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I got a score of 999 :c

idk what actual score I got because it caps ;-;

I played it! it's still a little confusing on how my moves are strategical but i still think its cute :

Yeah, so its actually two seperate sections where a 3d map is captured onto a render texture and then in another space a camera is looking at that with the UI elements, which AGAIN is another render texture. You can check out how its done here if you like:

The dialogue system was really important to me to get the feel right, I really wanted to do voice over and have the music be part acapella like the adventure line song from stanley parable:

But I ran out of time :c

I am very pleased with how much I got done in a little over a day and a half. I pulled an all nighter to get it done, and I ruined my sleeping schedule and dont regret it one bit xd 

Im glad you liked being a bag :3

Yessss omg i didnt even think about that, but the two screens was right infront of me, thats so clever! 

I have another idea of using streamed render textures to play a jackbox type game that uses your phoone as a controller like a switch. Im realizing now thats alos like a DS lol

Thank you! It felt a little voyeristic but ig thats part of the design XD
I really enjoied your game so im really happy to see you tried out mine! Thank you again!


Thank you :3

Creative idae, never thought of reversing the creator and the watcher, so good. 

Funny and cute! I love the warioware feel!

Very arthouse, I like it. It feels like a game you would play in an University art final. Enjoied the fame feel

Very creative, difficult but rewarding if you can get it done 

Very interesting. Creative game where you bring people back from the dead, reminds me of Princess Remedy in that way :D

Super funny, very enjoyable. Says a lot about our society

The art style is on point, the puzzle mechanics, overall super enjoyable.

This is super cute!!!! The art is so great and the premise is funny and entertaining!

Interesting concept, JRPG mixed with a dungeon keeper esk game. I wish I was able to place the enemies on a grid map and have the player try to explore the dungeon or something. 

Still, very cool!

I didn't really get how to play :c

Cute idea, like the concept. Very very challenging!

This game is fun until the last level, where it kinda just gets frustrating :c

Overall its super cute and its genuinely fun. I wish there were more levels, it reminds me of a ninja game I played once during a game jam, and the concept is similar but this one uses the use of physics which is cool. 

The bugs made it difficult to play but other than that it was a great time!

The game is super cool, I was a little frustrated with how the combat mechanic worked, but it definitely was fun. Super creative

This is genuinely brilliant! Super fun, easy to understand and really clever!

This is really cute and funny. Not much game play, but Ive always wanted to be the guy to order in papa's pizzaria and I am glad I got to experience that!

There might have been some bugs because I clicked ono everything and nothing worked D:

Still this is very cute! Good job!

This game was so great, I love the mix of the shop keeper game and a tetris inventory system. Love the funny characters, and the art style was really zany and I loved it!

This is a great idea, playing as a boss in an MMORPG where you can see the players cordinating in chat and stuff is really funny. Love it.

Cute idea and well executed,  wish I was able to control multiple guys at the same time with one or two buttons each to try to trap the piggy :3

I like the idea of being the zombie, I wish I was able to infect the others to get more and more zombies, and for it to get more difficult. 

I really like the idea of a bullet hell where you can just walk over the enemy to kill them 

cute and simple :D

I did soft lock myself by glitching myself out of the map which sucked, but other than that, good job!

I decided to run around the map and reck havok which was fun, and then I jumped off the map and just looked at the default skybox in peace, it was a nice juxtoposition to all the death. Fun!

Thank you! I really love the comedy writing of William Pugh and took some inspiration from him. He has a great GDC talk if you are interested 

Thank you so much for taking the time to download and play the game.

Your words are very kind.

The unique idea was actually not orignally mine. Theres a game called Wilmot's Warehouse where I took a lot of inspiration.

The game is 3D but uses a render texture that scales down the view to make it look pixelated, which can be seen in a lot of games like A short Hike, Backbone, TimeOut.

The size of the game is not what I expected it to be, I used a lot of models and I believe that is what made the file big.

Thank you again, for playing!

Thank you!

Thank you, that's so nice! I have seen so many creative submitions this jam and so many have great ideas, you give me too much credit!!! 

The UI was lacking as I really ran out of time, which also reflects on the gameplay, but I am sure to add more once the competition is done~

Thank you! That pan downwards was definitely an integral part of the feel and I'm so glad it was mentioned T^T 

Thank you for taking the time to check out my game, I really appreciate it!

it feels like the hacking game in deus ex: human revolution

Cool, but it lacks gameplay I feel. Interesting though

Looks good, but you can easily beat it with just two skele dudes. Reminds me of dungeon keeper

interesting idea and execution :D