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Thanks for your kind words, this is highly appreciated.

First I roll a symbol (two or three letters) and check for uniqueness. Then based on that symbol the rest of the name is chosen. It is basically some consonants and vowels as well as a set of affixes. You can find the code (which is not super nice to read, but works) on github:

How much what? Not sure if I understand the question. Could you elaborate?

Thank you for the feedback. There is a small indicator in the tool tip, but I agree that this should be more clearly communicated, e.g. by adding a small progress bar next to the stacks of dwarves. I will pick this up in the post jam version of the game.

Uhhh, looking forward to it! :)

No game is ever perfect and given the limited time in a gamejam making something one can be proud of is a very hard task. Don't take it too hard. One of the biggest advantages of gamejams is that one can practice making games in a safe space with minimal effort. As I said before, great job! :) 

Nice game with solid mechanics! The graphics are nice and the sound effects and music give the game a nice, polished touch. Good job on that.

While the core mechanics work quite well, balancing felt a bit off. E.g. I had my number of villagers maxed out but they were still collecting mostly food. I also could not click fast enough to have all of them out on the map (even with maxed out speed).

I would love to see an extended version of this!

Same result as for E5Burrito.

Awesome entry! The graphics are so nice and the music fits perfectly. The idea of combining an RPG game with clicker mechanics feels very coherent.

The only thing that could be improved from my side is a tutorial. It took me some runs tounderstand where to get which resources and what I actually need to progress. Solid entry, I would love to play an extended version of this game!

Thank you for taking a look. Unfortunately I get the same error.

Nice entry with an interesting mechanic that I have not seen before.

I just opened the page on ubuntu 20.04 64 bit on chrome Version 112.0.5615.49 (Official Build) (64-bit)

The javascript console prints the following, not sure if that helps with debugging?

caught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'map')
    at importData (migrate.js:5:32)
    at migrate.js:57:1
main.js:272 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')
    at renderTrees (main.js:272:29)
    at main.js:254:1
stuff.js:10 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'trees')
    at Item.price (stuff.js:10:60)
    at shop.js:33:31
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at Shop.addItems (shop.js:26:16)
    at shop.js:44:13

Great game, or rather games. I was not prepared for most of the minigames, so it took me some attempts to play them longer than for a few seconds. Overall quite a nice idea and respect for implementing not one but five different games!

Thank you for the kind words. We put a lot of effort in and are so happy to hear that you enjoyed the result. :)

That is a rather unique idea! I like your take on the theme. The controls feel direct. I recommend playing with a hardware mouse (instead of a touchpad). The sound effects are motivating and I could imagine that this can be expanded into a rather nice full game. Great job!

As two of our team members are also developing on laptops with (more or less fragile) touchpads, we decided to add keyboard controls as well :D

Thank you for the feedback, this is highly appreciated. Adding more miners is quite high on a list for a possible post-jam version. For this we aimed for around 10-15 minutes of gampleay as most people will roughly spend that amount of time on a regular jam game.

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Great game! Extra props for adding sounds and music. The graphics are nice and the particle effects add a nice finishing touch.

This one could also work very well on mobile devices. Great job!

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What a great entry. This is my favourite submission so far.

The game starts rather slow but quickly builds up speed. Not much to improve, except for making the font a bit bigger as it was rather small on my screen.

What was not clear to me: Why would I ever want a crew member unassigned?

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Great Entry! Having the visuals blurred in the background is a nice idea. Also the idea of spending previously earned resources to obtain new ones is a great design choice!

Adding some music or sound would greatly improve the gameplay experience. Also showing a tooltip what each purchase or click does would be appreciated. And having a x5 or x10 option would be very nice, because "I need more dwarves!!!" :D

As a small glitch/but: at least on my screen/resolution I had buttons on top of each other. 

Other than that, solid entry!

Unfortunately I can not start it. It gives me "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'trees')"

Nice Game! I really enjoyed to super cut graphics. It really hurts me to kill the poor mobs.


Any chance for a web build?

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Awesome game, solid mechanics. I really enjoy the epic music and the awesome pixel art for the artifact.

Some suggestions for minor improvements:

  • Some juice and polish would have been a nice addition. E.g. coloring the artifacts with a random color and adding some particle effects
  • graying out buttons to indicate whether they can be clicked
  • keep the game running in the background 
  • It would be nice to see what my chunks/second income is

Overall a nice and solid game that I really enjoyed!

Any chance to provide a web build?

Is there any chance to provide a web build?

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Awesome entry! This is a very creative take on the theme and I love the combination of a directional game with an incremental game. 

This has great potential and with just some juice and polish (and some music) it would be an awesome game. I could also imagine this very well on mobile devices with swiping gestures. Great job!

Some improvement suggestions:

  •  It would be wonderful to have a showcase of the items bought, like displaying the grandmas and clickers in cookie clicker
  • Giving a wrong input should stop the combo
  • It is not clear to me if the combo is just for points received by the arrow input or also for the input per second. 
  • Some pumping music would really go a long way :)
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Great entry! The vibe is very mellow and relaxing. And everyone loves coffee :D 

Awesome choice of music!

Some minor improvement suggestions: 

  • the x5 and x10 options are a great idea. However, they just take the initial price and multiply it. This is always cheaper than bying them individually
  • I am not sure how the game relates to the theme, but that is not a problem at all.
  • When switching tabs for some time to write this comment, my progress was lost :( A save functionality would have been highly appreciated.

Thank you for the reply an no worries. If I can figure it out, I will post it here.

Thank you for providing this awesome tileset. Are there some instructions on how to get those into Tiled (the tilemap editor program)? I have a hard time finding the right settings. Either the tile aspect ratio does not match or the tiles have an offset. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Such awesome graphics!

Great game with cute pixelart. especially liked the sheep running around. 

Awesome vibe. The music and visuals fit very well together. Great job!

Awesome game with a very strong Antichamber-vibe. While simple, the visuals are stunning and work nicely. Audio is also well done/selected. 

The only downside that I can see, is that it is rather short and I would love to see more levels and more puzzles!

Thank you so much :)

Awesome game! Great job and super nice pokemon feel. I dig it!