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The Atmosphere is nice but i gave up in the Cloud level, not because of the jump&run pakour but because its impossible to see where to jump next. especially if u respawn and the first few coins are gone.

Cool game tho so far


didnt know that was possible ::-D

Fought for one and a half hour with my partner in this insane game ::D

Addictive as fuck, loving it.

For me this kind of was the right comic at the right time, cause i was reading it for the first time, in a period where i was thinking about this kind of topics a lot. ..still do actually. 
What a trip this one is.

This is such a dark and touching comic, that i thought about long after reading it.  Also i just love the style a lot.
I really hope a lot of people stumble upon this treasure and check it out.

:: D

What a trip. I must say i enjoyed playing it so far (even tho the browser version crashed at some point)  All this compex socio-economic political ideas explained in a futuristic world but through the lence of an incrediblke horny and rude person :D

Defintly a genius genre mix!


Love the colors and the mood tho

::  )


Not yet. I usally get most things to work with WINE but i had no luck with this one so far

Oh ok.  Iḿ using linux mint  : )

The shaders are neat, only thing is: i would recomend to make the turrets somehow more visible, maybe with some mean red lights blinking or something -it took me a while to figure out who/what was shooting at me first :D

Too bad, i tried to run this on linux with WINE but it was super dark. Probably a WINE thing even tho i dont have it with all unity games.

Good job!

Enjoiyed the pieces even tho i always gpt busted pretty fast

That kid is gonna have a psychosis after that for sure.

Hm... is the linux version kind of broken or is it me? I dont really know how to start the game to be honest.  Also its seems pretty small compare to the windows version. I tried to start the windows version with WINE but i only got a white screen, might be a WINE-problem tho.    (A) comrade!

Hm.. i like the style but it would be nice to see the controlls in the menu, like how does one fight for example? 

Also i was walking like a really long time away from the grey blobs, because i thought there must be something if its possible to go there. 

Looking forward to future versions of your game!

Pretty creative idea and solid game.

Took me a moment to figure out i had to preess E to start the game : D

Pretty cute too bad there never was a post-jam version

This is why i dont paint in tunnels.

Would be awesome if there was a way to finish the level if you hit your graffiti often enough or something and maybe even finish it by doing so.  Sometimes my character mooved a little ruff and i got hit by trains when i thought i was out of reach but pretty good job so far!  I like the atmosphere and the punksnotdead thing is hillarious :: D

Well sounds like a cool concept for sure and i agree on the part with the figurines & XP :;D 

Yeah i guess i will need to wait till the whole covid situation cooles down a bit before i can try with some friends tho.

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So long and thanks for all the fish!

Follow the white fish

Is adboe really needed to run the Zine maker?

 [...]  Take care.

Iḿ gonna learn something about 13th century Greek architecture now.

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H.. hello? Can anybody hear me?

I actually enjoy  a strawl in the industrial district fromt ime to time, especially on weekends, when its all empty & surreal.

Glad you liked it!

Currently working on adding more random events : )

"electrochemistry - ;)"

I feel emtpy from waiting for "sacred and terrible air" and playing your well written game sweetend my suffering, thank you comrade.

Respect, this is impressive!

A lot of fun to paint anyways. This project is super rad, good job!

Wow Massive update! Super cool

There is a truck in the background of the Menu, ist there a map comming with that too?

For some reason its super dark on the train map exept one spot in the middle and only if i look in  a certain direction. Maybe that is because i'm on linux tho, dunno. Did you test it on other PCs yet?

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yey i made it

& i even stole someones shirt on the way!

I like the atmosphere. -and that trash trading gentleman. If this game had a longer journey and some random events, like freky people who give you a ride & tell their storys it could really become quite the trip.

PS: there is a "BUG" in the audio file of the beginning song, some really mean itch noise at the end of the loop.

If i press ENTER when the game tells me to do so nothing happens.

Is there another key i need to press?

Thats was cute!

I am kind of confused, its for mac and windows right? Where is the .exe to run the game?

how come its all centered arround negative aspects of being a punk?

At times i am annoyed with people and subculture too but there is much to gain from it too and not everyone is taking advantege of others in this movement and not everything ends always fucked up. At least not in my experience.

satanic chainsaws got me!