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Game comes out in 1 days (The full game)

Ok. I was going to update my game so i deleted the file after the gamjam was over and i couldnt update my game. i didnt really know bc this is the first time i joined a gamejam... Silly me

I accidentally deleted my game Skyscrapers. Is it any way i can recover.

Nice! sounds good.

Looks really good, keep it up! What is the price for the game going to be?

Can somebody give me some feedback of my  game (Hospital the horror game) 

The game was supposed to have three chapters but it was cut in to one. Because the game would just restart.                                                                    Hopital The Horror Game by Rocky Games (

Hospital the horror game (Trailer) - YouTube

Can anybody try out my short horror game and give me some feedback?

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its fixed now

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the game restart when i open a level. (only when i packaged the game) In the open level blueprint the map is still the same name.

Hi im so sorry for the bug. The game restarted when you came to the exit door. im really sorry for that i will try to fix it today!


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can somebody try my horror game. Its a big update and i need some feedback about the game. if it is hard to understand or if it is good -Rocky games

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Wow that was really cool


Hi! i wondered if anybody could try out my horror game! So i could get some feedback -Rocky games

Hi! i wondered if anybody could play my horror game! So i could get some feedback -Rocky games

Hi! i wondered if you could play my horror game! So i could get some feedback -Rocky games

Hi Altabestudio! I was wondering if you could play my game again. It has been a big update since last time. Or maybe you could hear with other people if they could play the game. I really need some feedback! -Rocky Games

Yes im working on the game. Thanks for letting me know and im glad you thought it was cool.

im going to work more on it and make it longer.  And thanks for the feedback!

So good best adrenalin kick ever! keep it up! good work.

9/10 very good and very creative.