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Thanks Jupiter!

thanks :)

Hi! This is my first time attempting a rhythm game for the game jam so I admit the timing isn't great. You are meant to hit buttons to the beat indicated by the drum in the top right corner. That said I'm going to be playing around with it to see if I can get the timing of everything better. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the feedback! 

Thank you :)

thanks for the comment and feedback! The drum in the right hand corner is meant to give a visual cue to the beat. But its my first time trying a rhythm game so its definitely far from perfect. I will have a play around and try to get the controls to work better

Devlog 5!

Devlog 4 - Weapons!

Devlog 3 - Working towards a demo

No problem!

I'd say around 20 - 30%. I'm aiming to get a demo out in the next month or two which will just have the first area.

Devlog 2 What are Friends For

Thanks! I've never seen it used with vector art before, would be very interested to see how it turned out!


With the new devlog page feature I decided to start writing about my progress here.You can find the game page here

Grimmsteps is a turn based rpg/roguelike set in a fairytale world. You play as Red who comes home one day to find her village in ruins.

You set out to help your Granny and find your fairy tale friends who fled the attack. Movement and combat are turn based

And if you find your friends they will follow you and provide you with unique help. Try and keep them alive to the end and some of them will stay in Granny's house and open a shop!

I plan on updating my devlog weekly, I hope you follow along! Any feedback or criticisms you have are all really appreciated :)

Thanks for reading

A game made in 48 hours for the 21st gm48 game jam!

Play as a robot whose job is to mix ingredients and create health items. But this training is intense! Watch out for the lasers and missiles!

Described as a "Portal meets Overcooked".

Play here