to kill to progress)

Well, nothing more I can say given your level in unity so maybe you can rate my game too now.

Interesting level design and cool fog mechanic but I don't know what to do after climbing up immediately after the fog part. One other thing advice I would give is that you should put some kind of indication that there is a platform that moves up and down because for a few tries I didn't know and just jumped into the void hoping I would hit something.

Well, now that you read my feedback it would be cool if you tried my game too.

You are totally right on the theme bit. Thanks for the feedback! 

Amazing vibe created by the music and art style. I got four endings and enjoyed getting the last one. Had to play it a few times to get all the endings but it felt super rewarding at the end. It's a cool concept for a game jam.

I really don't have anything bad to say about the game... So, maybe you can give feedback on mine.

Cool and fun game! I like the art style (you could've given some more feedback, like squash and stretch when enemies are about to shoot and when they get hurt) but otherwise fun gameplay!

If you liked my feedback, it would be pretty cool if you tried my entry too!

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Love the game! It's the best one I tried so far, even if I couldn't beat it after a lot of retries. I like that you get different characters at the beginning, that's what made me keep trying to beat the game.

Cool game and would be cool too if you would try my entry too!

Edit: I forgot you already tried it. I should take some memory pills or have a better sleep schedule.

Yeah... I kinda forgot about the theme. After seeing the game jam page, I got inspired by the font and forgot to look at the theme. I remembered to look at the end but was too late to redo everything and said that it was close enough with the randomly spawning enemies. 

Thanks for the comment. I will be looking at your entry too.

Interesting art style but a little confusing and the music it's good too! 

Check my game to give me feedback too!

I will try to finish it.

I couldn't get past the second level. It's a shame because the mechanic where you had to die to get past the laser in the first level was interesting. Advice: use GPU pixel snap so that the tilemap doesn't flicker when moving.

It looks incredible! I love the player animation and the music really fits the game. The controls feel good too but I think that a coyote jump timer would've been good to implement (It feels off to try to jump but instead start to glide). You could make a puzzle game with this art style and mechanic and I would totally buy it.

Thanks, I will be checking your game too.