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Zombie King is done. Like...done done. Like programmed, arted, sounded, and will-be-releasing-on-iPhones-and-iPads-before-Halloween-done. But more on that later...

This is an iOS game that I am thinking of putting out on itchio too. Cost will be $1.99

The basic premise is that you are a king who was exiled and drowned but you came back so you could retake your throne. However you are dead so you have to upgrade yourself back to 100% regibility (aka the ability to be a king).

You do that by running through environments dodging monsters and collecting coins like this:

But the whole dead thing left you without much strength so you keep dying. But you can buy back just a little bit more energy each time.

And that makes you just a bit stronger so you can get just a bit further like this:

Besides energy there are a ton more abilities you can buy like armor, spike-walking-boots, double jump etc but I will show you those more in the coming weeks.

The whole game is done I am just waiting on final approvals from Apple. I will be posting more details about it here or you can join my mailing list where I give even more detail and alert you when my other games go on discount and even a free game to boot.


I hope to have an ios version out by the end of January. itch version sometime soon after.

It is an auto-runner so it will be best for mobile, but still fun for desktops.

Alright, real talk. I am getting real close to finishing this game and I need some beta testers. You all have been so helpful in my previous posts I know you can help me get over the finish line here.

So here is what I need:
1) This is an iOS Game so you need an iphone or an IPAD
2) You must send me your email address in a PM. I will add that to the testflight and you will get notified that I have posted a new build.

Let me know if you have any questions

One of the most important upgrades you can buy are spike boots. In the late game, they make even the furthest gap manageable.

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Trip Report: So I got 7 people to playtest my game over a 2 hour period during a video game meetup at a bar.

If you have a game in development I cannot stress enough how important it is to let people try your game. You need to be right next to them and watch what they do and look for unconscious cues such as sighing, eye rolling or tapping rapidly. It really is amazing what you can pick up from them.

Here are some photos. I swear I did test it with people who didn't have beards. One of my test subjects was able to play my game with a can of Miller Lite in his other hand so I can confirm that is a playable feature when Dead King releases.

What is your go-to place to learn about new developers? Press? Forums?

Dead King is an auto-runner about rebuilding the life of the victim of regicide to become the most powerful being in the kingdom.

Link to product page

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So one of the most helpful upgrades in Dead King is the spike boot. Normally spikes kill you, but if you buy spike boots your get to bounce off the spikes. Unfortunately boots are one use (you can see them flying off) so be sure to buy lots of them.

Stay tuned and sign up for more updates

Everything I have shown so far of Dead King has been set in the first world, a sprawling Jungle. I am excited to show you the world beyond: The Caves. These dank caverns feature many more spikes than the soft, squishy jungle. Be sure to think quickly and make it out in time

OOh good idea.

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Nope I am going with those graphics. You are the special flower who is well versed in game dev and has been around long enough to recognize them. 99% of the audience I am going for has no knowledge of them.

What other game has used them?

When they say "only the GUI is left" they are 50% done with the game. The updates for the map screen took 3 days but it was worth it. You can now pan between levels, beating a level will switch you to the next one. Really fun and gives a sense of the "world."

Up next is adding more themes and worlds. Stay tuned and sign up for more updates

Dead King is an autorunning platformer starring a resurrected, deposed king. The catch is that you must buy back all of your abilities to return to the throne.

At the start you cant even jump. But by finding gold hidden through the levels, you can get new abilities like double jump and the ability to crash through barricades. Instead of there being one endless level there are dozens of distinct levels across different environments.

I am in the early stages of development but want to get your feedback

You should also join my mailing list for secret codes and updates (it is kind of like Nintendo Power for email)