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Thank you for the feedback! I guess it was very unlucky or there was no space for a ghost to spawn. Glad you liked it! :)

Thank you for the feedback! 

Thank you for the feedback! Yes it's a bit buggy with the ghosts, they are supposed to 'walk', too :D

Thank you for your feedback! We've noted down your and Green Clover's points about being able to skip the typing sections and will try to implement a feature to allow that!

Yep, the CG where you see Amy sitting at the PC from the back is the final screen. We unfortunately didn't have time for a more elaborate ending but we can hopefully update it in the near future ^^

Thank you very much for playing the game! Nice that you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much for your feedback <3

Thank you for playing it! I'll watch it! :)

I felt like the music would overlap? That sounded a bit strange, but that's just a side issue. I liked the idea, even if it took me a little to understand the whole thing. The concept is really well done and it's also fun, there's also a bit of strategy involved!

The idea is good, I would have just wished for a little more movement (possibly letting the dice fly around). Maybe also a picture of the opponent, so you can see what's in front of you. I would also work with more visual stuff, prefer to use icons for HP eg. rather than just text, I got overwhelmed pretty quickly. But these are just small comments, I like the concept and the idea is very well implemented!

I don't understand the concept 100%, the dice spin and something happens. But that's enough for me, it's funny and I like it!

Relaxing music, awesome puzzles and a fun ability of the cube. It took me a while to understand the whole thing, but once it's understood, it's really a lot of fun!

Really well done, the atmosphere is great and I really like the roguelike concept. The game reminds me a bit of Risk of Rain from the atmosphere!

I really had a lot of fun and had to smile a little because the combination of combat and reaction was really well done. The theme is well captured too and overall I think the quest is one of the best I've played to date!

The idea is great, but playing it is a bit difficult. But I like the implementation and it goes well with the topic!

Thanks for the feedback! The mini-game 2 bugged in the last 20 minutes before the submission and I couldn't fix it promptly, after the jam it will be fixed quickly and then it can be played to the end!

Thanks for the feedback! The mini-game 2 bugged in the last 20 minutes before the submission and I couldn't fix it promptly, after the jam it will be fixed quickly and then it can be played to the end!

You really understood it very quickly. The game is a lot of fun and one of the best I've found here at GMTK 2022 so far!

The game really is one of the better ones I've seen in this jam. I like the graphics, the concept and the sound. Very good!

Nice, little dice game!

Like Billard! Nice game idea!

I don't know what to do, i'm stuck at wave 1. But the idea sounds fun!

Interesting mix between memory and a dice game!

Interesting Concept!

Good game and interesting concept.

Good game and interesting concept.

I like the idea very much! I also had an idea with those dolls on a stick, but yours is really fun too!

I can roll an infinite number of times and the eyes are summing all the time, bugs hate this trick!

It's not that easy to understand, but I think if you're used to deck building etc. you should get the hang of it quickly. I'm missing the sound a bit, but the idea is really cool and I can imagine that it could be a lot of fun later on!

Really cool game! The idea is really funny and the level is really not easy. Very good!

Great game, but i don't like the reverse camera with the mouse. Overall, it's a good game and i like it! :)

I like the idea of the game, it's quite simple but so good!

Thank you for playing the game and thanks for playing our other games! Yeah it is a bit hard to complete level 3, i think a fix will be good :)

Thank you for playing the game in your stream! Yeah, there are a few bugs but my time was limited this gamejam :(

Funny game and funny concept, i like it! :)

Thank you for the feedback! :)

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Sinister Tale of Argo - Alpha Demo Out Now!

Two years ago we made a small game titled "Argo" for the gppcc17 (Game++ Community Challenge), a German game jam, and managed to reach second place! And now for the last couple of years we've been working on a full game, adapting many of the original ideas like the input based battle system or the plot but also adding a ton of new things like a proper story progression and new art. And now we're happy to announce that we've just released an alpha demo that you can try out! We've made a page separate from the game jam version page where we'll be posting new updates.

What's the game about?

“They really exist. Creatures that crawl out of the Shadow World into our world to feast on humans. We are an inexhaustible food source for them.”

When Argo’s sister gets kidnapped by a monster after an ill-considered adventure into the forest, he embarks on a quest to save her. But he’s still a child and as such his powers are limited. Until he meets Almin'nan, a shadow creature that offers Argo its powers if he allows him to possess Argo, transforming Argo into a half shadow. Can Argo trust Almin'nan? And what horrors will Argo encounter on his way?

What makes Argo’s roguelite inspired gameplay especially interesting is the mix of jump & run and RPG elements, mixed with an input command-based battle system. Other elements such as crafting and randomized maps are a focus as well.

The alpha demo:

You can play through the biggest bulk of the tutorial right before the actual gameplay loop starts. It should take about half an hour to complete. This portion of the game is of course still not perfected, hence why it's an Alpha demo. But it would help us out a ton if you would play through it and let us know what you think! You can either simply fill out our survey or leave a comment! It would help us out a ton!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter if you'd like to stay up to date on our progress and see exclusive previews: @RocRacGames!

A calm game, which is really easy to understand. I liked it, good work!

A really very fun game with innovative jumping behavior. It's really fun and the music effects and graphics are really fitting. Good work!

Thank you for the feedback!