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I really enjoyed playing through the demo, really dug the atmosphere and enjoyed the puzzle elements, they hit that sweet spot of being difficult enough to be engaging, but not so difficult that it way frustrating. Looking forward to seeing more

Neat game, you've got some good art work here and some fun brawler mechanics

This is a silly game and I love it, very unique interpretation as well.

Excellent interpretation of the episode, and you've got some amazing audio for this game.

Excellent Art in this game.

great game, really good interpretation of the episode, and the pixel art is amazing

it's more of an issue that forces on browser playable games. I made the same mistake with a previous game jam game I did.

This is an excellent interpretation of my favorite Rick and Morty Episode. Only suggestion I'd make is that you should make the put gun away button something other than the ESC key. When playing in fullscreen mode, hitting ESC doesn't put the gun away but takes you out of fullscreen mode.

This is a good game in pretty much every aspect, especially the art

such a clever game, I love that episode of Parks and Rec, and this is a good interpretation of that episode

Nice game all around, nice aesthetic, fun gameplay, an excellent interpretation of the episode, an overall fun experience. My only suggestion is to allow a fullscreen mode, as the space the game takes up can't fit on my screen.

Excellent Game, Hilda quickly became one of my favorite shows. Only suggestion on my end is that I had trouble in the second level determining which branches I had to dive under and which ones I did not. Beautiful Art and Animation though.

I'm a big fan of the Simpsons and you did a great job on this. I had a lot of fun with it

I like the aesthetic of the gameboy colors

good work, I liked it

did you try pressing the Esc button? It starts the game and hides the help text.