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Bubble Wizzley - made to look like you're playing a Commodore Amiga game.

A topic by Rothers created Mar 22, 2018 Views: 142 Replies: 2
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Hope you enjoy the style I'm going for!

I originally had the Amiga mouse but itch bans changing the mouse pointer :(

Anyhow I've got several more games to post so interested in opinions of the presentation. I can add a 'full screen' button but maybe there is more interaction with that surround that just looking pretty? ;)

Cheers everyone!

Really enjoyed playing that, for the first 5 seconds wasn't sure what to do then got the hang of it pretty quickly.  In terms of presentation, looks good.

Cheers man, first game I've posted here. I've spent 2 years writing it in my spare time, learned loads about html5 in the process, I enjoyed it.

I've only got a mac so checking out other peoples games on here is proving hard :-/ your game looks good!