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Grimmsteps - A fairy tale turn based RPG

A topic by Secretcat created May 09, 2017 Views: 362 Replies: 4
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With the new devlog page feature I decided to start writing about my progress here.You can find the game page here

Grimmsteps is a turn based rpg/roguelike set in a fairytale world. You play as Red who comes home one day to find her village in ruins.

You set out to help your Granny and find your fairy tale friends who fled the attack. Movement and combat are turn based

And if you find your friends they will follow you and provide you with unique help. Try and keep them alive to the end and some of them will stay in Granny's house and open a shop!

I plan on updating my devlog weekly, I hope you follow along! Any feedback or criticisms you have are all really appreciated :)

Thanks for reading

Devlog 2 What are Friends For

Devlog 3 - Working towards a demo

Devlog 4 - Weapons!

Devlog 5!