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Great game, but i don't like the reverse camera with the mouse. Overall, it's a good game and i like it! :)

I like the idea of the game, it's quite simple but so good!

Thank you for playing the game and thanks for playing our other games! Yeah it is a bit hard to complete level 3, i think a fix will be good :)

Thank you for playing the game in your stream! Yeah, there are a few bugs but my time was limited this gamejam :(

Funny game and funny concept, i like it! :)

Thank you for the feedback! :)

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Sinister Tale of Argo - Alpha Demo Out Now!

Two years ago we made a small game titled "Argo" for the gppcc17 (Game++ Community Challenge), a German game jam, and managed to reach second place! And now for the last couple of years we've been working on a full game, adapting many of the original ideas like the input based battle system or the plot but also adding a ton of new things like a proper story progression and new art. And now we're happy to announce that we've just released an alpha demo that you can try out! We've made a page separate from the game jam version page where we'll be posting new updates.

What's the game about?

“They really exist. Creatures that crawl out of the Shadow World into our world to feast on humans. We are an inexhaustible food source for them.”

When Argo’s sister gets kidnapped by a monster after an ill-considered adventure into the forest, he embarks on a quest to save her. But he’s still a child and as such his powers are limited. Until he meets Almin'nan, a shadow creature that offers Argo its powers if he allows him to possess Argo, transforming Argo into a half shadow. Can Argo trust Almin'nan? And what horrors will Argo encounter on his way?

What makes Argo’s roguelite inspired gameplay especially interesting is the mix of jump & run and RPG elements, mixed with an input command-based battle system. Other elements such as crafting and randomized maps are a focus as well.

The alpha demo:

You can play through the biggest bulk of the tutorial right before the actual gameplay loop starts. It should take about half an hour to complete. This portion of the game is of course still not perfected, hence why it's an Alpha demo. But it would help us out a ton if you would play through it and let us know what you think! You can either simply fill out our survey or leave a comment! It would help us out a ton!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter if you'd like to stay up to date on our progress and see exclusive previews: @RocRacGames!

A calm game, which is really easy to understand. I liked it, good work!

A really very fun game with innovative jumping behavior. It's really fun and the music effects and graphics are really fitting. Good work!

Thank you for the feedback!

Pretty cool game! As someone already mentioned, it's rather boring when you have to wait until the timer counts down, making it pretty slow until you get the blue triangle. It has good potential, though!

The controls are pretty fun and it has a pretty interesting way of visually showing you how much health you have left!

This is a really cool game concept! The top part seemed to unfortunately be cut off in browser, so it was really confusing at first until I switched to full screen mode. Other than that it's a great game!

That intro conversation and art are really great! Would love to experience their shenanigans in a full game someday. The reticle is a bit of a confusing choice for the mouse since you shoot forward no matter where you point, but that's just a minor detail!

Thank you for the feedback! :)

Pathfinding was the biggest problem during development and caused problems until the end, so unfortunately there was no time to work on it. But thanks for the feedback!

Thank your for the feedback! :)

The movement was often a problem during development, so we adapted it a little to the tileset. You could really think about a cursor-based interface, thanks for the tip and the feedback about the game!

Thank you! :)

Thank you for the feedback! :)

The inspiration came from tower defense and dungeon construction games, you're right!

The style is really great and it looks like a game that could have lots of depth! It was unfortunately not quite clear, what the win and lose conditions were, but otherwise it's really awesome!

The concept of the game is pretty cool! Maybe I was doing something wrong, but the first level seemed to appear twice in succession, which is a bit confusing. Maybe it was done to stretch play time, but it gives off the feeling that you did something wrong and are forced to repeat the level because of that

It was pretty short and simple, but definitely a solid game!

It was pretty hard to figure out what one was supposed to do, but I'm not against games that throw you into a confusing setting and let you slowly figure things out on your own, so I actually liked that bout it. The timer is counter intuitive to an exploration/experimentation setting like that, though, but it didn't seem to do anything in the end anyways, so I guess it's all good. I think this could end up being a really interesting experimental concept!

This is a really fun game! Especially love how the second tile gets introduced to mess with you even more, that adds a nice progression to it

Really good work!

A slightly different cookie clicker, but really well implemented! It was really a lot of fun, even if you could screw up the EP a little bit so that it doesn't get sluggish for a long time. One of my favorites in this jam! Good work!

It was a different idea. Good work!

The fact that you can't set up individual units was a little strange, but the idea itself was okay. The music was missing a little. Good work !

The topic was really well hit in this game and is a pretty simple principle. It was really fun, good job!

Thank you for testing and your feedback! I am happy if it was not too difficult!

It took me some time to figure out how best to get up and that there is gravity. The topic was implemented really well here and the music / sounds make a well-rounded package. Good work!

The Yasuo main had me. The idea is good and the topic has been implemented well. Find the sounds really suitable, good job!

I somehow had no control with A or D, but the idea wasn't bad. Good work!

There is currently no better game that does the "Out of Control" theme so well. It's really funny and actually earns more than 5 points for the idea. Good work!

The timer makes the whole thing a little more difficult, which makes the game a little bit different from other platformers. Good work!

I thought the levels were too easy in the beginning, but they got more and more difficult, which was very good. The music and sounds are also good, as is the minimalist graphic style. Good work!

Good work!

Definitely one of the funnier games in this jam. I really like the music and the idea, very good job!