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Played this game while streaming for some friends and really loved the entire atmosphere of this game. The absurdist environment, the difficult camera, the unorthodox character movement, was extremely fun and kept me on my toes the entire time. The "bonus" segment itself sent me to tears, what a wonderful game.

Edit: The strobing gifs on this page make it very unfriendly for people who have photosensitivity issues, just a heads up.

Charming game!

Nice game! Really feel the love you had while working on this!

Hi! Thanks for playing our game, glad you enjoyed it! The blue square isn't a bug actually, it's a powerup! What were the other bugs though?

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! Your feedback will be taken into account.

A few issues I ran into: 

  • WASD keys don't work but the instructions say they do.
  • No colliders so I end up clipping through the barn. 
  • There's a typo, it should be "love" not "loves.

To answer the questions: 

  • Player movement is just fine for me.
  • The speed of the text box is a little slow but it's fine since there's an option to load in the textbox by pressing space.
  • The text is readable.
  • The colors are fine and the pallet works well together.
  • Maybe checking that the font is dyslexic friendly and checking that the color pallet works for those who are colorblind?
  • Nice demo, would like to see the frogs added in next.

Really fun simulation. I think the voice acting really added another layer of humor to the game and I liked messing around with the stats. Great game!

Amazing game! I love the power up system and movement/shooting feels incredibly smooth. Great feedback when hit/shooting and the mechanics are conveyed easily to a player. I struggled to beat the pink boss due to the fact it's huge and I can't really maneuver around it easily, but overall I'll be playing it again. Great job!

I respect the choice to make a multiplayer game in a jam, especially as a solo dev. However, me and the person I was playing with had issues joining a room or getting the game started.

Cheers to that, it was great to work with you!

Hi so the max # of cards going down is actually a bug and not intentional. You should always get a max of 5.  As for the resetting of cards, that may be due to the fact that you may have sold a lot and clicked next turn while the notifications were still going off. It's also a bug and we plan to fix it in the future, but for now you'll just have to wait for the notifications to end and then click end turn.

Hi! Glad you enjoyed our game :D As for the bug, there actually isn't a button to start over. It was not put in the game.

Really great concept that I hope gets to be fleshed out further! A lot of interesting dynamics between the characters and I liked talking to Ruth and Daniel the most, I feel that they could lead into some philosophical talk.

Awesome game and really impressive! Completed the game and had a really good laugh at the end. Banger tunes, a really great gameplay loop, and funny humor make this into a game I'll replay at some point.

I did play this through Mupen64Plus-Next on RetroArch and the levels ended up being black and white sadly. The screenshots on the page look great. Also from a gameplay standpoint, I found it frustrating when I dropped an item infront of the portal and it ended up missing, or when I needed an item but the tables were loaded with unique items and having to run back and forth frantically to empty the queue.

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Thanks for playing our game! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it, and yes there was going to be a text skip option put into the game,  but we ran out of time to put it in. Sad to hear that the text loading affected your gameplay experience.

Really interesting game, it made me think while  doing my job as a scrubber. I think I encountered a bug in the game however where Xiaoliu's sprite is on a black screen after talking to the lone customer. I tried walking around and waiting but nothing happened.

I like the dungeon crawling aspect but I think the game could have been playtested because the last puzzle is frustrating to solve since the player is punished everytime they press a wrong square with like 5  gobblins. There's also no way to block so I just keep losing HP and have to run all the way back

Major props for how much effort was put into being cinematic and fun! I think my favorite puzzle was the pumkin king one, especially what he looks like when he's unburied. I had a bit of a laugh with that one. I do want to ask, how did you get the storybook popup effect to work ? Was it just changing the camera angle so that the assets look like they're rising?

Extremely charming game! The aesthetics, the music, the sense of humor all came together to make an amazingly polished product. I had a lot of fun playing this and I'll probably play it again at some point. Great job!

Really lovely lighting and effects. Would love to interact with the story though.

Love to see a rhythm game at a game jam, it's always great to see what others bring to the genre. I like that the story progression is tied to the player's ability and the dialogue changes according to how well you did, and I liked the cats playing in the bg and how wacky the story is. Really sets the mood.

The only issue I have is that I feel that the mapping wasn't really accommodating and it was difficult. There were times were a circle was partially on the bar and the note didn't register. Also the game immediately goes from 2 keys ->3 keys and while the 2 key map is pretty easy to play and master, the issue with three keys is that there's a lot in the UI to consider as a player and a lot of the songs have several rows of notes strung together that doesn't give the player time to respond. While it's true a lot of rhythm games do this, it's usually on the harder difficulties and I've barely gotten into the game before I'm hit with that level of difficulty.

This is probably a great game but there's no way to play it. The github link does not work.

Really creative and interesting game! The levels were pretty well thought out and I loved the use of different sneakers for different abilities. I think my favorite one was the higher jump, very satisfying

I had a lot of fun with Level 1 but there's an odd bug in Level 2 where it spawns you to where you died instead of the last checkpoint, so you're caught in an infinite death loop if you died on spikes. I was playing on the webGL version on Firefox. Also I think some sort of visual aid to the player for their trajectory could be really helpful , because the 2 platforms above spikes in Level 1 where very frustrating and annoying to get through. I constantly overshot or ran into the platform right before the ramp when jumping off the 2nd platform.

Fun game! I got a bit confused on why the game would suddenly go from first person to third person, and it took me a bit to realize I was getting my photo taken.  I liked the map design and getting to run around and poke NPCs but I think that the trash items could have been a bit bigger or more distinct, because I missed a few several times.

I feel like there's a lot of potential with this game, and I especially like how the dialogue is written and the minimalist take on design. The only con I have is that it's not really clear what's happening in the game or what the player is supposed to do? I'd just click next turn and answer the questions and see the stats go up, not knowing what they meant.

I had a pretty fun time running and jumping around the game as well as capturing animals. It was kind of relaxing to just take in the scenery and collect animals here and there. The one thing though I feel that was majorly missing from the game is any sense of tension or risk. Since the only thing that will set you back is a monster eating your bait, and the monsters are slow enough to catch pretty easily, the game ended up being a running simulator for me.

Had a bit of fun playing this game, as I'm familiar with rpg mechanics and metroidvania kind of games. I like the design approach of signalling to the player what obstacles are there and what you may need to get them (i.e making ledges too high so you need to double jump, having ice barriers so that means you need a fire power up, etc).

It caught me off guard because I expecting a very simple rpg platformer but exploring around was fun. The only addition I'd give the game is maybe a variety of enemies? Combat became repetitive halfway through the game.

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I liked the way the levels were puzzle like, and the player had to figure out how to solve them. The only issue for me was the camera angle made it very difficult to see  around the level and the character physics could use some further refinement.  Also some information wasn't really communicated to the player, like how level 2 (?) has lasers and that can be blocked by other objects. I had assumed that they were barriers, not things I could interact with.

Thank you for taking the time to play our game! I think if we decide to continue development we can add more gameplay features, but that's a big if.

Pretty fun game and I liked the cute icons! Though I wish there was some sort of win state as I got to 50 nuts before I called it quits. I was able to avoid the snakes by avoiding clicking on adjacent squares.

Pretty interesting game. I think that the instruction text could have been in  a better color as I could barely see it and it scrolled by too fast. The animations looked great and did like the turn-based mechanics of movement. I didn't get what the number associated with Dice was though.

Really interesting mechanics that were easy to grasp and understand. Congrats on finishing in time for the jam and I hope the team mate who's sick has a speedy recovery.

I'm guessing this is a puzzle game? Can't figure out how to play though.

Really great concept and I saw in the other comments this is your first jam, so congrats on that! With regards to the game, the presentation was very nice and it felt very chill. I will say that a lot of the levels were very easy once I realized that I had to go to the top and hop onto a dice that was 1 because that's probably the most challenging dice to get to. I think the concept of building a level entirely out of blocks that disappear after a player touches them a certain of amount of times really cool, and I think you could further expand on it if you choose to do so.

I like the concept of trying to shoot at dice and other gambling themed stuff at a casino, but I wish that it was clear to see if enemies got hurt. There's also too many enemies swarming in to avoid them and I get quickly overwhelmed. I do like the 3d models though and the setting, those are nice.

Really neat and creative game, though it was pretty hard to see the dice moving. If the camera was a bit higher and looking directly down, I think I would have had an easier time getting the dice to move where I wanted. Also I love the little animation of the dice when it gets onto the G platform.

Very great game and I really think that using dice as weapons is really cool, as well as different dice rolls having different field effects. I just wish there was a tutorial or game menu to show what the different dice rolls are or how to play. Good job though!

It's just the style! The win state is getting 10 points first.


Thank you! I wish there was time to put in the music our composer had made.