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Sam Goodridge

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Thank you for the kind feedback :) Yeah I agree totally! I'd like to flesh out the experience a bit more and mysterious collectable 'artifacts' sound like an interesting concept to pursue.

I'll play your game properly when I get the chance, looks intriguing!

Wow this is a really solid puzzler design. Very satisfying when you find the solution!

Nice sprinkling of comedy too. :)  Well done, I don't really have much bad to say!

I'll deffo play your game when I get back to my pc :)

Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated :) I was going for 'out of control' unpredictable world generation but maybe I could have been clearer with that aspect.

Haha that's the correct reaction! ;) Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for the kind comment! :) Yeah it was fun to play around with how much appeared around the character. Extra bonus of the boundary being nearer is that it doesn't lag!


Yeah, this is sweet. That anger meter is hilarious, I love how it pauses the madness game for a sec.

Gold star!

Epic! Good luck to you!

What a fun twist on an input method! Reminds me of whack-a-mole :) Simple bit of fun.

Yeah I agree totally. It's so cool that maths can be used to both solve technical problems and also create wacky experimental art. I only really discovered that relatively recently which is why I'm pretty excited by it!

Also pico8 is pretty epic too, perfect for experimentation in a little contained environment!

Thank you for playing :)

Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate it :)

First timer high five! :D

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! Have a fab day x

Not sure about splitting my brain in two but you definitely got me going cross-eyed! Haha.

This is well executed and the game feel is on point! The death sound effects certainly make you jump (in a good way) when you're concentrating on one side of the screen. Good use of particles too.

I think you could improve the game by adding a second twist to this base concept. I feel like after a while the player gets used to the 2 side mechanic. Adding something else after a few levels would be a pleasant surprise.

Well done! :)

Awesome. I'm glad to hear! Thank you for playing! 

I'm currently strolling around outside thinking up ways to make it more of a fleshed out mini world :)

Wow, I am left with such a smile on my face after playing this! Such an ingenious concept and really intuitive to understand.

I'm not even bothered by the short length of the game, it's a perfect little encapsulated experience! 

The sprites are so cute and the possessed sheep have this subtle humour about them that is so lovely.

One thing I will say is that you may want to factor in or disable diagonal movements as I accidentally hacked one of the puzzles by jumping past a rock into the fenced area. Easily fixed though.

Wow, this game made my day! Sending peace & love from a fellow Pico lover! :)

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Haha that was a funny game. I realised something was a bit 'out of control' when I picked strawberry ice cream and got pistachio instead! It was a bit of an experience being continually insulted by this girl! I feel a little offended but it's also kinda funny. ;)

I really like the interface and the art. It made it easy to experience the game.

I got a 'fatal error' shortly after the girl left, by the way. Honestly though, the comedic timing was perfect so I'm not even disappointed I couldn't see the end! Haha.

Sometimes I was a little confused as to who was talking when, but I'm sure if you checked through again you could fix that up.

Great effort! I reckon if you fixed up the bugs and added some extra polish, like button press feedback, it could turn into a great comedic dating sim!

Wow this is ace! It's so interesting that the random jump cursor turns the game into a fast-reaction game to press at exactly the right time. It certainly had me concentrating! 

Love the art style and atmosphere. Keeping a limited colour palette certainly helped.

My one criticism would be that the cursor would often go off the screen, especially if I was near the edges. Was a bit confusing. Should be an easy fix to restrict to screen area though.

I enjoyed that! Keep up the great work!

Wow the atmosphere in this game was THICK for a 48hr game. Very impressive! I was engaged from start to finish! Pacing felt really on point. Black and white really suits well.

I think if you fleshed out the art a bit more and refined some simple gameplay mechanics this could turn into a fantastic narrative game. 

Well done! :)

What a fun, cute concept! Somehow so enthralling keeping the fish within the bar, not sure why! Nice :)

Oh good, yeah there are 8 different themes you can find in the world!

You know those yellow trails are actually called 'powerups' in the code, because I thought exactly the same as you did! Just couldn't figure out a way in time to record things that have been picked up and still keep the procedural generation intact.

Thank you for trying out my game and for the kind feedback! :)

I'll check your game out when I get back to my pc!

Aw wow, what a kind comment! Thank you so much! :) 

Honestly the ideas came quite naturally after experimenting with applying the noise algorithm to different game parameters. 

Look up simplex / perlin noise, it's really cool stuff.

I think the visual style is fantastic! Love the theme and cute computer character!

It was a little confusing what to do in the game so unfortunately I didn't get very far.

Thank you boshamo! 

Bleh, accidentally deleted my comment!
In short, fab original puzzle concept and super presentation with that comedic intro! Head-boppin' music too! Love love!

Maybe the dual wasd arrow keys controls were a little unclear at the start. I liked your in-game control tutorial pictures but perhaps arrow keys could be a little visually clearer. Luckily I figured it out after only a few explosions!

Please develop this into a full release, it has a lot of potential!

Looking forward to seeing more from you in future!

I really like the visual style. It made me really curious as to what sciency stuff might happen!

Unfortunately the controls and objective were unclear so I wasn't able to interact with anything.

Wow! I really love the main turret spinning mechanic. So simple and yet so fun! It's sooo satisfying when you manage to hit the zombies. The sound and explosion effects make it even better. Game feel on point!

If you made the game objects and backgrounds more visually interesting and also added some secondary gameplay mechanics and progression you could be on to a killer game.

I could imagine this being a great couch multiplayer game.

Sorry, I couldn't get the game to open.

Thanks for the great feedback! Ah yeah I hadn't thought about the overall sound volume, I'll keep that in mind! I'll definitely think about how to add purpose in future similar games, that was a tricky one in 48hrs! I hope you enjoy playing more jam games! Peace out.

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah an objective is coming in version 2.0 ;) hehe

Wow, impressive you made this in only 4 hours!

I like the simplicity of the control method. It makes me think it would fit well on mobile!

I also think the little control tutorial animation is a really neat addition,  well done! :) Very clear and simple what to do. 

Perhaps controlling the paddle was a bit finnicky. Sometimes I felt I was just clicking at random. Maybe you could freeze or slow down time when the player is placing the paddle?

The difficulty curve maybe is a little steep, I think it could do with some more medium difficulty levels before getting harder.

Overall great effort! Enjoy playing some jam games!

Wow I really love the presentation of the game! Title screen is super slick and those key press sfx are really satisfying! 

I like how the key bindings change with the rhythm of the music. It means the player kind of gets in-the-zone when playing!

This game has made me realise how terrible I am at remembering where keys are on the keyboard, haha! 

I think the game could do with some visual and/or gameplay progression, even a little near the beginning, to entice players to keep playing for longer and see what's next.

Maybe the blue projectiles could also be office themed? That could tie things together nicely.

Overall a fab job, well done! :)