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Hi, could I check if playing the game through the Windows exe is not an option?

This sounds like the same issue that someone else faced some time ago that I was unable to fix. :(

I don't think that I would be able to fix it as I have totally no clue, but I would still appreciate if you could share more information:

  • Are you able to play other WebGL games?
  • What kind of graphics card do you have?
  • Is hardware acceleration enabled in your browser?
  • Can you hear the BGM during the black screen?

Thanks, sorry for the inconvenience. 

Which Linux Distribution are you using?
I tested it in Firefox using an Ubuntu (x64) Virtual Machine and it loaded fine.

Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience! May I know what OS you are running this on and if you have tried other browsers?

The BGM are composed using Bosca Ceoil.

The environment is 3D and the characters are 2D sprite renderers.
The mom uses a single sprite while the neighbours are split into 3 separate sprites: Head, Upper and Lower Body.

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Thanks for the feedback! The plan for the bully was to always have two outcomes: Keeping her happy and making her mad. We actually did have a different scenario for her but after reviewing the order that most players would visit the neighbours in, we realised that it did not make sense. Since it was pretty close to the jam's deadline (like 3 hours before), we had to quickly adjust another neighbour' script to allow the player to decide on the outcome without changing that neighbour's scenario. After the jam, we were too lazy to change the bully's story. :p

Here's the code snippet for handling the camera rotation. Hope that it helps!

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The logic for the camera was based on the one found here and then adjusted to suit our needs.
Brackeys videos are good for learning!

Hi there, the background music in the game were created using Bosca Ceoil.

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Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what is causing the issue. I am wondering if it is either:

  • Hardware Issue on your end
  • Different Screen Resolution which hid the leftover animations and since you could not see it, you might have released the right mouse button before the animation was completed.
  • Somehow, you got out of the house without picking up the bag of leftovers.

So I updated both versions of the game with a cheat button. Press 'Q' during the prompt for leftovers to continue the conversation as if you showed the leftovers. Hope that this helps! 

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Sorry for the issue! Could you give us more information?

  • Were you playing the Windows or WebGL version?
  • Does the issue persist even after restarting the game?
  • Just to confirm, is the first time you found out about the issue the moment the prompt to hold right click appears when talking to the Old Lady?
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I found some leftover artifacts from an older build in the current version and have removed them. Hope that it solves the issue.

If it still does not work, unfortunately I'm not really sure how to fix it other than trying to clear your browser cache. Sorry :(

We have uploaded a new version with a loading bar during the black screen. Could you help us check if you can see it and if it is moving at all? Sorry for the inconvenience!

I think that you should have started out with shorter combos and slowly introduce enemies that require a longer combo to kill. At the current stage, it feels quite tedious to play.

Great game! Got all three endings. My only complaint is that the time limit feels too punishing, especially since there are quite a lot of searches that result in nothing.

I see, that's why it felt weird that the shade of red on the painting was so different from the carpet. I wonder if allowing the user to interact with the painting to make some remark would have helped.

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Great game! Loved the mood, art and the difficulty of the puzzles. As others have said, the puzzles are quite challenging and I think a hint system/puzzle guide text file would have been useful for the duration of the jam. 

I managed to open the door and  would like to know if I got the logic behind the number code right:


Is the solution based on the color sequence in the picture beside the clock, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow?

Blue - Time on the blue clock

Red - Number of red objects? Meaning the red carpets (I'm most unsure about this)

Green - Number of green shelves

Yellow - Number of objects on the shelf with the yellow object

If this is correct, then I felt that the note beside the blue clock was a huge misdirection because it made me believe that the solution would be the time on all of the clocks, but there was only 2.

Really liked the story and the art, glad that there is a back button so that it was easy to test out the different choices. However, I did not like how the pages do not follow the same layout: I understand the reasoning for the taller pages that the player had to scroll down, but for the shorter segments at the beginning, I did not see a reason why some of the buttons were at the top and some at the bottom.

Really interesting concept, but the randomness of the monster's movement and the lack of actions that the player can take makes it that the player can only win by luck rather than strategy which is a shame. 

This is actually a pretty cool game, I was running around tense and confused. I think adding some images to the game page could have helped. This is not the best looking game, but it is hard to attract players when they have no idea what to expect from the game.

Woah, this was a very cool experience! Great work on the transitions!

I only have one criticism; there should be some feedback when the player is able to interact with an object. At the start of the game, I started exploring the area instead of interacting with the eyes and got stuck as I did not realise that I had to be in the correct position to interact with the eyes. (I was trying to interact with it past the tombstone)

Unzip the downloaded file and run the Leftovers.exe. The controls are in the game.

Nice graphics! Very surreal experience. However, I felt that the need to follow the instructions could be made clearer. I was not sure if the crazy graphics was due to my failure to follow the instructions or just due to the time played.

Very interesting take on the horror genre! Like others have said, the controls could be better. I really like the gameplay but I think that the hitbox of the crow's attack could be slightly more favorable for the player. The game is already hard :(

I dig the graphics, but they needed to be tweaked a bit. The crow could be slightly brighter or have a brighter outline to contrast it more from the background, especially at the starting area. Also, the window of the castle that the player can fly through can be more obvious that it is opened. The first time I played I tried flying through but clipped the wall a bit. This made me think that it was actually closed and I wasted time trying to find another way through.

Thank you! I tried to compose more music but the other pieces felt like they would destroy the mood that we were going for. Thus, only 1 music piece. For sound effects, we did not have enough time to add in more, but we will update the game once the jam is over to add more sound effects.

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, we mistook the deadline by 12 hours and had to rush the game, most of the sound effects were added at the last moment.

Wow, this is one of the best games of this jam! Really enjoyed the set pieces especially the art room. As someone who hates cheap jump scares, it is really refreshing to see so many different horror set pieces that did not rely on any jump scare. Great work!

Nice game! Played it twice to get both endings. I really really liked the pig head at the beginning. I also liked how the player moved like he was drunk (I'm assuming he's drunk as it would fit the story), but would like to have seen it be pushed further by adding a bit of drunk camera filter. However, I disliked how difficult/awkward it was to turn around.  For the good ending, you used bright green text when the background was also bright green and it was really hard to make out the words in front of the lit area.

I had a similar experience like Graugen, I could not tell that the top right corner UI was a button and got stuck in the first area. I gave it another go when I saw your reply to Graugen. Like Graugen, I too had a drop in frame rate in the area with the red barrier which made the game unplayable so I had to stop there. 

But what I managed to experience was enjoyable so I updated my rating to be higher! Btw, this game has the smallest spikes I have ever seen in a game :D

The enemies' design were so creepy! However, the lighting is simply too dark and navigation became more frustrating rather than scary as there were moments I could not tell where to go. 

Having the contrast at the start so that the player will naturally approach the lit area to see the key and spider which establishes the objective and obstacle is really good! However, after that, it is not clear where to proceed. Thus, players are forced to test the doors one by one and hope that they did not miss a door because they could not see it. You should place lights around areas or doors that the players should proceed to so that they can at least try walking straight towards them even if they cannot see their surroundings.

However, it is pretty good for your first game! Good job!

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I loved the concept, art and game mechanics, but unfortunately it's too buggy. 

So I tried playing the game twice:

1st Playthrough. Met with Bill. Tried to talk to Horatio, but instead met with Bill again. Next day. Tried to talk to Horatio. Showed Horatio portrait but the conversation is with Lily. Next Day. Met with Lily. Met with Bill. Picked the third option and the game gets stuck.

2nd Playthrough. Met with Bill. Managed to meet with Horatio this time. Met with Jules but the meeting ended immediately. Met with Lily. Next day. Tried to talk to Horatio. Showed Horatio portrait but the conversation is with Lily once again. Next Day. Met with Lily. Met with Bill. Picked the first option and managed to get an ending. However, the ending seemed to loop forever (The flashing part). You should put a warning for flashing lights before the game starts and in your game page.

Also, I didn't read the game page and did not know that I had to press 'Space' when the game started (The Monday morning part). You should include it in the game.

I would love to play the game again once the bugs are fixed. Good luck!

This is amazing!! Loved the characters' expressions.

Thanks for playing our game and spotting the typo!

Very nice! Really enjoyed the art style and game mechanics, would love to see more puzzles/situations involving the strengths and weaknesses of the characters in the future!

However, I don't see a purpose in requiring the user to press Tab to show their health. Also, I played the Windows version and the controls were not in the game. I had to check the game's page to see the controls.

Loved the concept of switching items and it was pretty fun. I think that it will be better if the werewolf would run off further after getting shot at and reappear from a random direction as it became less tense once we can start keeping track of the werewolf's position.

Thanks for spotting that spam clicking glitch. Glad you enjoyed it. We will add a settings page in the main menu and escape menu in the future.

Ah! I failed to account for such an obvious bug. It might be possible to overcome it through the power of spamming escape to try and get the cursor to appear. For now, imagine that it is a secret bad ending where you also let the Chaser into the house ;) Thanks for the feedback!

The graphics and atmosphere are decent, but the jumpscares felt cheap.

You should include in the instructions that you can control the flashlight with the mouse.

I loved the visuals!! Really enjoyed how the design of the house slowly build up anticipation for the reveal of the witch. The good ending felt kinda rushed, but playing it a second time did give me an opportunity to look at the design of the house in a new light.