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I think I got it from your explanation, thank you! I'm familiar with Dungeon World, and felt it could be that the sharing of spotlight had something to do with Lore and Wits (as in: spend to add the thing). I would too like to see your take in detailing the spotlight sharing, but I understand now the constraints on words/pages sums up why it wasn't specified.

I'm gonna have this game in my sleeve for our next one shot! Thank you again, and keep up the great work!

Hello! I like a lot of what I read here, and I have some questions regarding what you intended with some of the mechanics. If this is not the proper place to ask, I apologize: I can take these anywhere else, or just drop them.

  • I think I understand how one would spend Burden, Health, Contacts and Luck, but what about Lore and Wits? What kind of interaction should happen at the table when you spend one of these, and what would be the difference between them?
  • It might be somehow tied to the previous question, but: how did you envision the sharing of the spotlight around the players throughout the session? Would it be something like "a turn" for each player to act as their character, and everybody else sharing the role of the opposition?

Thank you for your time. This game has some really neat design ideas from what I've seen, and I kinda want to take it out for a spin, but I'm not sure about how to handle those two aspects of it.

Again, thank you, and have a nice day!

Oh gosh, both the layout and the experience look phenomenal!

This is so heartwarming! <3
And the end!!! T---T

I had an incredible time with the Artifact. I didn't know what to expect with it, and it made me think really hard about the people that came and went from my life, how they changed me, and the stories about these relationships that I keep in mind. It's an introspective experience that, ironically, makes you feel really human by turning you into a sentient object.

Thank you for writing it, and I hope the kickstarter goes well! Can't wait to try a different playbook next time around :D

"It is generally accepted that the cat (player) will play the Cat (character)"
This game is amazing, can't wait to try it out!

This is very lovely and wholesome. Thank you for making it!





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Olá, eu sou o Raul (@raulranma no twitter). Sou brasileiro, trabalho com ilustração e design gráfico, e gosto muito de jogos de mesa (narrativos ou não).

Comecei no RPG através do Primeira Aventura, um livro brasileiro introdutório para o sistema d20 (até o 5º nível), e dali em diante comecei a tentar bolar minhas ideias de jogar coisas diferentes, apesar de só conhecer o que era tradicional (velhos tempos do "D&D de Naruto", hehe).

Já adulto conheci o Dungeon World (edição brasileira do coletivo Secular Games), e ele me abriu a porta para conhecer jogos indie e para a possibilidade de escrever jogos. Tenho tentado começar a participar mais das comunidades de RPG em português, vendo que a gente tem muita produção de qualidade na língua que falamos, e ela parece ter menos destaque do que merece.

Enfim, façamos jogos! õ/


Hi, I'm Raul (@raulranma on twitter). I'm a brazilian guy, work with illustration and graphic design, and I like tabletop games a lot (narrative or otherwise).

I started playing RPGs with Primeira Aventura, a brazilian intro book for the d20 system (up to level 5), and from then on started to try and make different things to play, although I only knew the traditional RPG scene (good old "Naruto D&D" times, heheh).

As an adult, I found Dungeon World (the brazilian edition by Secular Games), and it opened me up to get to know indie games, and the possibility of writing games. I've been trying to participate more in the portuguese-speaking RPG community, seeing that we have a lot of quality production in our spoken tongue, but it may not get the recognition it deserves.

Anyway, let's make games! õ/

I haven't been able to play this yet, but every time I open the page for this game I fall in love for the art style all over again <3