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🍀🌴🌿🍃🥑🌱🐢🌳🥝🍏🧩🎍🐲🍈🍐🦚🐉🍵 Beautiful work!

I really enjoyed this one, I was trying to dance to the rhythm, a nice social idea XD Super cute.

The mechanic was one I haven’t seen before! Super neat!

That was really very terrifying! Throwing loads of glow sticks on its own was super fun. So much atmosphere!


I played this with my partner, it was simple idea but very fun, really cooperative and cute, a little different and the level design was really well thought out. One of my favourite games from the jam.

Unity is what I have the most experience in, but Unreal has blueprints, and I’m more of an artist that can code a little.

Thank you for the link and the list of games. I need to play Moss! I’ve been playing with a relaxy game you can play lying down.

Someone needs to write the game feel of locomotion for vr but fish as hands sounds amazing! 🐟 🐠 🐡 🐙 🪸 I’m imagining that you need to flourish a little, to get the motion of the fish right, in different fish, you could actually have to frantically move your arms around to embody an octopus! I’m actually researching ‘meaningful’ games for climate change - so it would be an interesting experiment!

Ah, I didn’t realise! How funny.

I’m building for the META Quest 3, I was going to build a small prototype in Unity and in Unreal to work out which I preferred as an engine - I have funding from my university (on a PhD program) to make a series of prototypes with the kit! I really want to make cozy / cozy-dark VR games XD I will check the Oculus sample projects but if you have any other tutorials to recommend that would be awesome! Or actually, any must play games, ones for a super busy person are also good! :) (I am not buying Balders Gate 3, I do not have time, I am not buying Balders Gate 3, I do not have time, I am not buying Balders Gate 3, I do not have time!)

I have no idea either lol! I’m literally just starting to learn to develop in VR (I’ve made games before of course) - I’m hoping youtube has the answers. XD Where is the Brackeys of VR ??? :O

Aww, I really liked this game, I like the game feel of sliding up and down in size and weight, it felt satisfying. There were some nice touches, like that you HP got smaller as you got smaller. The level design was thought out. I also really like that it had health points and if you died you didn’t have to start again, it was accessible. The graphics were also lovely. XD

It’s interesting to see the use of boids, I really want to create something similar-ish with boids in VR so this was great to see. The fish are very pretty, and the game was nice and relaxing, reminded me a little of the meditation scenes in Abzu - a game I really love. I like the colours a lot. 🐟 🐟

Some thoughtful details in this game, I like the way you read through some narrative on the signs, I love the bounce/jump animation for the player it’s really fun, just boinging around is quite good fun. I also like the characters and level design, a lot of time has clearly gone into graphics and play especially for a solo project done in a hurry!

The little giant, is cute, and the graphics are lovely, I like the colour palette, I’m terrible at tricky platformers but it’s nicely polished game with lots of play!

An interesting take on the jam theme and a tower defence game! The graphics and animations were nice - I really like the suggestion from someone below me to include new scenes and backgrounds - appreciate that would be a future thing and not something you could get done in the time frame of the jam!

Hello, I have checked out Ethereal Evasion, but will look at the other games in this thread.

Check out Squirveillance, spying on other squirrels, in a city where the night never ends. In a world of rodents, how can you tail friend from foe? A game inspired by 90’s Zoom Enhance detective shows! XD


Racing up the waterfall as fast as you can was an interesting take on the theme interpretation and a bit different. I liked that it was fast-paced!

The music and the idea is fantastic, changing height with the sound volume. I really liked the graphics. Took ages to realise the double jump! I found it difficult but I know many players really enjoy a high difficulty level XD

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Hello, myself and the team will take a look at all these amazing games in the thread!

Check out Squirveillance, a ‘Zoom Enhance’ detective game!

In an alternate timeline in the 90’s, can a regular squirrel like you put together the clues from CCTV footage and find the suspects that threaten public order?


Thank you

The artwork is really lovely, it’s polished, hitting the enemies with the ladder is really fun. I get a little tilt when I drop my ladder lol! It’s really funny when I climbed up and they knocked my ladder over :O ARGH. XD 🧅 🧅 🧅

Fantastic! Thank you for the detailed feedback, so happy you managed to complete the game to the big reveal 🙀 !

Hello, thank you so much for the feedback! Footage has now been uploaded on the internut - so you can squirrel around for clues and crack the case - if the answer still isn’t there, please let us know where you got stuck!

Thank you for playing! 💜

Ahhhh!!! This is a really cute game, the graphics are so sweet, I love it!

This was surprisingly tricky in a really fun way! I loved the octopus and the animations with them swinging around. I accidentally fell through the water somehow and continuously dropped for eternity round and round, which was also kinda fun. Cool idea!

Ah, this was quite fun and a cool idea! Scaling the building to avoid the water was quite tense, I felt the difficulty level jump a little suddenly when you have to jump up, then left, (died a couple times lol) but I really liked the game!

The game is fun, the graphics look quite nice and I liked the choices for different weapons - I found it quite difficult to chase after the ship and to load the bombs and special effects for attacks but that might a good thing (I don’t normally play arcade-y style shooty games). I did really love the feel of flying around and how the screen spun, felt like you were in space, it was cool! :)

  • 1 The art style is incredible, really loved it, it’s such a clean cute game. I also could not get past level 3 but I’m unwell at the moment, so maybe that’s why XD - interesting design though, thank you for a lovely game.

Thank you so much! Yes, in future iterations, the hints and puzzle progression is defi-nut-ly something we will look into! Hopefully, we can find some squirrel-utions. Really appreciate all the feedback from everyone! XD 💜

The graphics are very pretty, really incredible and planting the seeds and talking was cozy and satisfying. XD

Oh No! I’m on a Mac atm, so I immediately go for the web! I’ll download it later and check it out! XD

Absolutely love the premise, the pixel art is cool, the tutorial is slick! I tried the game on a couple of browsers but when I attack or sometimes when loading the screen it stops and freezes for some time. Fun ideas implemented!

Really fabulous and polished puzzle game, had fun playing it and would love to see more levels. I picked up how to play after one try and going back to read the instructions. XD

The puzzle was a nice surprise, it’s really clever, the challenges progressed nicely. Thank you for a fun game! It seems to working on Firefox for me, it took a moment to load though! XD

The flying around as a dragon and dropping flames was really fun, easy to start and had a bit of game feel. The graphics are really nice! 🐉 🔥

I am using firefox, I will play in another browser! XD Thank you for replying.

The game is really hard to get the gist of to start with, but I do have a really bad cold! It’s clean, polished and fun and a nice puzzle game to play. XD

Nom nom nom, super cute cat game, yummy, yummy lampost.

Yes, came to play from Game Off, but the game doesn’t load! :( :( :(

The scales added an interesting dymanic to the game, I was confused to start with but then I realised higher score = bad XD Fab idea.

I love that you can crash into the other triangles to take them out, bashing into and destroying them is quite fun! Awesome △△△△ !! XD

This is a very quackulous game, 🦆 🦆 🦆 the graphics are sweet! The main mechanic of collecting the ducks feels satisfying and fits the bill. It’s also super polished!