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Seik Sugaloth

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Mine is JavaScript. I'm doing everything from scratch, and I am currently working on building turrets.

I really need to work on graphics, sound, and music. 

Posted in How do I?

I'm having trouble setting a description on the different objects... I am following the "trapped" tutorial step by step,  and I am sure that I am spelling everything correctly. I can also add any description that I want to the room just fine. The program seems to not be recognizing "skull description is It has an odd sheen to it" as a command. I have tried this on both the downloaded and online version.

What I did was just {say VariableName} in the text... is this the result you wanted?


... beautiful. Just beautiful. It honestly almost brought me to tears.

Great game! I just wish it was a little longer... is there a part 2?

You said that there is a true ending to the game. Does this mean that there are other endings as well?

Great game by the way. I love how the story was told.

Strange, it should be working. I will try to fix it, though I doubt it will come out for a while, there is not much of a game, and those blasted bullets always have the same y as the player... I forgot how finicky bullets are.

Thank you so much for playing my game!

I am sorry that it was unfinished, and I had no idea about some of the bugs that you encountered. For instance, to find the young wolf, you must head to the right, where there is no arrow, to find a secret cave. THEN you can talk to the dear and the bear again, and they will both comment on the young wolf. You should be able to give it to the elder wolf, who will share with you some secrets, and the game will end because I got tired of creating all of those rooms without being able to give them custom names.

In the future, the wolf will give you a fawn, which you give to the dear, who gives you something fluffy (I was planning on fur), which you give to the Eagle, who threatens the coyote, who gives you honey, which you give to the bear.