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Hi, i have a question, the controls are limited in this jam? for example, i can use the mouse for point and shoot.

Thanks a lot!!

But, can't you play in the browser? 

Thanks, yes, the idea was to destroy the meteors, but that alternative never occurred to me hahaha. Thanks for playing! :D

fun game!

I did consider it, but I haven't finished it yet. I would add it in the options menu, to change the keys.

I had fun, the truth is good

is a nice game! I liked

the game is really fun!

Go Godot Jam 2 community · Created a new topic theme

hello, the theme is required?

can i create a multiplayer game with this ps1 graphic style?

Hello, a question, the theme of the game, is it required?

is it necessary to follow the theme?

i can make a 3d game?

Thank you!. To contact me you can use instagram or twitter, on instagram I am more active. You can find me as red bone game studio (links within the game, or the description of it)

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No se que decir, pero what the fuck men, que acabo de jugar jajaja, muy buen.

Nice dick bro!

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Thank you very much for responding, and I will keep it in mind.I'm going to keep developing until I get tired, but he's right. This freemium thing, to those who really develop something good, hurts them.I will continue looking for more options to generate a kind of natural "marketing", where people see that your game has potential without having to spend a lot of money. It may be that I'm wrong, but ... You have to start with something, right?

thank you!


Max HP is for broken weapons (like shotgun) in the game.

The idea was to make a challenging game, and you had it without any upgrate, the truth is that I take my hat off. I'm very happy you liked it!! And thank you very much for the criticism, I will keep it in mind for the next games I make

oh, ok, thanks!

The question is, can I use any color palette (obviously using all 4)? Should I use a gradient of the same color, or can I use all 4 colors at my convenience?

thank you!!

Thank you very much !!, yes, the difficulty of the game is on purpose

Now, on YouTube, you can enjoy the all bosses, for those people who want to learn the game's pratons, I hope you like it and motivate some!


i like it!!

It is very innovative, I like it!

Thank you very much !!, I am very happy to know that you liked the game, and I still enjoy your game Acrid Quest, it is really a very good game!

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Yes, being a shoot em up arcade, I thought of it like that, to make it of this style, did you try shooting and moving wildly?

Thank you very much for playing!

i like the mechanics!

woow really good!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you had fun !! in effect, the difficulty is based on the arcades, you lose and start again until you learn the patterns hahaha

i like the game, A great experience!

I liked the game! And the design of the bats too!

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it's so cool!! i like it! I liked the devil, it looks like a meme !!

i like pokemon style

It's weird, but it's cool

hahaha so cool!

i like it!! is innovative!