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You're welcome! I love your game by the way (even if I'm absolutely terrible at it and can't even get a D on a 2 star)

Pulsus community · Created a new topic Feature Request

I thought it would be cool if on the Levels page you could search for levels by the song in addition to the name, author, and ID.

I made the pitfalls a slightly darker color, but for some monitors, it might not show up properly.

I love my encoded messages

thank you!


not really, it just says thanks for playing at the end

and yeah, it's my first one

I got 25/30 oof, fun game!

Yeah, I figured it out.  But I have to use my Mac to make the code and use my PC to actually emulate because I couldn't get bsnes or bsnes-plus on the Mac.

I known it says to use libSFX but I don't understand the Cygwin installation thing. So what should I use?

I just started it

I liked the graphics and thought the game was fun (I was pretty bad though). I was only able to actually beat the pipe puzzle once. Good job!

thanks! the 1.1 version fixes the camera issues.

thanks! yeah, I have no idea why the webgl and the mac ones don't work, I'm terrible with things like that.


It was very fun! I really liked the idea of the switches switching when you jump! (I also probably liked it because my game also had to do with things switching) The levels were well designed, especially the last, it was pretty hard and fun! This was also the first game in the jam I actually beat! Also, the sprites were good.

i will play it!

now if you get the 1.1 version then the danger boxes will be much more visible as the deadzone is significantly smaller.

fun! I thought it was awesome how you can add boxes to the world!

fun! I thought it was awesome how you can add boxes to the world!

I'll make one for WebGL so that people can play it on Mac since the Mac one doesn't work

then good job to you too Annalou_Iza!

Great game! I was too bad to continue after the third level because I got stuck twice. I'll probably beat it later though!

I really liked the game but I just couldn't beat level 13 (im too bad), great game!!

no, i got 36! i thought the game was fun and i really liked the character. good job FoundTexas!

The camera is fixed in the new update on the page now!

the camera now follows the player with a much much smaller deadzone

good concept! I'm just too bad to actually clear lines

thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I had the alt tab issue too, I think its because alt is counted as a Mouse2 button in Unity. Also, the camera dead zone was added for extra difficulty, but I ensure that in the next update I'll make the camera move more. 

i will play both your games tomorrow but i cant right now

of course!

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actually no the prize will be a sprite of something that you want (obviously can't be too hard and definitely not inappropriate) and maybe a bit of code

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pretty fun

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Whoever completes my game first will get the source code so you can see how it was made. (Well, it isn't even very complicated, but if you want to see how it was made, you will need to be speed! Also please don't cheat or if you win, don't release the code, please) also hopefully this is allowed


I submitted my game, and I want to see what others have made! Does anyone want to recommend theirs? (also I'm new here so please let me know if I'm doing something wrong)

Binary Dungeon community · Created a new topic macOS

For some reason, the macOS version won't open properly. Hopefully, that will be fixed soon.