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I love the artwork, and the gameplay loop is interesting. The characters are interesting, and I want to learn more about them, their lives, and the world at large. The problem I have is you can get every ingredient on day 1, then slowly walk back and forth from villager to cauldron to get all of the dialogue. The movement is a bit clunky as well.

An enjoyable experience. Figuring out how the buttons and levers worked out felt natural, and though the combat is rather simple, it was really fun! I love the idea of a chef running around the castle fighting monsters, and I love how the mele weapons leaned into this idea. The goblins seemed rather happy to die at my hand, tho. It is not immediately clear if something can be interacted with, and there are some bugs that need to be ironed out. Overall, I had a fun time playing.

That moment when you fly through the first levels then mess up during the final encore on note 3.... 5 times in a row.

Apparently, I struggle to retain 8 items in my short-term memory. 7 is fine.

I really enjoyed this game, well done!

Merry Christmas! 

Are there plans to repeat this next year? 

Hey Myles! Do you still need someone for sound/music? My name is Steven, I am 22 and I would like to get more practice in these areas. I also know coding (Godot), so if needed I can help out there as well! I am TheOverseer628#3663 on discord.

First off: Music, sounds, and art fit together so perfectly! I love the atmosphere and the ambiance. The only real "problem" I have with it is that when you start to run out of oxygen, it gets really hard to see where you need to go. (still, the screen darkening was a great touch, and fit really well with the heartbeat to show when you are starting to run low.)

I had a ton of fun playing this! My high score is 63.

Art and music are beautiful! I love the different kinds of objects you can find in space. They all worked together to build a unique experience. I had a ton of fun trying to get my score higher. 

I love the primary mechanic of shooting bubbles of life into planets to keep them alive. I also loved being able to launch pieces of myself to take out pesky suns or other space garbage trying to ruin my score.

Not a fan of the black holes, though. Not saying they were a bad design choice, nor am I saying that they were implemented poorly. I just died to them a lot. I would just chuck myself through space, and by the time I noticed I was too close to one, I was already dead. I'm thinking, maybe in the future, you could add some sort of "dash" mechanic to help you move faster and get out of a bad spot?

Overall, a fantastic game. Great job!

I love the artwork and the unique concept.

Controls are pretty difficult to get used to, I can't for the life of me seem to make a staircase out of bubbles. They do get pushed really easily, and it is really hard to stand on top of them. It also got annoying that "jump" is the same button as "interact". 

I wasn't able to get past level 2... any tips? I do really want to see how the game ends!

Brilliantly done! I love the music, the execution of the mechanic was great, and the secrets were fun to find! The music did stop after a time, though. Other than that, great job!

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I managed to beat the game with no energy drinks... I feel broken yet relieved. And I forgot to grab a tent... How many endings/unique messages are there? I must find them all! 

Strangely fun game! I enjoyed playing through it.

Edit: Found the tent ending... so there is normal "win", no energy drinks, and buy a tent. Any others?

I managed to beat the game with no energy drinks... I feel broken yet relieved. And I forgot to grab a tent... How many endings/unique messages are there? I must find them all! 

Strangely fun game! I enjoyed playing through it

I really enjoyed the concept. I thought for a bit that I needed one animal companion to die each fight, so ended up with only the monkey and myself against the demon lord... that fight didn't last long. I love the task system as well, as it really makes you think about who you want to throw and at whom. I had a really fun time playing!

As others have said, it takes a little bit to get the hang of. But once you know the price of everything, you can streamline the process and make a huge mess! I had a ton of fun playing, the music and artwork are fantastic! The one thing I would say is that the controls feel all over the place. Space to pick up/drop an item, WASD to move, mouse to aim and fire, e to buy things, p for... lemonade, etc. Looking back, I guess there aren't too many different controls, but in the moment and in a rush, it feels like a lot more.

Good job with this one, keep up the good work!

25 is my high score. The transition was great, and truly, it is much more fun to fail than reach the flag. Of course, reaching the flag is very amusing. Love the little easter egg.

25 is my high score. The transition was great, and truly, it is much more fun to fail than reach the flag. Of course, reaching the flag is very amusing. Love the little easter egg.

While the link to the theme is really a reverse health bar, this was a ton of fun to play. I love the way the game looks, and it has a very nice feel. 

3 tries and 39 turns... is that a good score?

I kept getting annoyed at the angel side... do they all WANT to die? Do they want me out of heaven THAT much?

Figuring out how to kill my demons felt really nice in the end. This was a ton of fun to figure out and to play.

Super fun game! I love the feel of the dash, and the laser sword was definitely my favorite weapon to use. Turning did feel a bit slow for me, but that is really the only "complaint" I have on this game. Tremendous job!

A very amusing game! I enjoyed playing through it. Love the choice in sounds!

I had a lot of fun playing this one! I love the music and visuals! 

Thank you so much for playing!

To open the passage to the "secrets", as I call them, you need to collect every object in the level. This will lead cause you to essentially fail the level, but it is necessary to progress the "story". Don't worry about resetting the level after you collect the secret, the game will remember.

Here is mine:

Just a short puzzle(?) game with slippery controls. 

I really enjoyed Babbit, by the way. Thanks to the sneaky boost, I was able to speedrun the game in under 10 seconds! (Only got 15 carrots though... my aim was off).

I had a fun time playing! Having enemies spawn on top of me was kind of annoying, and you can get overwhelmed pretty easily. Still, once you get the hang of planting mines you can generally clear the room. I love the concept of having stronger attacks when you are weaker. Great job!

Here is my progress. I got a tileset put together, then made a character. Right now, he can double-jump and dash, though the movement isn't as smooth as I would like. I hope to have some sort of demo available soon.

Days 3 & 4:

I promise I have been working on this, I just haven't had the time to write it all down in the devlog.

So on day 3, I really wanted to get the rooms up and running. So I did more art! My primary focus was making it look 3d, so I tried desperately to remember how to do 1 point perspective drawing, then apply it in pixel art.

There is no shading, but I am still proud of my work!

Here is what I spent all of day 3 working on:

Excited with this new piece of art, I put it into my program, and generated my first room.

...and the guys are way too small for the room. 

So I changed up the idea slightly: Instead of a single cell with up to 4 guys supposed to be there, you will be looking at 4 cells with up to 2 guys each.

So that's what I did on day 4. 

I  also made sure that they could only be positioned on the ground, not the bed nor the desk.

Here are some of the results. Not only do they show the new room layouts, but also show the various amounts of guys in any given cell.

There is a rare chance that there will only be one guy in all four cells. I came across an instance of this while working on an area for notes to be given and made:

Today, I am currently working on displaying the info for each guy and will make sure certain rarities don't happen at all,  such as two guys who look way too similar (the nose can't be the only difference), and all cells being empty. 

Day two:

I kind of got tired of the old sprites, so I made better ones in half the time. I spent the rest of the day working on generating random guys and starting the framework for each cell.

Basically, what I have now is a global script that holds references to each sprite for the bodies, eyes, hairstyles, and noses. There are also arrays for hair colors, first names, and last names. There are 50 of each name, so hopefully, there won't be many repeats.

I got all names from the Seventh Sanctum quick name generator. I am so happy that such resources exist.

So far, my game is simply a random crook generator. Here are some screenshots of their new looks:

Tomorrow, I'll finish up the rooms, and might start working on the hallways.

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Your job is to patrol the prison cells and make sure the prisoners stay locked up.

There are a ton of cells, and you have a limited amount of time. Take notes on any suspicious activity as you walk by, and make a report at the end of your shift. 

Prisoners may be trying to hide contraband in their cells. Keep an eye out.

Some have escaped from their cells, but not from the prison yet. They may be trying to hide in another cell. Keep an eye out for how many prisoners are supposed to be in each cell, and check their descriptions.

Day zero:

Once I knew the theme came out, I started thinking of ideas and setting a plan for me to follow to hopefully finish a game on time.

Day one:

First off, making sprites for me to work with. Images are being made in Gimp, then put into Godot. I'm doing pixel art because I feel like it is fast, and I can make it look decent.

The idea is that each guy will have a unique look, based on hair, eyes, nose, and general weight. Of course, hair can be cut/dyed, eyes can be hidden behind glasses, and weight can be simulated by using a pillow. Since they can't be hidden, noses will not be used by the game to identify individuals, just to add more looks. 

Here is my work so far:

Evidently, I forgot that I can't do art. I will be working on making them better later. 

aaaaaaand the eyes look really similar. Eye color needs to be exaggerated. Good to know.

Right now, there are only 6 guys that can be made... I should work on the hair... Then there will be 18. Oh boy...

Next up, I will be working on random convict generation, including unique names. I will also try to quickly make better sprites so that I can add unique noses so that I can have 54 different convicts. 

Note that there will (hopefully) be more options for prisoners later, this is just a start.

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Hello everyone! My name is Steven.

This is the first time in this jam, not my first jam ever though. I have yet to finish any game that I have been truly happy about, so that's why I'm here! Edit: just looked through my profile. This is not the first time I was in this jam, and it won't be the last!

Some of my favorite games at the moment are BTD6, Minecraft, Monster Hunter World/Iceborn, and Autonauts. While all inspiring to me in their own ways, I would like to try and develop different types of games.

I have tried to make games many times before, using plain old JavaScript, Godot, a Lua engine I can't remember, and Bitsy. The most ambitious project that I nearly finished was a tower defense game using only JavaScript. It was by far the worst game I have ever played, but I enjoyed making it. Maybe I'll redo it one day...

I love reading/experiencing a good story. Be it a book, game, or film, I love a good story. Also potatoes.

My big goal for this jam is to finally finish a game. A good one.

... he is staring into my soul as he slowly grows on the win screen...

Great amazing game you have here!

uh... Improve cave?

I don't know, it looked interesting. No idea about a game, and this is very close to the start, but might as well, right?

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

Greetings. My name is Seik Sugaloth.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

I remember seeing one of these jams in the past, and I might have joined, but I didn't submit anything because I'm still new to this. I really want to get into game creation, and this looks like a great place to start.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

Favorite games? Err... Undertale? I really like some of the mechanics, and have my own interesting take on the combat system. Basically, I enjoy anything with a good story line and multiple endings.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

Eh, not really. I have tried my hand with using Bitsy, but most of the time I just try building games using JavaScript.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

Potatoes. I literally have a plush potato sitting on my desk.

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

Actually finish a good game, and gain confidence in this area.

It's working for me now. I switched computers and it is working fine. Would you like me to try again on the old computer, and send you the log file?

I really like how this game needs little to no explanation for you to know what is going on.

I just feel really bad for the guys who stood right behind my targets... they just kept getting shot.

Yea, I know... The plan was to have an opening cutscene, music and sounds all designed by me, and a closing cutscene. I did also expect the graphics to actually look good, but as I said in the game, I am a terrible artist. I was even trying to get animations for each and every Sprite, though I blame time restrictions on that issue. Not that the animations would be any good, but at least they would be there. 

Still, it is a pretty good game for one that was built completely from scratch by a game designer who has really only ever made a recreation of Snake, right?

And what do you mean the visuals are mediocre and not terrible? I have seen pictures by 10 year olds that is way better than mine!

One last thing: what do you think would make the game more fun? That was one of the main things that I struggled with while designing this game. Perhaps giving each turret HP so the creatures have to destroy your towers to reach you? More enemy types with, say, different moving patterns? Should the enemy only come from one side?

Sorry if I'm taking too much if your time, and thank you for your feedback.

It's not loading for me... any suggestions?

I click on any level name, and the game freezes. 

Oh dear... Did you learn that from experience?

Mine is JavaScript. I'm doing everything from scratch, and I am currently working on building turrets.

I really need to work on graphics, sound, and music. 

I'm having trouble setting a description on the different objects... I am following the "trapped" tutorial step by step,  and I am sure that I am spelling everything correctly. I can also add any description that I want to the room just fine. The program seems to not be recognizing "skull description is It has an odd sheen to it" as a command. I have tried this on both the downloaded and online version.