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w h o l e s o m e

I was thinking the same thing, and i couldn't find the music anywhere so i decided to just export it myself! here is a copy <3

Now this is an indie game. The mechanics were simple but fun, and the story actually got me invested. I played it all in one sitting (around 4 hours) which isnt like me at all, I had so much fun with this game, and honestly its a diamond in the rough. I would love to talk to/listen to this AP thomas guy about game design, looking foward to that in the future.

This was a trip. On windows 7 there is a glitch were the moving screen causes ghost screens that just stays there on the screen until you highlight them. I like to think this was intenional. I found it very cool

I sent this game to my friend, decided to edit him getting the scared asf

edited it down to all the funny moments.

7mins long

Every thought about porting this to be able to be used along side unity? Any thoughts? Its using JFrame im pretty sure but im also sure it would be possible(?) im not quite sure to be completely honest. However a easy to use version that can be used in unity would be nice to have.

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Very cool! Easy to understand, but hard to master! As a lover of Galaga this made me nostalgic. Overall, very fun game, and I will be sure to keep playing it!