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Thank you very much for your feedback :D

Thanks :D

A very nice game ,

Even though I'm not a fan of puzzle games,

I loved this one 

Yes I made the art too ! , And you are absolutely correct about the twist part , i really wanted to make an endless runner so yeah :') 

But thank you very much for your feedback :D <3

A very nice and satisfying game !

I really liked how you implemented the twist into the game ! 

A very intresting game , I liked it 

very cool game !

Thats a pretty cool game !

give it 5 star or else 😉

guys this game is amazing 

This Game Rocks ! my highscore , My laptop is a low end device so it runs 3d games very bad , but surprisingly this game isn't the usual it runs smoothly until the 100 part which made my drop frames and lose but seriously im addicted to this game 😌

Pew !

Fun lil game !

Fun little platformer !

nice and cute game ! :D

I was confused at beggining but as the game progressed i understood what to do and this was such a satisfying game to play 

also i think the dash mechanic could get a rework 

overall amazing game :D

pretty cute game !

Also love the sfx of the jump XD

thank you very much for playing ! Yes as another comment suggested i will have to improve on progression of the game :)

what a game ! 

by far one of the most enjoying games i have played 

Thank you very much ! :D

Thank you so much for checking it out ! :D

pogeo gameo

pretty cool

This game is awesome!

apple had that smile in it :(

and now that smile is gone

nice game lol

The game is great , my only issue was with mouse sensitivity and my mouse getting not aligned with the mouse in game (probably the latter is a issue of mine) 

But amazing music and Pog game

A five star game right there mate ! good art and nice music too with pog juice 

loved the game 

Vhs man the effect of vhs is so good !!

nice game !

So good juice , I liked this game due to how much tense it was especially when the octopus comes into the scene good job :D

thank you :)

The game was very good , hanging around stuff while shooting was good but i noticed one thing  if i fall down due to jumping and dashing i just realised i can grapple hook them and jump and double jump to recover :O , but anyway very cool game 

I really like your game ! Character is very cute and the sound designing was on point ! and oh my gosh the lava really had the feeling of  "run from me" 

Great Potential with this game , good luck 

i was going to complain about the character movement being very slow but turns out my laptop lagged it out 😂

Thats a pretty cool idea , i will try to implement it and the screen shake idea too , Thank you very much <3 :D 

really :O thank you very much for the motivating words C: <3

thank you for your feedback ,  i will work on sounds and a bit easier progression :D 


This game is so so so good , 

Very underrated too ,

5 star game because it deserves it 

The game is so good ! The juice , fun aspect and even platforming , and my most favorite feature is the smash bros style death animation

Keep up the good work