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That's good to know thanks! :) The original card screen was pretty much the same as it is now but looked less polished and I think felt a bit much to look at sometimes, so been a tad wary of adding too many more options to it, but I might add a drop down with a few reserve slots or something, something I'll play around with for sure!

Hey thanks so much for playing and for the kind words! :D

Really happy you liked it and thanks for the feedback!

1. Yes I'm planning to add a way to skip through the lil animations where it draws your route and totals up the gems and stuff, it's on my endless to-do list haha

2. Yep I know what you mean, there's a few seconds at the start you can't shoot yet but enemies start appearing - I've thought about tweaking this a few times, something I'll look into at some point for sure

3. I've thought about adding some sort of reserve slot(s) for cards like you've said, I'm slightly worried about overcomplicating the user experience in the pause/card screen, but it's something I might well look into playing around with!

Thanks again ! :D

Thanks so much for the kind words!! :D

Yes with getting new cards I totally get what you mean, it can be a bit jarring when one pops up in the middle of the action, I might not manage it but I'm thinking of ways I can potentially tweak getting the cards to appear (maybe store them til the end of the current wave or something)

And thanks about the art and music!! Haha the cat looking one is definitely a bit cutesy but honestly I do like them that way (possibly because I've been staring at them all for two years now lol), but I do get what you mean and I was thinking I might change some dialogue in places to maybe make him feel a bit more of a competent partner at times underneath the cutesiness! (like you say, more of a proper pal!)

And good shout on the page description for sure, it's tricky trying to find the right balance between mentioning what makes the game unique vs not making it sound too complicated. Like you say when you're in the game it's mainly an arcadey shmup (just with cards and two ships at once haha) I need to find a better balance with how I pitch the game!

Thanks again for taking the time to give it a shot, really glad you liked it and thanks for the useful feedback! :)

Thanks for checking it out! :) Yeah it's pretty hard for sure! I think by design it's always gonna be inherently pretty tough (controlling two things at once!) there are a bunch of difficulty options that can hopefully help ease players in and I'm always looking into tweaking the game's balance too off of feedback!

Oh to use the cards in your hand you press spacebar during the game BUT I totally understand missing that - at the moment I've just got that kinda long "How to Play" section at the beginning as a bit of a temporary measure that I think throws way too much at the player at once, I need to add some better tutorials and explanations as things go along! (I've been thinking about including the button to use hand cards in the UI on screen at the bottom at all times too to make that way more obvious)

And I'm thinking of adding an optional non-pixel font to the game if I can work out how to do that lol (it'd need to be at a higher resolution than the rest of the game so I'm going to try and figure that out at some point!)

Thanks again for giving it a go! :D

Really appreciate it! And it will be on steam eventually but I've not gotten that far yet, thanks though :)

Oh wow thank you so much for all the kind words and feedback! :D


1. Yes I'm definitely planning on adding couch co-op! Online might be beyond my means lol but once I've got controller support sorted I'll be adding local for sure (glad you two had a good time with it!)

2. You know I've heard this before actually, I'll probably add in the option for both mouse+spacebar to work there!

3. Totally get what you mean and it's a tricky one, I like having new cards appear quite regularly but I get what you mean that it can stop things quite abruptly when one pops up, I'll have a think! (maybe they store up and you get them at the end of each wave or something, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)


1. Thanks! I'm worried it's maybe too much info in one go but glad you found it good! Oh and it should only automatically show up on your first run, then you can just revisit it from the menu later if you want to

2. Oh man super thanks for this one! I made all the music and don't super know what I'm doing so I'm never really sure if it's any good, I just like making music haha! :D

3-6: Thanks so much!! :D

Thanks for checking it out! :D Yeah it's definitely a challenge and there's certainly the possibility for adding some more easing in for players early on (I sort of think of it as, it's easier than say a bullet-hell shooter, but the difficulty comes from controlling two things at once instead! I enjoy the chaos haha) I'm always adjusting the game's balance too! Long term you can unlock permanent upgrades to make things more forgiving too along the way

And really glad you liked the look and feel of it, thanks! :)

Hahaha thank you! :D

Haha thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!! :D

Thank you! :D

Haha thanks! Definitely one of the most bizarre things I've ever made :)

One of the highlights of my first few days with the Playdate, simple idea executed so well, very fun and very funny - manically taking the crank out and putting it away again as a gameplay element works wonderfully, good stuff! :)

Ooo consider my eyes peeled! (that sounds painful actually but you know what I mean...)

Hey there Uncle! I've got a challenging demo for a shooter where you control two ships at the same time and gotta keep them both alive, meanwhile all weapons and upgrades are cards and there are roguelite elements because it's an indie game so of course there are.

It's called THE FALCON SHUFFLE and you can check it out here!

Hi there! I've just announced my new solo project, along with a playable demo, THE FALCON SHUFFLE!

I've been working on this since the end of Jan, and it has a long way to go for the full release, but I wanted to start off by putting together a three-stage playable demo so you can get an idea for what I'm making here! (Windows-only for now)


The trailer above is the best way to explain what this is, but basically it's a shmup where you control two ships at the same time, and also a deckbuilder where all the weapons and power-ups at your disposal are unlockable cards, and also a roguelite (with sort of Outrun-inspired progression for the retro Sega-fans among you!) - so basically a whole bunch of indie stuff blended together with some pixel-art aliens and spaceships for good measure!

I hope you check it out and follow for updates! (I'm @RobGamesThingy over on Twitter too where I'll likely be most active with updates!)

Thanks for looking! :) Here's some shrunk screenshots:

Thank you! :)

Why thank you old bean, glad to be appreciated by the man himself!

Ahh thank you! :D Loving the WarioWare comparison hells yes haha, glad you liked it!

Thanks man! I saw they were doing weekly write-ups of the entries and had been patiently waiting for my turn haha!

Thanks!! And thank you for telling me about it! I was very happy at the thought of a panel of judges playing this bizarre thing I made haha, I'm glad they liked it! :)

Yooo this was a great jam entry! Very tight platforming and excellent pixel art and colour palette (also I got the "bad ending" first time around from getting a question wrong because I'm A) a dumbass and B) haven't read the actual book lol)

Oh and you had me at "Run novel adaptation" haha

Thank you! :)

I have read precisely one passage of it, over and over again, a few hundred times in the course of making my game, and I'm pretty sure that's exactly what F. Scott Fitzgerald would have wanted.

Thanks Max! :)

Thank you!! Hahaha I'm very fond of the ranking system lol, I'm glad someone else appreciates it too!

Hi there! I've just submitted a weird musical version of Gatsby and it's fun seeing what everyone's come up with! :)

Thanks you're too kind! :D

Haha thanks Shane! The worrying part is it's actually a self-portrait, the fact it looks a bit like the book cover is purely coincidental o_O

Haha perfect! We'll just edit back-and-forth and confuse each other forever lol ;)

And I've submitted! I'll have to check out the other submissions!

(1 edit)

Oh wow I didn't know this jam was a thing! I see another couple of glorious Gatsbys in there too haha, I'll check it out thanks!

>Edit: I missed your second sentence in my message preview! (rookie mistake lol) Thanks for the kind words and yeah you can have all kinds of nonsense fun haha :)

You are too kind my good fellow :)

So The Great Gatsby entered public domain this year, and I wish I could tell you why, but what my brain did with that information was:


And sometimes you just gotta spend a couple of weeks turning a two minute passage from a literary classic into a musical browser game with an original jazz-ish soundtrack and narration, with a mildly nightmarish face based on the book's cover art. Because of course you do.