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Thanks, Betray. Appreciate your playing it. Glad it was enjoyable :D #WhenYouOnlyPlayTestSoloAndHopeMultiplayerIsFun

hehe - yes, it was a lifesaver :) though we didn't get to texturing it. Good eye. Thanks for playing and commenting.

Hey zisstp, this is really nice. Well done, very fluid and smooth feeling.

Really like the video on jigsaw concept. Adds an original spin to jigsaw puzzles, very nice.

Hi Epiin, really enjoyed the art on this, nicely executed. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, Potty. It was too silly a concept to pass up :)

Really fun concept with timing hits to drop the toppings to cover the sandwich. Nice work.

So much on point on this, graphics, music, fun premise. Great job.

Hey Watusi,

Great art on this - love the sticker/cutout feel. Nicely done :)

This was a fun premise, with great power comes great refrigerability. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone who it was, food is no good spoilt. Well done :D

Great pixel art and fun premise. Well done :)

Hey Quackstir, cool mechanic, nicely done little platformer. Only thing I'd try in future ones is building the use of the mechanic out over the levels to increase the challenge and problem solving aspect more :)

Great job, Cavey. Captured the old school platformer feel while fitting in a couple of unique dynamics with the wall roll and triple jump for traversal. Oh, and the sound was spot on :) Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks very much for taking the time to play and comment :) double jump wasn't enough, then triple seemed lacking. After we got to 500, we figured just do INFINIJUMP! (tm?)  If you just leave it fall, it'll reset (unless you some how managed to fly past the deadzone.)

Unfortunately, at 2am we realized no quit beyond alt f4 and was too sleepy to fix that.

Appreciated coffee. Didn't get the version of that I really wanted working in time, but got something in at least.

Thanks, Adam. Alex was on point on this :)

Emma, you rocked this. Nails the look and feel of old school handhelds, and the writing is pithy as hell. Congratulations, great work.

Nice work, well done getting so much out of simple shapes. #AchievementUnlocked

Very smooth - great visuals - almost an homage to Saul Bass. Congrats.

Great work, Butterscotch. Blasted through a tonne in the weekend. Hats off.