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Awesome visuals, great horse sound effects, and fun to play. Like others mentioned, I would have also liked to use the spacebar to jump. I noticed that the powerups sometimes spawn inside walls, making them impossible to reach. Sometimes I would also reach the bubble mini game while going in the direction of spikes, so I would die some milliseconds after the mini game. Saving the personal best on disk would be nice.

After seeing the other scores posted here I couldn't resist going back and trying again:

Very cool visual trickery in line with the theme, and good humor. I had issues with the responsiveness of the jump key, which was frustrating, but I'm glad I made it to the end.

Very cool mechanism with the camera. It took me a while to get into to the jumping, but once I started looking at the feet and jumping with a run-up I managed to make it to the end.

Really great puzzles! I definitely felt like a wizard by the end.

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Nice art. I've seen a bean character in 3D games before but in 2D with glasses it looks even better. The game idea of farming x online class sounds good, would like to see it developed. Maybe you could add a watering mechanic, by using tears :')

It's a very nice challenge! To open the chests I first thought the way would be to drop something on top of them (which seemed to be suggested a bit by the environment), but I had more luck throwing them off of cliffs. On my first run I got stuck in the (\/)-shaped part, but on the second run I made it to the top. In the beginning it indicated using the spacebar to fly, but later I found that W worked too and I preferred it for this game, so it would be good to point it out also.

(Spoilers ahead) Sweet crafting mechanic with a good UI and visual language. The narration was amusing. Loved the moment when you had to drop something to continue, and when you had to leave something behind to pick it back up later. After finishing the game I started it back up to see if you could mine before level 3, and indeed you can. For example you can craft the pickaxe already in level 2. Some music and sound effects (e.g. upon successfully crafting) would be a welcome addition, and maybe some nonlinearity/branching in the story.

Excellent use of the theme, and nice sounds. Wall jumping with the arrow keys was hard for me. WASD/Spacebar controls would have been nice.

Very cool bullet types, and a very hard game for me even when trying to use the buildings as cover. Some tips, in case you continue to develop it: make buildings stand out more (visually), make the game over screen visible for longer, and upload a zip rather than 7z because more people understand it. I used Godot to run your PCK file on Linux, so if you would do a Linux export then it would also work. P.S. Nice debug output on the console.

Nice little puzzles, and the fast moving character keeps the pace up. Keeping a button pressed to hold something was a bit inconvenient, and to re-enter a gate you sometimes had to walk a bit further away from it first to trigger the gate again.

Very nice graphics, audio, and menus. Funny monologue. Controlling the character could be frustrating at times, and the fast movement of boxes while "holding" them was a bit dizzying for me.