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Hello, I've seen this posted before, but I need my account adjusted so I can upload more files for a game. I've seen it can be upped to 999 files in a project which is fine, most of these files are sound files and I can't see any other way of compressing them in to fewer files. It's a big commercial game which I now have the rights for as they have defaulted back to me.

Just posting here in the hope it can be done to my account, thank you, happy new year!

Cheers man, first game I've posted here. I've spent 2 years writing it in my spare time, learned loads about html5 in the process, I enjoyed it.

I've only got a mac so checking out other peoples games on here is proving hard :-/ your game looks good!

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Thanks man! Was not sure if anyone would even notice it, it's my first game I've posted here.

I am working on a few updates to the monitor surround, it's a good place to hide cheats too ;) I'll try to improve the scanlines like you suggested, cheers!

Time to take a look at your games!

Hope you enjoy the style I'm going for!

I originally had the Amiga mouse but itch bans changing the mouse pointer :(

Anyhow I've got several more games to post so interested in opinions of the presentation. I can add a 'full screen' button but maybe there is more interaction with that surround that just looking pretty? ;)

Cheers everyone!

I also need this limit raised please, most of my files are sound effects in a large adventure game, I don't think having over 500 files is a surprising thing these days in a decent game, especially the way html5 deals with sound files. The game itself is only ~39meg. I will get it as close to 500 files as possible though.