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they have an asset library but nothing on there is "sold". its all free assets with various licenses

In my opinion yes. afaik the match statement will end up like a giant if/else during interpretation. the hashtable will help it jump to the sought after answer much quicker I am guessing.

does it make more sense to put these in a hashtable rather than the match statement?

Thanks for the feedback =). Yea they should not track through walls though. must be a bug I will have to hunt down. Basically the ai will roam around randomly until they have a clear line of sight to the player... then they move to the last known position until they see the player again.

it was a hacky/cheap way to do pathfinding without doing pathfinding.

thank you =)

thanks for the kind comments! We had a combat system planned as well as a few cut scene/narrative driven story. hard to fit it in one week of development haha. There was a chance we could have pulled it off but spent too much time playing with the art. Who knows. we might finish it.

Hey pretty cool game! love that you went for 3d and even got some animations in there!

cool! love the atmosphere.. creepy orb chasing me... and the character animation looks nice!

cool! love the atmosphere.. creepy orb chasing me... and the character animation looks nice!

cant even pass the first level lol

this is one of those annoying games that you just cant put down because you gotta unlock all the characters... I think the pig is the best but never got to unlock the rat because I got 223 coins but on level 14 as the pig the room generation blocked me in and I could not make a path to the exit.

Light effects are great... controls/gameplay is annoying but its one of those you cant just put down. Music is catchy. 4/5 for me.

does the update let you see the triangle count?

sounds like a good feature request to allow scrolling

wow fun

Wish there was a way I could rename materials aside from modifying the resulting .model file. Do you think this may be a possibility in the near future?

I think you can kinda do this already... if you assign one of the green materials to all of the other green surfaces and purge unused materials the others should go away?

excellent work! would have liked to see an options menu or an option to turn down the music. was short but fun!

Make a game during the time of the jam =).

beautifully simple! nothing more to say about it! 10/10

great game!

also it would be cool if there were "sequences" which you designed and those sequences would spawn randomly maybe?

there are some cases where it is apparent that the levels are randomly generated. and it is impossible to get some clocks.

wooo final score 28 <3. Wish the levels were less random though.

really cool! I have the hardest time picking colors for a color palette

charming music! was a fun and unique experience. I did get stuck in the tutorial a few times. it seems maybe the tutorial will get stuck if you do things out of order?

good job!

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Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the mechanics. I do want to work on the game more. As an FYI I still have not beat the Jam Release version hahaha(I just suck at playing games.

I do understand the issues though. Lots of room for improvement.

unique gameplay! was very tough. Though to get the clouds to stay is left click? right click does nothin haha

it did seem to stutter at times. I think generally you want to calculate the paths once and use the generated points to move along. Only need to regen the path if something gets in the way really.

was not sure what was going on if I am honest haha. but releasing it with an online version is a good idea! I should do that next time.

Hope to see more of this in the future! neat idea! loved it.

Great work! Enjoyed killing many slime's and rat's with my time in the game XD

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Yes it does! We had so much more planned but as it was made for a game jam it had to be cut down really short. Making it into a full game would be really cool though. D4yz is a talented artist and writer! Thanks for your comments =)

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you need either winrar or 7zip to open and extract its contents? What are you using to open it currently?

also uHeartbeast!

cool stuff!

cant get the demo to run on godot 3.1. says that set_squareHeight is not defined in the current class. this is after activating the addon from the addon menu

its a great program! would be my goto program for music were I able to have variable length patterns! keep up the good work! =)