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Thanks so much!

Took about 7 mins to load, but eventually got in! Music was cool but so loud my ears are still bleeding lol. The character controller was pretty good and I liked the assets you chose! I like the idea of a collecting as much fod as possible and almost wish you added some platforming sections so I could jump up platforms etc. Also game didnt stop at 2 mins and it just went on forever. Good effort all around though!

Thanks a lot man!

Pretty sure this was how we became friends, so don't know why you're surprised 0_o

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We were originally going to make the cars explode but yeeting a bus across the map just has that little extra something :)

I expect a highscore posted up very soon then ;p

Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you!

I'd love to see it on mobile but the  i dont know if a phone can handle the amount  of physics and collisions that game is creating, lol.

Appreciate the kind words! AimzJ would be delighted the prison  helped as that's the exact reason she put it there, lol. And whata a score! Better than me!

Loved the art and wearing the food as a helmet was very funny. Also the sound of the rats behind me will give me nightmares forever more. I liked the idea although it was a bit simple. Would have loved something along the lines of line rider where landing a jump on a downwards slope would give me some speed as eventually the rats just caught up with me, and there was nothing i could do. :p  Overall good effort!

Shooby doo be, shoo be do ba! Thats gonna be stuck in my head for ages .Unfortuantely after the first jump the character got stuck at the bottom of the screen and would jump again. Just had to vibe to the music. Sounded like a cool endless runner though!

Doodle jump is one of my favorite mobile games and you got the movement working really nicely. The generation of the tiles was a little hap hazard and looked a but odd. I appreciated the coding of which tile to avoid by putting the broccoli on it, lol. The score was a bit hard to see but unity canvases are a nightmare to get working correctly without having had lots of experience with them. Good job to you and Blobby!

Loved the art assets and the menu/level was really cool. The character feels really heavy and I struggled to even make it over the tutorial spike.  

The DBZ line caught me off guard, lol! Actually really liked the aesthetic of the polygons instead of polygons as opposed to the circles. Movement was really fast and super difficult to control but good try none the less!

Really cool idea! I loved the juicy particle effects for each recipe and the controls were pretty nice! I feel like this could make a really cool puzzle game where you have multiple recipes but a limited supply of ingredients, so you need to figure out what's needed in which recipe to get to the end. The respawning items made it a bit easier than it should have been. Good job none the less!

Really enjoyed playing this. The art assets were fantastic as was the smaller things like the slime trail! Also really liked having the controls on the floor of the starting area. Very intuitive! I would say space to shoot if the bullet is going towards the mouse doesn't really make sense though. Game is quite hard but very fun! GJ!

Loved the main character and how the banana became a helmet! The art was pretty good and the character controller was pretty nice if maybe a bit heavy. I couldn't find the controls anywhere (maybe I'm an idiot, lol) so I didn't realize you could shoot until a while of playing. Also I couldnt tell if getting the banana or coffee did anything. GJ Overall!

I Love the idea of it. Killing an enemy and getting their attack is an awesome idea! Wish there were more levels but good job none the less!

Wasn't sure how to restart once I died. I liked the visuals and the doctor and the apple made me chuckle! Movement was tight and it was fun to play. Doctor ran through a wall and killed me though, lol.

Love the idea of it, cant just wreck or be wrecked with by a queen. The visuals are a little confusing as i struggled to sometimes see what move the pc did.  Good job overall!

Quite fun ! The jelly whip thingy was so fun to use and could probably be a whole thing as it. Loved the art as well!

Love the art and intro scenes for all the characters!


Really cool game! I loved the elements on the characters that gave feedback  on their health! I think even though you had really simple graphics you made them work and made it look super clean! Nice interpretation of the theme! Good job!

Really enjoyable game! The mechanic was clever and fun to play. The only confusing thing was the tilesets used, because i thought the darker tilersets were walls. So when i could move through them it was very confusing, and i wasnt sure why they looked so different. Loved your art otherwise. Good job!

Thanks for playing! We were really happy with the mechanic and glad that you had fun with it too!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the reply! Good info to keep in mind! :)

Thanks for playing our game! Yeah the driving definately takes some getting used to. Glad you enjoyed it though :).

Pretty good game. Loved the art style and concept. I too struggled alot with the controls, and i actually Would love to know why you chose IJKL as opposed to arrows or WASD? Also maybe if the slow mottion could have been a but slower, that would help with the issue of control near the corners? But yeah still really  fun! Good job!

I really liked your game! The mechanics worked well and when i read your piece about your solutions creating more problems that made the mechanic actually add to the atmosphere. Really cool! One thing i would suggest is that the enemies spawn and death animation seem to be the same, so i was confused if i was actually kiling them, or if they were telprting away. Great job guys!

Thanks for taking the time to play the game on stream! I appreciated  the feedback you gave, especially with regards to the arbitrary time limits and we totally agree. Crazy crabs will be the next game hopefully! :)

Thanks for playing our game! Glad we tapped into your nostalgia ;). Appreciate the compliments!

Fun game! The car was very slidey, but fun. I loved the art and aesthetic! I got to the end??? but the car just got stuck and nothing happened. Nicely done!

Really enjoyed the game! It was soo frantic, and really embodied the theme! Good job! Loved the aesthetic as well!

Really enjoyed the game! I loved the idea of just killing everything with my rook. Trying to be faster than the computer was also super fun. Really good job!

Thanks a ton! We'll get a web build up one day ;

Really appreciate the play! Thanks a ton!

Really enjoyed your game! The platforming was smooth and I quite enjoyed the set rotations as it made the level easier to manage as I played through, as i knew what to expect! Couldnt beat it unfortunately, but i think i just need to get good! Well done!