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Increase HTML5 maximum files

A topic by Celica Games created Mar 15, 2018 Views: 111 Replies: 3
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Is there a way to increase the maximum files i can upload for my html5 game to 2000 files? If so, how will it affect the user experience?

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This feels similar to the "contact us if you need more space" thing.  So try using this link.


For anyone that stumbles on this topic, send a message to to request increased limits on your account.

For this particular topic, 2000 files is way too many, and we probably won't approve it. Try to find a way to make your game use less files, since more files generally means a worse user experience. If you need a lot of files then consider a downloadable game.

I also need this limit raised please, most of my files are sound effects in a large adventure game, I don't think having over 500 files is a surprising thing these days in a decent game, especially the way html5 deals with sound files. The game itself is only ~39meg. I will get it as close to 500 files as possible though.