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Thor Merlin Lervik

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Thank you for playing! And thanks for the feedback! I wish you good luck with your youtube channel :)

Btw, since you were asking about it. This game is based on the real sewer cleaning facility in Oslo, Norway. I was there and did some research. It is a totally crazy place, it is definitely worth a visit if you ever come to norway.

This is me with a hard hat!

Thank you so much for playing it through to the end! I'm glad you enjoyed the experience :D

I'm happy it made you feel a little odd :)

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Hi there. Thanks for the feedback!

The amount of turning is dependent of how far you drag the oar in the water. It doesn't matter how fast you do it, or the angle of the oar. The direction of the drag is also a factor in how the turn is applied. If you drag the oar from the back to the front, it will cause a reverse turn.

However the factors you are talking about are definetely something I would like to account for so that rowing can be even more fine tuned and intuitive.

Hey guys! I just published a small game where you explore a poop cleaning facility.

Cool idea! I find the whacky nature of this game very interesting.

Although I must say that it is way too hard to upgrade your body, as poison is consuming the body faster than I can heal it and events happen way too frequently.

As for the ludum dare theme, I really like that you didn't make a planet game like 90% of the other entries :)

Hi! You can reach me at the following email: