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I would say that my favorite way of playing a tutorial in a game is when the game breaks it off  into chunks. So say a game has jump, attack, and dodge mechanics. First section could have the player just walk to another area, the next section requires the player to jump over an obstacle, and then dodge an obstacle, and lastly the player has to attack an enemy to clear the level. I would say that games have really perfected this formula but it might be a pain to play them to find out since flash has died and their HTML5 games have moved to another site.

Oh ok! Sorry about that then!

Thanks for playing our game, I'm glad you had fun! Our team did a really great job for this jam.

Awesome game! This had just the right amount of juice without feeling distracting or nauseating. Had fun trying out different flips and landing properly, though I'd have preferred the directions be in the game than just on the itch page. All in all , a really strong game for this jam! Good job!

Thanks for playing our game and the feedback! We'll try and implement what you said into the game in the future!

Awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed our game and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing our game!

A very nice game graphics wise, was really surprised by the realistic graphics. I have to second the comments on reducing the camera shake/movement as I also got nauseus trying to climb pillars. I think the gameplay is pretty fun but the stone towers need to be larger to allow for easier access. I either missed one completely or fell off trying to back up and jump to another pillar. Really cool game though and looking forward to it being updated in the future.

Thank you for playing the game! Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing our game! We didn't use Lerp2 but thanks for the suggestion!

Pretty nice game. The game felt a little bit sparse design wise, and the platform where there's 4 monsters was hard for me to get through. I do like the the constant moving and the use of freezing hearts to tell the player to keep moving. Good job on completing for the game jam!

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback and playing our game! Our artist did a wonderful job making the sprites for this game. As for controls, I wasn't able to do thorough testing with a gamepad, but the issue will be looked at. 

Opening this up, I was really impressed by the visuals and the sound track. If there's a link to a copy of the soundtrack, I'd really love to have it. I think this game is very juicy but it gets disorienting, especially during the bounces. I'm assuming some filter/camera shake is added there and it's hard to keep my eyes focused on the character. As for the gameplay, it was pretty hard for me to understand or pick up on, I think a tutorial level or a help menu may have been good. However, I think this game shows a lot of promise and would love to see any updates. Congrats on finishing the game jam!

Thank you for playing and reviewing our game! You're right, the art does affect the gameplay and we may edit this in the future.

Pretty great and juicy game! I got stuck in one of the later levels so I can't give a complete review but this is neat game and I really liked the creative mechanics involved. I think with a little more graphical polish as well as making sure the audio loops, this could be a game I come back to. Congrats on finishing for the jam !

Thanks for your feedback and playing our game!

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I'm not exactly a big fan of match three games, but this was pretty fun! I do like the responsiveness of the controls and the effects, but I think that there should at least be an epilepsy warning with this game. Also for the sake of gameplay, I think an undo button would be really good as I'd often get into a situation where I see there's a better move but I've already selected a gummy so I can't go back on my decision.  I'd also shorten down the amount of time for the game over screen as it was faster to close the game and reopen than wait for it to time out. Overall pretty good, and I enjoyed the music, do you have a link to it anywhere? Here's my highest score as of now.

That's really high praise, thank you!

Pretty fun game! Though after a few minutes, I realized that it was an endless game and I didn't have much motivation to keep playing after that. Also, it's hard to keep the audience entertained, as hitting one warrior only filled the meter a little bit. Outside of that, I really love the effort put into the art, as well as pretty good UI and the controls setting.

I think it's interesting game, but I kept dying within 3-4 platforms. I don't know what exactly I'm doing wrong, as I'm following the instructions and moving towards the black diamond. I'm using Firefox to run the game if that's any help.

I feel like this game could be a solid example of "Less is more". Extremely fun game play, responsive controls, levels that increase in challenge, and a neat scoring system. I really don't have much to add in terms of critique, except for the fact that I haven't been able to beat level 15 yet. Other than that, great game and you should be proud of yourself for getting this done in a week!

Cute game, but really lacking in the juice department. I agree with what Robin said and I think also adding in some music as well as faster shooting would be great. The game is really promising though, and congrats on finishing for the jam!

Awesome game! Was really impressed by the art and all the mechanics put into the game! While playing, I found myself wondering how certain parts of the game were coded and handled. I do think that some parts of the game were a bit frustrating though, and the jumping mechanic especially took me a  bit to get a hang of. Is the jump height determined by how long underwater the snake is? Is it determined by the length of the snake or how fast the snake is moving? I never really figured it out.

Anyhow, really great game though, congrats!

Hey, as much I like playing dancing games, you guys have not credited the original artist or musician and audio is something you can get ranked on in this jam. This is the link for any other raters.

There's also a lack of feedback when the player misses or gets a near miss, and not really any feedback for doing great either. The map for this song is really good though and had fun.

Solid game and really great juice! Definitely love the fire effects and moving around the map. I do agree with JRevel that the game does feel a lot more frustrating than it needs to be. It feels like the camera cut off is always 2 inches away from the character. There were several times where I couldn't see my character but still control them. I also wasn't able to finish the tutorial because it kept bugging on me, either my inputs are not taken in or I miss an objective and can't keep moving forward.

Outside of that, I really got to give props for the visuals and audio, as well as the dialogue between the two opposing forces. Really nice touch with the end screen having dialogue as well.  Great game and congrats on finishing for the jam!

Will definitely follow and will keep in mind for any future collabs!

Wow you weren't lying, that knight sure can move! Jokes aside, it's a pretty neat game and I had some fun. However, dying to one hit and difficulty in hitting the enemies made for really short play throughs. I do like the effects added for combat, really satisfying to hit the enemies and get a hit stop + splatter. Really great game and congrats on finishing for the jam!

Dang, then I'm going to give this game another go then. My bad

This is one of my favorite games that I've played so far for this jam! The amount of polish and replayability this game has for something that was worked on in a week, and according to the credits by a 2 person team is incredibly impressive. Hats off to you all actually, this is really great.

Pretty decent game, but I wish there was a way to keep the different guns I pick up? Once I found the black and red gun which has less ammo compared to the others, I kept running out of ammo quickly. Also the map is huge but there aren't many enemies so I just ended up running around looking for them. I do like the interactable items though, they look fun. The music is also good. Good game!

This was a pretty ok way to spend 5 minutes. I enjoyed shooting around and scoping out viruses, but the only feedback being screenshake and explosions made me take a while to understand that the bottom bar on the screen was the computer's health bad. I think it's neat, but maybe having a icon pointing the direction of upcoming enemies if they're not in view, maybe controlling the amount of enemies that spawn because at a certain point there's no way to actually defend the computer from harm and it's just a mob. Also agreed with DenGra, there's a lot of screenshake, especially with the flamethrower, which isn't bad but it was a lot.

All in all though, good game, and congrats on finishing the jam!

Very fun platformer! Was a  bit frustrating at the timed platforms part, but other than that a good 10 minutes well spent. The music and art were really good, and I liked the little squash and stretch the MC has when she jumps.

However I noticed a few minor details, such as the 2nd to last checkpoint being on a block that's too high to reach if a player didn't jump on it, as well as an exploitable bug with the boss. If a player doesn't walk all the way to the middle of the screen, they can spam the hammer and take away health from the boss without the boss going into attack mode. I actually ended up using it because the boss's projectiles were hard to dodge and the player only gets one hit.

All in all, fun game and congrats on finishing it for the jam!

Got it! That's really cool actually, thanks for informing me!

I agree with Rihards that this is a very calm and relaxing bullet hell game! Though I do have to add, having some visual feedback  for the player with regards to health as well as wether or not an enemy is hurt would be pretty nice. That and having a menu UI and a way to restart the game. Other than that, major congrats to you for doing the art, programming and design all by yourself in one week. Really impressed!

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Very fun game! I can see myself coming back to this after the jam and trying to beat my highscore. I do have to agree with the other comments, the controls are a bit finnicky and while the shots are really good at launching the player, there's no way to control the force and ends up shooting me all over the place. I feel like adding gamepad controls may help out with that or maybe lessening the force?

Outside of that, I really adore the art and visuals of this game. Everything is well communicated, the scan line filter is a very nice touch, the color pallete is nice, all in all great! The music is also pretty nice but I want to point out that the music keeps playing even when the game over sound plays. Anyways, great game and you all should be proud of yourselves!

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Had fun just cruising around in meme mode, and really liked the overall vibe of the scenery. Having the controls be detailed in the game would have been neat, and possibly a drift button because it was difficult to maintain speed on the curves. Also, on my downloaded version it automatically went fullscreen and set the resolution to 400x200 which I'm sure isn't the intended resolution, and there were a lot of glitching shadows. Other than that, neat game and congrats on finishing.

Thank you for playing our game and giving feedback! On regards to the bullet hit and not getting a response, that's actually intentional but poorly communicated. The boss has i-frames to reduce the possibility of players spamming attacks and easily killing the boss, and it seems I set it for too long in this case. So yes, when it looks like the boss got hit and there's no feedback, that really means that the boss didn't get hurt.

There is actually a dodge roll mechanic in this game, and players can still access it by playing the space bar. However it's not noted in the directions as there's no animation for it and hadn't been playtested as much as the other mechanics.

Hello! So a quick headsup, but in the web build of this game, in endless mode there's no feedback when you get hit by an enemy. I know web builds can get some errors so I downloaded the files and played it on my computer.

I think it's an ok game but the combat doesn't really feel good. It's not fast and the range is too short. The crescent attack is neat but I think it should be a staple and not a collectible to make up for the combat. As was said, the dash is ok but it doesn't really go far and doesn't have any benefits as I just end up running into bullets or enemies. I also think that the number of enemies spawned in endless mode should be lowered or at least the bullets should be because I die within 10 seconds of the game. 

Other than that, decent game and congrats on finishing for the jam!

Pretty decent shooter. I'm assuming this is meant to be a mobile game but I played it on desktop browser and it was ok. The only thing I have to say is that I got a javascript overflow error when I got to level 9, and while the shop button is available there's nothing to click? I do like the variations in enemies and how they're gradually introduced throughout the levels.