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Oh wow I didn't know this jam was a thing! I see another couple of glorious Gatsbys in there too haha, I'll check it out thanks!

>Edit: I missed your second sentence in my message preview! (rookie mistake lol) Thanks for the kind words and yeah you can have all kinds of nonsense fun haha :)

Thank you so, so much!

Oh, and I edited my second statement in, which was probably why you weren't able to read it! No need to apologize, the culpa is all mea!


Haha perfect! We'll just edit back-and-forth and confuse each other forever lol ;)

And I've submitted! I'll have to check out the other submissions!

Wonderful! You made something fantastic and I hope you win a prize!


Thanks you're too kind! :D


And you won best digital game! Congratulations!