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A topic by Konsumopfer77 created 57 days ago Views: 35 Replies: 8
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how does a noob like me with no knowledge of python start that ancient gta clone?


Hi! Thanks for trying to play GTAthen!

In order to play this, you ned LOVE!

With that I mean you need to install löve to play this:

Let me know if you still can't figure it out :)

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Hey, so i managed to get some love in my life and got the game started.

But it stops after the dialogue in the beginning

PS: but  it was pretty funny so far :D


Haha, honestly the intro-scene is the best part of the game. What comes after is just a really basic demo of walking around the tilebased othrographic map and shooting 1 guy with your crossbow.

This is a really old game, so I haven't really tried it in a few years. Maybe you need an older version of love?
I can try running it on my computer to see if I get past this scene.


I have good news, I've fixed the bug.

It was very simple. In older version of love, space was represented like this ' ', now it is 'space'. So I only had to do a simple change.
I have uploaded updated version on my page now, please try it out. And btw you're supposed to press space when intro is done playing :)

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Haha thanks :D

It works!   Only thing thats always confusing me with a lot of indie games: once all the work is done to make running animations,  ghame mechanics and so on,  the hard part is done and it would be easy to use the assets you have to create a bigger map or some missions.  The conection between GTA and the antic is pretty awesome actually :D  ps: the greek even had skretched graffiti  back in the days


You might be confusing indie games with game jam games. Most of the games I have published on my site are from game jams I have attended where you get less than 48 hours to make a game (lately I've even been doing 1 hour jams), it's hard to make a game complete in that time frame even when multiple people are involved. So you should think of these games more like a prototype or proof of concept than actual games :)

They are good starting points to make actual indie games. 

I also love the concept of a gta game in antic Athens, I hope we get to see something like it one day!

yeah game jams are tough.   theres always the option of an pre-jam update.  But i was talking in a more general sense even tho that probably doesnt really apply here)

Yeah its really often a good starting point, a friend of mine and me are still working  for two years on one old ludum-dare project to make an early-acces version out of it.


I'm doing the same actually.  Working on finishing a game that I made for ludum dare 5 years ago. hope it works out for me and you both, good luck !